GLBT Lobby Day – GOP Hides on the Floor

(But a few didn’t, as explained below – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Over a hundred GLBT citizens as well as dozens of people like me who described ourselves as “straight allies of the movement” spent time in the capitol talking primarily about SB11-172 (which would allow same-sex civil unions) with our representatives.

Well, we talked to some of them, anyway.

See, people are allowed to move around the capitol freely for the most part, but they are not allowed on the floor of the House and Senate. So that’s where Republicans stayed to avoid having to face their constituents demanding equal rights.

Two Republicans, Reps. Swerdferger and Scott, were willing to leave the bunker and talk to people, but the rest stayed safely hidden from the scary public opinion.

Some good news came about today, however. Republican Representative Priola has been added to the list of the bill’s supporters (according to the organizers of the event). This is especially significnt because Rep. Priola is the Speaker Pro Tem (sort of like a vice president) of the House and is a respected and established member of the House GOP.

Rep. Priola told the DP back in December that he favored civil unions but would not commit to a vote until he saw the actual bill.

Republican Kathleen Conti has also said she will vote for the bill.

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  1. droll says:

    Not the hiding, but that everything seems to be going so well.

  2. Arvadonian says:

    has a poll up on her website on civil unions.  I encourage supporters to respond.  If you are not a supporter, please ignore this post.

  3. IndyNinja says:

    I have been a lobbyist. I have been staff. I have been a volunteer. I have been an activist.

    Over the last decade, I have spent hundreds of hours each year communicating with members of the Legislature.

    But never, have I ever seen them refusing en masse to come out and talk to their constituents before.

    If you can’t defend you position on something when face to face with the people it hurts… then its probably the wrong position to have. But if you aren’t even willing to face those people at all… then you shouldn’t be an elected official.

  4. IndyNinja says:

    Oh and for those who are curious about how the bill’s doing:

    -It is virually guaranteed passage in the Senate wher every single Democrat has signed on as a sponsor.

    If the bill reaches the floor of the house, it will almost certainly pass with two GOP adding to the 3431 split.

    -However the bill could die in House Committee if Speaker McNulty assigns it to a kill squad. So far, he has not shared any thoughts about where he’ll send it.

  5. JLD says:

    But as he hasn’t revealed that publically I can’t tell you which one.  He will likely make his support public very soon.  You might be surprised who it is as these pages haven’t been very friendly to him.

  6. The Bob Hatter says:

    Why wasn’t this passed in 2008? The Dems had full control and I don’t see how the GOP could of stopped it.  

    • droll says:

      was to not do anything with abortions or civil unions.

      He stuck to it.

      I forget why now. At the time it seemed to make me moody and make some kind of sense. I have my doubts now, so maybe I’m off in a more general way.

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