Jenna Ellis Claims Dominion Voting Machines May Have “Swung” Colorado Races

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Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis.

After joining a news conference yesterday with Rudolph Giuliani claiming without evidence that widespread fraud undermined November’s presidential election, Trump’s legal advisor Jenna Ellis jumped on a Denver conservative radio show and alleged, again with no evidence, that Colorado-based voting machine firm may have committed fraud to give victories to losing candidates in Colorado.

“We are seeing how Dominion may have swung some of the state and local races in Colorado as well,” Ellis told KHOW radio host Dan Caplis yesterday afternoon. “I mean, this is stuff that is just incredible and is absolutely unconstitutional and goes against our fundamental constitutionally protected right to free and fair election. So this is massive.”

Ellis is referring to the Dominion voting platform that’s used in 62 of 64 Colorado counties and in other states. It’s come under baseless fire by Trump’s legal team challenging election results.

On the radio yesterday, Ellis didn’t specify which Colorado races may have been affected by fraud.

Ellis said, “We are also getting some people who have independent knowledge,” said Ellis, declining to “share anything further to protect their identity.”

But Colorado voting experts, including former Republican Secretary of State Wayne Williams and Republican county election officials have expressed complete confidence in Colorado’s November election.

“I can’t speak for what’s going on across the nation, but I can tell you, right here in Larimer County and in Colorado, I’m completely comfortable with our system as we have it,” said Larimer County Clerk and Recorder Angela Myers, a Republican, on KCOL this week here at 20 min. “I feel like it’s been completely reliable. We’ve had no issues of any kind, no indication that there have been any issues of any kind of these many, many years.”

In Colorado, said Williams on KNUS over the weekend, “the process is working; we can prove that it’s working; we can show that every step of the way has been conducted properly.”

“With respect to Dominion, we have run over 350 risk-limiting audit tests on Dominion’s software in Colorado,” said Williams. “It has passed every single one of those. So we have verified in election after election, in county after county, that the system functions properly.”

Williams, who couldn’t seem to say enough good things about Colorado’s election process, pointed out on air that Trump’s homeland security director called Colorado the safest state.

On the radio, Myers explained in detail how the Dominion system works here, including information about audits that are routinely conducted.

Ellis explained to Caplis why she was not revealing information about her sources.

“We are making sure to protect everyone who has assisted in giving us this information,” Ellis told Caplis. “We appreciate the courage of everyone across American who has been providing this, including whistleblowers, including other people who for various reasons have access to or saw not just information related to Dominion but also all of these people like the two very courageous Board of Canvasser members in Wayne County, Michigan.”

“This is where the fake news media is unwilling to look at or understand,” added Ellis who told national reporters yesterday that their opinions don’t matter.

Caplis told Ellis how impressed he was with her professionalism.

“As this gets into courtrooms, I hope that you become the leader of the [Trump] team,” said Caplis on air. “Because it is moments like this where some of the greatest legal talent in American history has had a chance to show itself. And boy, I would love to see you at the tip of the spear.”

Efforts to reach Caplis to find out if the apparent reckless statement by Ellis about Colorado made him think differently about her were not successful.

Ellis, a former assistant professor of legal studies at Colorado Christian University, isn’t the only Colorado Republican claiming that Dominion Voting somehow changed Colorado votes in Democrats’ favor.

Joe Oltmann, founder of the new conservative advocacy group FEC United, has also appeared on right-wing radio saying the same thing, also without evidence.

Oltmann claims to have discovered and secretly called into an “Antifa conference call” on which he heard someone he believes to be a Dominion executive say he fixed the election so Trump wouldn’t win.

Yet he refused to answer talk show host Peter Boyles’ basic questions, including: “What group hosted the call?” “How did you find out about it and get on?” “Do you have a recording of it?” Oltmann wouldn’t provide any of that information, saying only that he “took really good notes.” He did say he was in close contact with Trump lawyers regarding Dominion. Clearly frustrated, Boyles kept asking for proof.

“I want you to be right, said Boyles. “But you have to show me evidence.”

Yesterday FEC United, which worked closely with the Colorado Republican party during the election, activated its membership via text message to flood the Colorado Secretary of State office demanding that the Colorado election results not be certified:

“Urgent FEC United Call to Action Call the Secretary of State 303-894-2200 #3 #4 for elections and tell them that you oppose certifying the election until there has been a complete investigation of the Dominion Software used in CO. It only takes 3 minutes. They have answered the phone. They need to know that even in CO, we are on to their scheme.”

Transcript of Ellis’ KHOW interview Nov. 20.

Ellis: Great to talk with you, Dan, thanks for having me. And to everyone in Colorado who is following this. You know, Dominion is actually in Colorado as well. And so we’ve been receiving quite a few emails, Dan. And I’ll kind of break some news here with you, that we are seeing how Dominion may have swung some of the state and local races in Colorado as well. I mean, this is stuff that is just incredible and is absolutely unconstitutional and goes against our fundamental constitutionally protected right to free and fair election. So this is massive.

Caplis: You know, Jenna, the information that you’re starting to get regarding Colorado is that in the form of whistleblower? Because I know at this point the campaign is citing some whistleblowers from inside Dominion as to, say, Michigan at the Detroit Counting Center. Are you getting that kind of information at this point out of Colorado?

Ellis: We’re getting some of that and we’re also getting some people who have independent knowledge and I’m not going to, of course, share anything further to protect their identity.

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  1. sporobolus says:

    it sounds like the accusers don’t understand Colorado’s election technology; the Dominion “voting machines” in Colorado produce voter-verifiable paper ballots, a sample of which are also audited, and they can be hand-recounted; at most, only a small proportion of ballots could be manipulated and escape detection; even more significantly, these machines account for only a small fraction of in-person votes, which in turn are dwarfed by the volume of mail ballots returned (by mail or drop-off); thus very few elections were close enough for these machines to have made a difference even if they had manipulated every ballot

    perhaps the accusation is about other Dominion equipment, such as the tabulators; a discrepancy here would would have to escape both the pre-election Logic and Accuracy test and post-election audits; i believe that would require a conspiracy between employees at both Dominion and the counties, since Dominion supplies software into which the counties load their ballot’s details

    in the unlikely event we see specific accusations, these are some of the details for which they’d have to account

  2. The realist says:

    If anyone here has participated (as a volunteer) in a risk-limiting audit in Colorado, you have a good idea why this conspiracy theory is bunk. I have participated a couple times in the past in risk-limiting audits – a sample of actual paper ballots are pulled (according to a random process), the votes on the paper ballot are read to a person or people who enter the votes into a special program on a computer for the audit. As I recall very few discrepancies are found – what I saw was interpretive kinds of things (what did the voter really intend). A county clerk could describe the audit process much better than I – but there is nothing I know of in Colorado's voting and vote tallying process which would lend itself to the kind of vote manipulation these losers are trying to describe. 

  3. Diogenesdemar says:

    Spose' Gardner will demand a recount???

  4. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Dan Caplis needs to man up and “grow a pair.”

    Peter Boyles, to his credit, asked for evidence and got nothing. When interviewing Ellis’ fellow Trump lawyer, Sidney Powell, this week on Fox News, Tucker Carlson also asked for proof. She blew him off.

  5. Early Worm says:

    I guess that by saying Dominion “may” have fraudulently altered the election results means it’s not defamation. The world may end tomorrow. Trump may be the anti-Christ. Trump’s attorneys may be competent. You never know. Anything is possible. 

  6. Voyageur says:

    I just don't understand lying criminals like Ellis or Trump. As a Westerner who served at West Point, the concepts of duty, honor, country are central to me.  Lying to make a few bucks is reprehensible.

    • Duke Cox says:

      From one dinosaur to another…

      I learned about honor, integrity, and courage from the stories of our heroes. The Lone Ranger…Roy and Dale…Superman…even Sky King. They all taught youngsters like you and me about such things. Real heroes, too. John Kennedy, Neil Armstrong, Muhammed Ali.

      Truth was expected…honor was earned…integrity was built.

      Where is Underdog when we need him?


      • Voyageur says:

        Yes, Duke, we’re dinosaurs. But dinosaurs ruled this planet for 135 million years!  Mankind has been on top for at most 10,000 years.  Climate change,  nuclear proliferation and the designated hitter rule are proof that the upstart species is highly unlikely to match our record and will destroy itself in a few more millenia at best.  So celebrate our dinosaur status!

      • Genghis says:

        Where is Underdog when we need him?

        Buggered if I know, but 9iu11iani is looking more like Simon Bar Sinister every day. At least Simon managed to avoid sweating rivulets of hair dye while appearing on teevee.

  7. RepealAndReplace says:

    Not content with his rant about a conspiracy between Hugo Chavez, George Soros, Dominion, Hillary Clinton and the theft of 2.7 million Trump votes during which an oil slick started to descend down the sides of his face, Rudy has now called for beheadings…..

  8. ElliotFladen says:

    Intentional fabrication of facts done in a public fashion can be quite relevant to the character and fitness section of a bar application for an attorney


  9. CDW says:

    Why isn't Dominion suing them for defamation, or whatever's appropriate?  Put up or shut up, gop!

  10. psyclone says:

    Prove to me that leprechauns and voter fraud don't exist! You can't! I rest my case, your honor.

  11. kwtree says:

    Jenna Ellis was interviewed on MSNBC host Ari Melber's show on Monday, November 23, 2020. She tried to claim that "Trump won in a landslide". She couldn't answer Melber's questions about  the point of Trump's multiple lawsuits. "Do you have a legal strategy?" "Since there is no way to change electoral college results, what is the point of all this?"

    Etc.  Yet another attractive, glib blonde willing to lie publicly for Trump.


    • Diogenesdemar says:

      You mean, “attractive,” strictly in the fly-tape sense of the word here, right? . . . 

      • kwtree says:

        That she's pretty, as Kayleigh Macaneny, Hope Hicks, and so many of the women around Trump tend to be, doesn't make them any less lying, fascist-enabling, morally bankrupt monsters. Your mileage may vary.

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      Jenna Ellis' legal strategy is about as well thought out as Col. Walter Kurtz' military strategy.

      Perhaps the Fox and her Two Friends can make room for a fourth member of the morning show team after this is finally over.

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