New poll reveals depth of GOP hubris

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According to Public Policy Polling:

Colorado’s freshman Senator Michael Bennet eked out a surprising less than two-point victory over Republican nominee Ken Buck last fall, but if voters headed to the polls now, they would send him back to Washington with a resounding 55-38 triumph. (JCB emphasis) Key in Bennet’s surge is a reversal with independents, from Buck’s 53-37 edge to Bennet up 57-35 now. Bennet has left a good impression with voters as he settles into his previously appointed office. Just before the election, only 39% of voters approved of his work, and 47% disapproved. When PPP last polled the state in February, he was still at only a 42-40 approval margin. Now, it is 44-36.

John Hickenlooper was elected governor in that same election by a much more comfortable 15-point margin, and with 54% approving and 24% disapproving of his performance, he is the third most popular current governor on which PPP has polled. (JCB emphasis)

Voters are closely divided on a referendum slightly raising the state income and sales tax rates in order to fund public education. 47% disapprove and 45% approve of these potential hikes. Republicans are more against it (73%) than Democrats for it (63%), but independents side 48-44 in its favor…

Other results: 51% of those polled favor marijuana legalization, and a whopping 71% favor civil unions for Colorado’s GLBT committed couples. Sorry Kevin Lundberg and “Anus Lady!”

It’s enough to make you cry. The red tide has washed away. Colorado is BLUE.

Hold me, ellbee! 🙂

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  1. ellbee says:

    I think Bennet’s doing a pretty good job.  He’s smart, and fairly centrist.  He doesn’t really bother me that much.

    Same with gay marriage.  I’m for it.

    That said, common sense often prevails in Colorado.  If the economy is still in the shitter in 2012, I can’t see Obama winning the State.  Can you?

    • Gray in Mountains says:

      we’d repeal TABOR in a heartbeat, replace Lamborn, Coffman, Gardner, Tipton and Degette and work toward high speed rail

      • nancycronk says:

        I respect her for thinking independently, and for always taking the side of women. Women are grossly under-represented in United States politics, and we suffer because of it. Diana is a consistent fighter on our behalf, and on behalf of children and other vulnerable citizens. Her decisions are principled, compassionate and progressive.

        DeGette’s most recent vote on the debt ceiling was a protest vote. I do not know this as a fact, yet, I am convinced she knew it would have passed without her assistance. There are times when legislators choose to do this, as you know, in order to win a little press time, explaining their vote. She has voted progressively the vast majority of the time, so that isolated vote did not concern me personally. http://projects.washingtonpost

        There are few people I respect more in this world than Diana DeGette. As a woman, as a progressive, as a mother, I thank the voters of Denver she is working to protect our interests.  

        • nancycronk says:

          I agree with you wholeheartedly, I would also add, invest more in solar energy and education.

          • Gray in Mountains says:

            on many issues that are important and not just to women. I’m less than excited about her because she is, I’ve been told by those I respect, fairly unavavilable to constituents. I guess one thing I really do like about her is that she is going to be in key leadership roles because of her seniority. I also like her position re fracking.

            So, I guess I like more than I dislike.

    • JeffcoBlue says:

      To see what you think of Bennet when elections come around again. Udall should be about as pleasing to you then, right?

      I do see Obama winning Colorado next year, for two reasons:

      1. Coloradans are smart enough to see through the last three years of total personal war against Obama above the best interests of the country by the GOP, and

      2. All of your candidates are walking disasters.

      So yeah, I think Obama will be ok.

  2. ProgressiveCowgirl says:

    And the one that called me and asked odd questions about prostitution and then hung up…

    Oh well, if it gets you an ellbee together at last I’m all for it.

    • redstateblues says:

      But check out the crosstabs. Interesting stuff there.

      Among people who ideologically describe themselves as “moderate”, Hick, Bennet and Udall are all wildly popular. Hick has a ridiculous +70 favorable/unfavorable number with them.

      With Indies, Hick is the most popular of the three, with Udall and Bennet scoring positives — though they are within the margin of error — on favorable/unfavorable, but compare that with Barack Obama and you have quite a drastic difference.

    • JeffcoBlue says:

      (thanks for the promotion btw)

      Public Policy Polling this week released survey results that showed likely 2012 voters in Colorado mostly held congressional Republicans to blame for the unpopular debt deal reached in Washington and that they so far strongly preferred President Obama to any likely Republican rival. Critics of the survey howled that left-leaning PPP had skewed the results by oversampling Democratic voters in the state. Yes, PPP surveyed more Democrats than it did either Republicans or Independents, all pretty much registered to vote in equal numbers in the state, Director Tom Jensen told the Colorado Independent, and that apparent oversampling is driven not by pollster ideological bias but by the self-selecting pattern established by Colorado citizens polled- and, he said, that’s why PPP numbers have been proven highly reliable over the last two elections.

      “Party identification and party registration are not the same thing. We are asking how voters define their party affiliation, not what they’re registered as,” Jensen wrote in an email. “In our Colorado polling… we have generally found that more voters in the state identify as Democrats than Republicans, regardless of what their official registration is. Our polls in Colorado have often been criticized as ‘too Democratic’ but last year we were the only polling company to show [Senator] Michael Bennet consistently ahead while most polls had him down over the course of the year and we were proven right on that front. We also had Barack Obama leading by a much wider margin than most other pollsters over the course of the year in 2008 and we were proven right on that front as well.

      “We do not weight our polls for party… This is just how the numbers come out after adjusting for gender, race, and age- it’s not based on some predetermined notion of what the party numbers should be.”

      • redstateblues says:

        Well, that’s kind of what party affiliation is.

        I think PPP is a fairly reliable pollster. I just don’t think the toplines in this poll have much to show us other than Democrats still like Obama, and Republicans hate him. But when it comes to this being a very good likely voter model, I disagree with Tom Jensen.

  3. Colorado Pols says:

    But we’re tucking this down into Thursday’s content. Nothing personal, everybody.

  4. bjwilson83 says:

    Key in Bennet’s surge is that he adopted just about every one of Ken Buck’s fiscally conservative positions, in word if not in deed.

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