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“Ignorance is stubborn and prejudice is hard.”

–Adlai Stevenson

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  1. davebarnes says:

    Today is National Toilet Day, Wouldn't it be enjoyable to flush a certain Donnie Fatso away?

  2. Colorado Pols says:

    How are your logins treating you, gentle readers? Be assured we've been trying to tweak this problem into submission.

  3. kickshot says:

    Dump more concerned about Wayne County, MI R canvass board member than 250K covid deaths:

    “His concern was about my safety and that was really touching. He is a really busy guy and to have his concern about my safety was appreciated,” she told The Post.

    Wayne County Republican who asked to ‘rescind’ her vote certifying election results says Trump called her

    After voting against certification both Rs on the board flipped their votes. Dump calls the Rs and one asks to rescind her vote for certification.

    This must be Banana Republic Day or something.

    Heard a murmur last nite that Rudy is running this scam (for $20K/day) and Bannon is running Rudy.

    • davebarnes says:

      Dumpie's lawyers withdrew their lawsuit in Michigan within the last hour.

      • JohnInDenver says:

        Surely the withdrawal of a suit is a sign that Rudy and Donald are pursuing their overall wonderful strategy, the once certain to reveal the truth that Donald won, just like he's won every other time. 

      • CDW says:

        He's going straight to the source…he's "reaching out" to Michigan's republican leaders to get them to overturn the certified results.  I wonder if he's threatening to knee-cap them, or some other mafia trick.  I so want this to be over!!!! 

    • Early Worm says:

      I know hypocrisy is nonexistent in today's Republican party, but it should still be pointed out. All of the Republicans who will remain completely and totally silent regarding Trump's outrageous behavior interfering with local election certifications were also the ones screaming from the hilltops about the outrage of a former president (Clinton) speaking on a tarmac with the Attorney General while the FBI was investigating Hillary's emails. The difference – Hillary is the devil's spawn, Donny is a gift from God. 

  4. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Paybacks are hell. Progressive and similar groups; like Human Rights Campaign, League of Conservation Voters, others; came out strong in favor of the Dem senate candidate in Maine, Sara Gideon. Susan Collins upset all their desires for a Dem majority in the Senate by winning comfortably over Gideon.

    Now the progressive groups are stuck with how to rebuild relationships with Senator Collins, who will continue as a common sense Republican voice. 

    • kickshot says:

      Ya. She’s fallen into dumpism bigly. she doesn’t represent them anymore. no need to even talk to them anymore. But she can be ‘concerned’ and see if they learned their lesson.

      • Conserv. Head Banger says:

        All she has to do, kickshot, is represent her constituents. Sadly for Gideon, the voters of Maine didn't drink the "progressive kool-aid."

        • kickshot says:

          Let's discuss that, then. I contend that she has not, does not and will not represent her constituents.

          What is this 'progressive koolaid' you speak of except a republican talking point and propaganda. How much was Gideon peddling it?

          • unnamed says:

            If she arguably ever represented her constituents, she doesn't anymore.  As for the future: time will tell.


          • Conserv. Head Banger says:

            Collins has obviously represented her constituents well enough that she was re-elected by 9 percentage points; well actually 8.9 points.

            Contend all you want, but it still doesn't change the outcome. 

            • kickshot says:

              That’s only half an answer.

              What is ‘progressive koolaid’ other than a convenient deflection for you when you have no credible information to add?

              Three things saved Collins’ bacon. PPP, her vote against Barret and the split vote that beat dump and helped Collins. W/o that sense of balance that voters got in that split she would have lost. She’d lucky that it was not 2018. Dump was still poison but not on the ballot.

              And now the she does not have to run for re-election she can really drop the pretend games that she’s not moscow mitch’s puppy dog.

              • Duke Cox says:

                Susan Collins?…”common sense”?


                Collins is a toady..always was, is, and always will be.

                Just because a pundit with a prejudice calls her “common sense”, doesn’t make it so. CHB has clearly demonstrated his political myopia many times. This is just another example of that unfortunate circumstance.

                Humor him.😏


              • RepealAndReplace says:

                The "Progressive Kool-Aid" is the  defund the police. Socialism rocks movement which sells so well!

                Just ask Donna Shalala and Deborah Mucarsel-Powell how that crap worked out for them.

                • kickshot says:

                  Since the thread focuses on Collins and her win and how "Sadly for Gideon, the voters of Maine didn't drink the "progressive kool-aid."" maybe CHB can point out where Gideon included 'defund police' and 'socialism rocks' in her platform.

                  Failing that, who was actually selling the 'progressive koolaid' then? Might it have been Colins herself?

                  If so then she was re-elected on a litany of lies and CHB trusts someone who would stoop that low to 'represent her constituents'.

                  Maybe if her constituents are the recipients of the tax scam she supported and are not subscribers to the ACA which she worked so hard for so long to eradicate.

    • unnamed says:

      Now the progressive groups are stuck with how to rebuild relationships with Senator Collins, who will continue as a common sense Republican voice. 


      Here's the thing with Susan Collins.  She has been able to sell herself as a moderate Republican who is common sense.  I feel that the last few years, particularly the string of events from the Kavanaugh vote to the impeachment trial, she has gone along with Trump and Moscow Mitch.  In the end, her vote against confirming Barrett was politically and strategically smart and that arguably helped save her bacon in this past election.  But, especially as of late, she has been mealy mouthed in giving the gruesome twosome what they want.  

      In the end, she may have reset her relationship with Maine voters to an extent.  But if there was any doubt before, I think there is little doubt now that Collins' act is smoke and mirrors.  In terms of her intent, she's a lot like Cory Gardner.  She's just a lot better at playing the game than him.  But she has, in my mind lost any credibility as a common sense Republican.

      If I was going to point to any common sense Republicans, I could buy Larry Hogan, Phil Scott, possibly Charlie Baker, John Kasich, and possibly Mike DeWine as potentially common sense Republicans.  Susan Collins?  Not so much.

      • RepealAndReplace says:

        I agree with your remarks about Collins. At the same time, Biden will probably need to keep lines of communication open to her because if the GOP holds both Georgia senate seats,  Biden will need at least 2 GOP senators to cross party lines to get cabinet appointments confirmed.

        There are limits on how many times he will get Romney and Murkowski to cross over.

        • kickshot says:

          Collins doesn’t have to run for reelection again. She can drop all of her pretensions of concern and uncertainty now and reveal that she is moscow mitch’s secret puppy dog. moscow mitch will be doing a lot of chuckling and baring his crooked teeth.

        • unnamed says:

          At the same time, Biden will probably need to keep lines of communication open to her


          True.  That is the reality of politics.  I don't dispute this.  Just critiquing her MO and saying that a Common Sense Republican she is not.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      . . . mmmmm, . . . What is — "cognitive dissonance among the former faithful," Alex? . . . er, I mean, "Rick" ???

    • Duke Cox says:

      Thanks, my friend. Same to you.

      Mesa county is now a dangerous place to be.

      • gertie97 says:

        You said it, Duke. We get our groceries by pickup, liquor by curbside and support our local restaurants and businesses (the ones who enforce masking) through takeout. We're helping our 81-year-old neighbors who have significant medical problems and clearance to go out only to absolutely necessary doc appointments. I'm the taxi.

        What's infuriating is the refusal of 30-40 percent who refuse to wear masks because freedumb. Meanwhile, the Sentinel congratulated our lord high commissioners for finally “encouraging'' citizens to mask up. Chickenshits. If they had any guts, they'd “encourage'' the sheriff to enforce it.


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