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“I don’t exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it.”

–J. D. Salinger

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  1. davebarnes says:

    Today is National Green Bean Casserole Day

    • Honorable Nasty Woman says:

      The Green Bean Casserole is one of the best yummy American recipes ever created.  Those who disparage this delight are without a proper set of taste buds.  I do have to admit that the changes to the Cream of Mushroom soup since the mid-fifties necessitate a few more diced mushrooms, slow cooked in butter with a splash of half and half along with a bit of slow cooked onions, small dice, helps it.  Follow the original recipe for the best (using the added mushrooms and onion).

  2. JohnInDenver says:

    Marking one month since the end of the voting …. was on a conference call yesterday with Denver Elections Division.  Pretty amazing summary from them:

     * 398 thousand votes cast — 86% of the number of active registrations

     * 22 thousand "in person" votes — about 6%.  In addition, the sites issued another 1,140 "statewide" ballots, allowing someone from out of the county to vote here.

     * of the 22k votes done in person at one of 36 voting sites between Oct 9 and November 3, the site management and the centralized review team did not totally balance:  a grand total of 6 ballots were issued that couldn't be reconciled.  [the guess was 6 people got their ballot and walked out with it instead of dropping it into the ballot box].  No site got MORE ballots than issued. 

    • MichaelBowman says:

      BLM wearing Rhinestones??? That seems like a ‘Trump base’ thing. For the low, low price of $14.95 you can have one of these collector items as early as Saturday!!

    • MattC says:


      The theater is compelling. If it was not something as important as, you know, the health of our republic, it would be a great Netflix original. Or direct to youtube.


      • MichaelBowman says:


        I’ve listened to almost three hours of ‘Patriot Radio’ today and that is some pure comedic gold. Sean almost breathlessly talking about all the ‘hearings’ going on today and the patriots who are risking their lives to stand up to this massive fraud.  Newt calling in from Rome; Jesse the truck driver who claims to have transported 100,000 mail-in ballots from Bethpage, NY to Harrisburg, PA (no pictures or proof right now but he assures the listeners it’s coming). Ethan from WI who overheard a postal worker who claims they ‘backdated’ tens-of-thousands of ballots on Nov 4 (no proof).  Thumb drives missing all over Georgia; Stacy Abrams mob of followers destroying all their hard drives. 

        I’m exhausted from laughing. 


    • Diogenesdemar says:

      I admit, I was very skeptical about all those claims of massive fraud. But, well, there’s just absolutely no arguing with “rhinestones” . . .

      . . . clearly we liberals have been duped once again, Biden’s “election” is an utter sham, and Ttump will be President still.

      “Rhinestones”! So obvious now. How could we have allowed ourselves to be so easily misled and manipulated??

      Damn you all to hell, Hugo Chavez!!!

    • NOV GOP meltdown says:

      Why do all of these testimonials remind me of Anus Fisting Granny. More of a rhetorical question I guess.

  3. harrydoby says:

    Sigh, if only the news media had had the insight and courage to report on Trump like this 4 years ago!

    Increasingly detached from reality, President Donald Trump stood before a White House lectern and delivered a 46minute diatribe against the election results that produced a win for Democrat Joe Biden, unspooling one misstatement after another to back his baseless claim that he really won.

    Trump called his address, released Wednesday only on social media and delivered in front of no audience, perhaps “the most important speech” of his presidency.



  4. kwtree says:

    Four Corners area Polsters (and anyone with an internet connection).

    Check out community-powered radio station KSJD. From my listen today, they carry local news, specifically on coronavirus outbreaks that the local health departments are hiding, and mellow country/rock music from relatively unknown artists. I like it.

    I found out about KJSD from the Community Media Project FB page. Community Media had a live webinar today, "Reclaiming the Public Square",  with plenty of ideas and dialogue about journalism, discourse, and countering misinformation.

    Great organizations to participate in and support.


  5. harrydoby says:

    Our beloved Nutlid has been oddly silent these last few weeks.  Is he camping out in Georgia with no wifi perhaps?


  6. Diogenesdemar says:

    Finally some good (Covid) news . . .

    Find Your Place in the Vaccine Line

    . . . I’m holding onto 287,200,000th place! — give or take.

    • harrydoby says:

      Does this make me twice your age?

      Based on your risk profile, we believe you’re in line behind 118.5 million people across the United States.

    • Voyageur says:

      23 million ahead of me nationally, 64, 000 in Denver.


      My age and diabetes move me toward the front.


      • davebarnes says:

        I am age 72 and my doc says T2 diabetes (but, I am in denial about that) and I think I should be near the end of the line. I can isolate for longer.

        My life or death will not restart/boost the economy.

        A “Mexican” dishwasher in a restaurant should be ahead of me.

        • Voyageur says:

          Makes sense to me.  I’d say priority should be

          1. Health care workers.

          2.  First responders.

          3.  Teachers.

          4. Essential workers.

          5. Nonessential workers.

          6.  Kids.

          7.  Any remaining Democrats.

          8.  Retirees.

          9.  Any remaining Republicans.

          10.  Supporters of the designated hitter rule.

  7. harrydoby says:

    Mike Pence grabbed the first lifeboat leaving the Trumptanic!

    Since Nov. 25, not a single fundraising email from the Trump campaign or its Republican National Committee fundraising account has featured Pence’s name in the “from” field. And this week, that Republican National Committee joint fundraising committee, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, made another subtle change: a handful of its emails swapped out the official Trump-Pence campaign logo for one featuring just the president’s name.


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