Rep. Dave Williams: So Much For “Law and Order”

Donald Trump, Rep. Dave Williams (R).

Here’s a clip of hard-right GOP Rep. Dave Williams of Colorado Springs speaking on the floor of the House today as the COVID-19 relief special session of the legislature wrapped up–and these are words, as we’ll explain, we never thought we’d hear out of Rep. Williams’ mouth:

You know, there were a hundred restaurants–I believe this was in Representative McKean’s neck of the woods, we had a hundred restaurants saying we’re not going to comply and to that I say God bless you.

I think we need a little bit more civil disobedience. [Pols emphasis]

I’m sure many of you would not have expected me from Colorado Springs a very conservative district that I represent to you and say that but I think we’ve come to a point where we are beginning to see the bubbling of soft tyranny…

But as readers will recall, it’s not the conservative Colorado Springs district Rep. Williams represents that makes his call for “civil disobedience” against COVID-19 public health orders unexpected. Back in July as the controversy over the Trump administrations deployment of federal riot control police under nebulous command to major cities like Portland, Rep. Williams wrote a letter begging Trump to send in the troops:

A Republican state lawmaker has asked the Trump administration to send in federal law enforcement to Denver to quell what he considered lawlessness and restore “law and order.” Colorado’s top Democrats say the suggestion is unnecessary and could only lead to further inflammation of tensions.

“I officially request that your administration expand its ‘Operation Legend’ efforts to include Colorado, specifically in the city of Denver as violent, deadly crime is on an upswing according to many news reports. Sadly, the violence is being largely ignored by radical Democrats who are in a position to stop it,” said Colorado Springs Republican Rep. Dave Williams in a letter dated July 23…

Williams’ closing line from this letter is particularly ironic:

The people of Colorado have been left to fend for themselves and you, being the President of law and order, are our only hope. [Pols emphasis]

As of today, the line from Rep. Williams is screw “law and order!” For one of Colorado’s leading “deplorable” lightning rods, law and order is only a thing when one is getting one’s way.

We’re seeing a lot of that lately.

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  1. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    "soft tyranny….." Sounds like Trump trying to steal the election.

  2. Gilpin Guy says:

    Sounds like somebody isn't Pro-Life anymore.  I'm just guessing that he doesn't really believe that every life is precious otherwise he would wear face coverings to save someone he doesn't know.

  3. kwtree says:

    Williams is a scumbag. Voters in his district knew he was unqualified and a right wing ideologue, and elected him anyway. He’s done nothing to make any constituent lives better, and very few of his sponsored bills became law. 

    Pols readers know that he  was rejected from student government for being homophobic, and was known for over-the-top macho gun posturing. 

    Douglas County HD15 loves their RWNJs, though- when Gordon Klingenschmitt abandoned his HD15 seat to try for a Senate run, Dave Williams slid right in. 
    I don’t know if Williams current treasonous ravings will make him more or less popular in his district. I’d like to at minimum see his Legislator peers censure him for his advocacy of civil war and political violence.

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