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August 03, 2011 01:09 PM MDT

We don't need no stinkin' FAA

  • by: MADCO

The US currently spends approx $16 billion on the FAA.

Since last week, some of the FAA has been shut down. No need to re=open.

In fact, let the airlines do their own airspace management.

$16 billion saved.


32 thoughts on “We don’t need no stinkin’ FAA

          1. If I wear a dress that’s practically fallopian length they don’t grab my crotch, since they don’t have enough fabric to do it without getting undies (er, they HOPE they get undies, I suppose!) so they just pat the thighs.

            The swimsuit wouldn’t be that much odder, I suppose. Even if it IS a 5 AM flight. Pink cowgirl hat, too? Last time I flew I was going to Dallas, so I wore the hat and the short dress. I was thinking of wearing short dress this time and sticking some leggings in my carryon to put on after, turning it into leggings/tunic instead of short dress/bare leg… honestly, I’m warming up to the swimsuit idea the more I contemplate it.

                1. So some skirts are knee length, right? The ones that nuns don’t mind?

                  Some are ankle length, the ones hippies like.

                  Some are mid-thigh length, the ones 16-year-olds like.

                  Some are fallopian length. Those are what Heidi Klum wears to the grocery store.

                  1. I never would have never guessed that I would see the words “fallopian,” “Heidi Klum,” and “grocery” all appear together in the same short paragraph . . .

                    1. If they reach the bottom of your fingertips. Right? That’s what my friends who went to Catholic school said back in high school. I wouldn’t know, they wouldn’t even let me visit Youth Group anymore after a couple tries =/

              1. As for pictures–hell, I have some on Facebook of the outfit I was thinking of wearing this time, what a shame I don’t think you’re on my friends list 🙂 you can find the hat on G+ though.  

                    1. it is not by any sense bad mannered or ill-tempered wanting to avoid the sale & exploitation of my personal info via FB’s  trojan horse scam.

                      Sorry but social networks are just minefields of privacy invasion laying to waste the lives of the unsuspecting.  Add in rampant identity theft, defamation, cyber stalking, cyber bullying, and a wasteland littered with trolls — who could be blamed for not joining in?  

                      Guess I’d rate as a curmudgeon when it comes to social networks but I’m sure there’s more than a few that share my sentiments.      

  1. Congress gnashes and grunts about the debt ceiling – comes up with a solution that does little to solve the problem – leaves for a month vacation patting themselves on the back – leaves the FAA underfunded leading to tens of thousands of people furloughed or out of work and a loss of $1 billion revenue to the US government.

    To recap: higher unemployment, less revenue and a vacation longer than 99.9% of Americans get.

    It is enough to make sxp proud!

    Good job Congress – keep it up.

    1. Surely you wouldn’t expect our representatives to endure the oppressive heat and humidity of that swampland inside the Beltway in August !!

      Your lack of empathy is appalling…..

      However, I’m pissed because I didn’t get my pony before they split. I’ll remember that at election time.  

  2. The FAA basically exists to prevent decent hardworking freelance pilots from landing on perfectly good runways just because they’re doing “maintenance” which by the way takes forever because lazy government workers just sit around getting in the way rather than running for cover like they did back in my day.

    Here, watch this. “Hey pilots, if you see a plane coming at you, move to the right.” There, now we can fire ten thousand lazy government air traffic controllers and save trillions.

    Now watch this. “Hey flight attendants. If you see a guy with brown skin wearing a turban or talking to Allah, don’t let him on the plane.” Boom, TSA is now unnecessary, and extra bonus, nobody will ever die in a terrorist attack again.

    And P.S. Hey scientists, work faster on those teleportation devices so we don’t need to fly at all. There’s a market solution in it for you if you hurry it up.

    1. … but you forgot to diss global warming science in your rant.  Sen. Inhofe is just one mean hateful bullying bastard.  

      You know he’s loving the idea of spanking  FAA just ’cause they had the temerity to ask him to retrain & learn basic runway etiquette.

      4,000 gov’t folk furloughed — that’s the GOP jobs plan.  

      1. don’t support families, don’t pay taxes, and aren’t part of the economy . . . but the several thousand construction workers who aren’t working because of those airport maintenance and construction projects that had to be stopped?  That’s another story.  Unless . . . they’re, [shudder] . . . union (in which case they don’t count either).

  3. Question for anyone that has traveled since the shutdown started — does your ticketing still show the same amount of taxes as before?

    My wife just had to fly to NJ (which sux) for an overnight and she made the same flight/same airline just 3 weeks ago.  Taxes exactly the same on her tickets.

    Cause for a lawsuit?  She’s been charged a tax that doesn’t currently exist, since FAA is shutdown.  I a class action suit possible?  Anyone else experience this?

    Rep. Cantor doesn’t seem to have a problem with this and airlines are giggling like schoolkids getting away w/ a prank.  But once again US consumers get screwed.    

      1. completely counterbalanced the FAA’s budget line.  The expiration of the ticket tax is what caused the crisis.  Why that law was made temporary, I have no idea.

        1. FAA operating budget 2011 ~ $16billion

          During peak air travel weeks the FAA could collect 100 oe even 125 million from the ticket taxes.

          52 weeks x 150 million = 7.8 billion, i.e,  Not even half.

          The “aw was made temporary” because R’s like publicly subsidized air travel, but not if it means union workers. with jobs.

  4. So the FAA fiasco cost the USA 400 million so that the Tea Party could try to change union voting rules for Delta Airlines. The funding is only good through September. They will be back.

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