“Tea Party” Threatens Gardner Over McConnell Debt Ceiling Compromise

A report worth noting from the Greeley Gazette’s Jack Minor:

Supporters of the McConnell proposal say that Tea Party expectations for spending reductions has always been unrealistic. The reasoning is, that by giving Obama the authority to raise the debt limit, he will own the issue…

Tea Party members have expressed outrage over the McConnell proposal ceding power to the President. Contract with America has called the Senator, “Pontius Pilate” McConnell. In an e-mail sent out to supporters the organization says, “If McConnell’s plan is part of a clever election strategy, we are unimpressed.” It went on to say McConnell “would rather shirk responsibility to cut, cap and balance and instead pass the buck.”

…Brian Britton, head of the Greeley 9-12 project agreed, saying, “McConnell is taking the coward’s way out. The Constitution plainly says it is Congress’ job to pass the budget, not the President’s.” He continued, “why is Congress willing to give even more of its power away to the President?”

Britton said if Rep. Cory Gardner were to go along with McConnell’s proposal, the organization would encourage a primary challenge against Gardner. “We did not replace Betsy Markey to simply install a person who would vote like a Democrat.” [Pols emphasis]

A recurring theme in the debt-ceiling negotiations, as we’ve discussed, has been the collision between the strident demands made by the voters most responsible for Republican victory in 2010, and the catastrophic effects (or deliberate policy goals, depending on who you talk to) of what they are demanding. If it does turn out that hard-line conservatives have finally backed themselves into a no-retreat, no face-saving corner over the debt ceiling, the question then becomes how many of their own they’ll eat in a fit of rage before they realize it.

“Teflon” Cory Gardner has prided himself on being smart politically, and we’ve given him honest credit for maneuvering delicately around potential minefields on the campaign trail. Obviously, the choice he ends up making in this debate could have big career implications.

Brian Britton of the Greeley 9/12ers certainly thinks so…

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  1. BlueCat says:

    will make “their own” go down easier, I’ll be happy to send a case.  

  2. JeffcoBlue says:

    If Boehner’s smart he’ll count the votes and let Gardner vote no.

    Then Gardner just has to explain voting to bring the American economy to its knees, that’s all. No biggie!

    If 2012 goes the way they’re setting it up, I am going to get down on my knees and thank Jesus for the teabaggers every morning in 2013.

  3. Ralphie says:

    Britton said if Rep. Cory Gardner were to go along with McConnell’s proposal, the organization would encourage a primary challenge against Gardner.

  4. RLaitres says:

    The Republicans were warned that, should they take possession of government, they could not restrict their activities to just criticizing others; i.e. throwning stones.  They would have the obligation to govern.  Looking at the current mess, it is quite obvious that all too many of them were not listening and chose to continue on the same path (McConnell included), even as they took over the House of Representatives.  Now, realizing that they went too far in their attempts to seize power, they do what they have always done best, try to shift the blame onto someone else.

    That will work, but only for the “true believers” who, for the most part, have never had any leadership position.  Boss and bully perhaps, but leader?  Of those there are none in their ranks.

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