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February 16, 2011 05:18 PM MST

Perlmutter Resumes "Government in the Grocery"

  • by: Colorado Pols

Back at it with some added security, as the Colorado Independent’s Scot Kersgaard reports:

Today, U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter announced he will host his first government in the grocery of 2011 on Feb. 19 at the Safeway on the corner of Colfax and Garrison in Lakewood.

This will be the first government in the grocery meeting hosted by Perlmutter since the tragic shootings last month in Tucson, AZ.

In the wake of that shooting, Perlmutter and many other politicians were taking a wait and see approach to future public gatherings. Perlmutter had told the Colorado Independent on several occasions that he wanted to continue his grocery meet-ups but wanted to also take every reasonable precaution.

Perlmutter stated, “Over the past few weeks, my staff and I have met with Safeway, other grocery stores and law enforcement in our district, and we are taking the appropriate and responsible precautions to move forward with our Government in the Grocery program and consider the safety of everyone involved. Government in the Grocery is about being available to listen to the hardworking people in the 7th CD in a less formal setting to talk about the issues on their mind. This kind of access is essential to the fabric of our democracy. Safeway has been an outstanding partner in this program since day one, and they are providing a valuable service to our communities by allowing us to hold these office hours in their stores.”


30 thoughts on “Perlmutter Resumes “Government in the Grocery”

  1. I’m going to try to be there the whole time. Unofficial Pols meetup? I suggest no exchanging usernames, though, in case certain recently much-discussed unsavories show up to do a little fishing for people to out.

                1. I’m CD6 but Lakewood not that far. I have friend who used to work at Ed’s law form and says he was the one lawyer there who treated all lowly employees like her with real consideration.  I’ll see if she can come.

                  1. I’m sure Ed would love to see her. I was CD6 most of my life–actually, ’12 will be my first time getting to actually vote Perlmutter, after 100s of volunteer hours for him!

                    1. CD6 candidates which is a lot like banging your head against a wall but you feel like you at least have to show some effort. But I’ve contributed to Ed and talked to him when he’s shown up at our events and think he’s terrific.

                    2. He makes me wish we had some sort of candidate relocation program and could make him move somewhere he can get elected. That man deserves public office.

                    3. not a fantastic candidate from the point of view of running a good a campaign.  The campaign was a mess and he really didn’t like the idea of spending any of his own money and wasn’t very nice to the “little people”.

                    4. But then, I was never there at the more stressful moments. Scheduling worked out such that every time I met him he was feeling relaxed and confident. Sad to hear he wasn’t as pleasant when the chips were down. I know he had a lot of staffing problems on the campaign, but I didn’t think much of it because, well, every D who runs in CD6 loses a few people to positions with a better chance of notching a win on the ol’ resume.

                    5. was just an occasional volunteer and only saw him at events, not in the office. He was never around when I was there. A friend who was paid staff found him not to be one to waste people skills on those he deemed unimportant.  The refusal to spend was the biggest thing, though.  Of course we always seem to lose 2 to 1 to the R in CD6 regardless. It’s not as if a better candidate could have won or even done considerably better. Just sayin’.

                    6. Much as I liked Flerlage, the only hope there is gradual demographic change and/or redistricting. Coffman doesn’t even really bother to campaign. I can’t fault Flerlage for not wanting to do a lot of self-funding, especially when not getting a lot of financial support from the party. He’d need to be Jared Polis rich to spend his way to winning there.

    1. Talked to Ed’s Military & Vet Affairs guy today about the JPMorgan Chase “Gee, I accidentally foreclosed on those military families who’s spouses were deployed in Iraq and AFPAK” hearings Ed wants to do.

      Hope to see all the other Polsters there!

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