In Related News, Doug Bruce Performs Open-Heart Surgery

As the Associated Press reports, Doug Bruce used his lunch break today (while facing charges of tax evasion) to file a legal challenge against a marijuana legalization ballot measure:

Douglas Bruce of Colorado Springs challenged the proposed constitutional amendment in a filing to the state Supreme Court. He argues the proposal to make pot legal for adults over 21 doesn’t properly say that it would raise taxes.

A proponent who brought the legalization proposal says he thought the amendment was clear that, if it’s approved, pot would face a 15 percent excise tax…

…Bruce filed the challenge on a lunch break from an arraignment on a more immediate legal matter. Bruce is facing felony tax evasion charges in Denver District Court. Authorities say he failed to pay taxes on a charity of his. Bruce maintains he is innocent of the charge.

So…Bruce filed his challenge while he fights charges of tax evasion in Denver. Bruce is apparently defending himself in that case, but last month he was served a subpoena for allegedly practicing law without a license.

To recap, the “genius” who created TABOR, who may or may not be an attorney, is complaining about a ballot measure that raises taxes while he defends himself from charges that he doesn’t pay taxes anyway. Why, exactly, is anyone taking him seriously?

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  1. abraham says:

    Sadly, I think the answer is that his persona is a fictional character created and sustained by the media. Go back and read the press coverage and count the number of times that the Denver Post and other papers refer to him as an “anti-tax crusader” or similar phrases.

    It is the media that has endowed him with a romantic image of a champion against taxation.

    It is way past time for him to be characterized as the destructive force that he has been.  Just because you can vandalize the Constitution does not suggest that you are a reformer.

  2. BlueCat says:

    had been a movie, a black comedy political satire, reviewers would have criticized it for being over the top.  This is just sad. What Bruce really needs is treatment and if he has the sense to hire a real lawyer, mental breakdown might be the way to go.  

    • Gray in Mountains says:

      “The story is feeble. It goes on way too long without either tragic or comic resolution. The viewer is left with feelings of hostility, contempt and unexplainable sympathy for the pitiable, self centered main character.”

  3. Ellie says:

    I hope they throw his over sized ego in jail for the maximum allowed.  No one is ever going to see the money anyway.  In a perfect world the judge would sentence him to both.

  4. Barron X says:


    (just completing the Thread headline)


  5. Mark G. says:

    To recap,

    Colorado Doles is saying prohibit both pro se, and proper notification of tax increases.

    Figured Doles would take the hardline statist position.

    If not for Bruce I would have never known this legalization was nothing more than a horrible 22% tax.

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