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June 06, 2011 5:15 pm MST

New Front Page Guest Editor Elections Coming: nominations update

  • by: MADCO

Update – just wanted to put this back in CoPolsters’ minds.

One more chance closer to the weekend- we’ll vote next week.

So you know what to do.


If this election is like previous, we should end up with two front page editors who serve through the end of 2011.

Of course if this election is like previous, someone may try to freep it.  We may get a “third place winner” for no particular reason.  We may elect someone who quits right away.  We  may see comments about how screwey The Big Line is.   We are almost certain to see whining about whomever did or didn’t win.

I nominate RedGreen and amaesinggov.


109 thoughts on “New Front Page Guest Editor Elections Coming: nominations update

      1. That would be a great honor on this site, which I have grown fond of. However, if nominated, I will not run, and if elected, I will not serve.

        It’s the old saw, too busy.

        But what an honor to have been mentioned.

    1. I appreciate the vote of confidence. Could someone post what FPEs are supposed to do? I still haven’t entirely figured that one out.

          1. and decide which ones ought to be promoted, if the Guvs haven’t promoted them already.

            And you’re expected to write one once in a while.

            And you take shit from sockpuppets from S2 who don’t like the diaries you promote or the ones you write.

  1. After the official post is done on the who would you vote for poll, lets have the same list available for who you would vote against.

    I will be interested in seeing how the results correlate.

  2. great choices, including Robin and MOTR.   Also Droll. Diogenes, RedStateBlues, SSG_Dan. Voyageur, always.  Ralphie, too.  Still think we should have a dual election, one moderate left to lib, one moderate right to conservative.  Not many of our best heavy weight old righties participating much these days and not many of those who do participate are competitive against the general majority progressive  field.  Beej? ‘tad?  MarkG? You see the problem.

    1. But thanks.

      I don’t agree with setting aside a seat for righties.  That’s affirmative action for people who don’t like affirmative action.

      Let them band together and elect a candidate if they want a righty FPE.  Same rules for all.

        1. Right now there’s not too much going on locally, and besides Peak Politics or Complete Colorado are always on it nowadays. Pols is fading in relevance. I suppose given the opportunity it might be fun to provide some balance to Pols for a while, but in the grand scheme of things is six months of work in a non-election year worth it? I don’t think it really matters all that much.

      1. I like both posters, and think they would both add something to the discussion. And that’s what it’s all about.

        Now I’m off to the UFC thread. I just loves me some blood and guts! USA! USA!

      1. There are a lot of righties who get dismissed for being lunkheads, but that’s a personal quality each has irrespective of his or her political leanings.

              1. …at least before you post. Where does that put you in the political spectrum?

                Maybe you could re-start the Know-Nothing Party….seems like a great fit.

  3. Ellie and Daft Punk. Be great to see two fresh faces on the front page that haven’t had this gig before. Be even better to see both slots filled by intelligent women (no offense to our many intelligent men here.)

    1. While I enjoy Polls and most of the people here, it’s hit and miss for me at times. The FPE should probably be a lot more regular on a routine basis.


      1. This was when I mentioned that your name came from “sexy penis” based on an earlier post of yours which you denied before being confronted with the evidence. Careful now, you don’t want to go down the road Weiner just went down. Weiner, Hancock, Sexy Penis… you can see where this leads.

  4. and be good FPEs: sxp151 and DavidThi. I know there has been a great deal of anti-David sentiment here recently, and just about everyone seems to think sxp is an asshole, but nominating the two of them is just about as close to having 2 ideologically diverse FPE’s as Pols is about to get.

    They would both promote/write different diaries, and represent their respective ideologies very well.

      1. I haven’t forgotten your intern needs. I’m  working on a friend of mine with the requisite skill set to brush up on his Java, quit his shit job, and apply. I’ll find you one yet!

      1. Ari nominated just fine! 🙂

        Seriously, Ari, I appreciate the thought, but would like to officially take myself out of the running. I’m not in a position to make that kind of commitment.

    1. And I’m sure this is a needless precaution as I’d be in no danger of being elected but must decline.  I’m just not really good at even mildly techie stuff.  Love the rest of your pics. 20th Maine good balancing pick.

    1. Gray has a lot of political insight, and I would love to hear his thoughts more often.

      But I nominate Beej, because he’d make everyone else serve time in the slammer, too.

      1. Why do my qualifications for FPE sound so much like a slightly desperate personals ad?

        SLCG (Singularly Leftist Cowgirl) seeks LTR with witty, dependable method of wasting time and productivity. Enjoys spirited debate, Ken Buck limericks, and long walks straight into hives of angry hornets.

    2. I’d like to beg off claiming too much work, but it doesn’t seem like it would be.  Maybe that’s just because there’s been a low volume of diaries coming through?  Maybe I’m just unaware of everything the duties entail.  So for a rookie nominee, who can flesh out the details?

      If FPE means regular diarist, that will never be me.

      1. I tried for a while, but it was a strain, especially since we can’t use certain sources (which happen to be the best for finding good political stories to comment upon). No one got on my case about it.

      2. If regular diarying is your FPE priority, vote for the Not-Cowgirl Party. If elected I will accept, but I am likely to continue primarily contributing in the form of rants, limericks, and the occasional lewd joke.  

          1. I may start breathing again when she is safely home to Colorado, but she is with a loving friend for now who I have grown to trust a great deal, so it is working out as well as it can so far ($300 vet bill notwithstanding).

      1. That Lamborn is even slightly attractive?  To me, he looks more like, as someone said in the NREL thread, “a piece of dog shit scraped off someone’s shoe, who just happens to have an R after his name”.

    1. Because that’s 3x’s more than me…

      But buck up.  It’s OK if they cannot see our quality.  

      I think PR and PCG would be my pick’s today (I may have nominated two others already?).  In any case, mostly good suggestions all the way around.  Can we do IRV this time?  

        1. My duties curating Colorado Peak Politics keep me too busy. And, anyway, conservatives are a despised minority looked down upon by all you elites. Victim enough for you?

          1. You don’t want to wind up in the penalty box with NC’s rotting corpse, yevrahevets’s toilet paper opus, and SXP’s crayon scrawlings.

  5. It is my distinct pleasure to nominate C Rork for guest front page editor. From his humble beginnings as triguardian (joking, people!) he has blossomed  into one of the finest young bloggers on this site.

    Diaries like this are what this site needs from a guest FPE:

    Okay, he may have been dead wrong about the weight of Mejia’s endorsement of Romer, but he’s going to do a damn fine job if you let him.

    1. There are only a few here that not only comment well, but also write diaries well. I miss that in a FPE.

      Meanwhile, what are you doing for the next six months?

    2. A terrible oversight. He’s by far the best candidate from the Handmaiden Party. Rork for FPE! I think I just kind of thought of him as an institution around here already!

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