Lauren “Q*bert” Boebert: A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

Lauren Boebert.

In an interview Wednesday with Southern Colorado’s FOX 21 News, embattled CD-3 GOP candidate Lauren Boebert tried once and for all, presumably under the advice of national Republicans worried she may actually lose this R+6 seat next Tuesday, to put this “QAnon thing” behind her–awfully late in the game, given the number of votes already cast:

Following her upset in the June Primary, much of the national and regional attention media outlets gave her, was over her ties to the baseless conspiracy, QAnon. The conspiracy claims groups of political elites are kidnapping children and drinking their blood for immortality. She has attributed her knowledge of the group to her mother, but in the interview with FOX21, walked that back.

“I’m not a follower of QAnon,” Boebert said as she ended the interview. “My mom is not a supporter of QAnon, she just talked to me about it one time.”

While this new line is consistent with most of the Republican primary victors of 2020 who willfully trafficked in the QAnon conspiracy theory to gain Republican base support before having to walk it back under ridicule before a general election audience, unfortunately for Boebert it’s just not what she told QAnon whackadoodle Ann Vandersteel on camera:

VANDERSTEEL: Do you know about the Q movement? Are you familiar with what that is?

BOEBERT: I am familiar with that. That’s that’s more my mom’s thing. She’s a little fringe. I try to I just try to keep things on track and, and positive. I’m very familiar with it though. [Pols emphasis]

VANDERSTEEL: Do you think Q is a bad thing or or is it just sort I mean, what’s your opinion?

BOEBERT: No, uh honestly, um, everything that I’ve heard of Q, I hope it, I hope that this is real because it only means America’s getting stronger and better and people are returning to conservative values. And and that’s what I am for and so everything that I have heard of this movement is only motivating and encouraging and bringing people together stronger. And if this, if this is real, it could be really great for our country.

Obviously, there’s just no way to reconcile these two versions of events. No one coerced Boebert into claiming that she is “very familiar” with QAnon, or forced her to suggest that a movement the FBI has declared a domestic terror threat “could be really great for our country.” And yes, stating that Boebert’s mom only talked to her about QAnon “one time” after saying QAnon is “my mom’s thing” is…implausible.

Look, we get it. She’s politically clueless and now that she’s in a big league race she naturally regrets lumping herself in with a fringe conspiracy theory–or at least somebody tasked with getting her elected does. But in the era before Trump’s obdurate brand of never admit wrongdoing politics, the way you handled a gaffe like this was to actually apologize and promise to do better–not tell the voters something they can watch you say on video was never said.

If Boebert does hang on Tuesday, it’s not due to any favors she did herself.

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  1. Sparky says:

    If she's not serious about QAnon, she has a funny way of showing it: Not just her initial statement, but her Twitter obsession with child trafficking (always mentioned in the tones that signal she's hinting at Q lunatics without saying it explicitly), winking at the theory by talking about Tom Hanks, and following numerous QAnon accounts on YouTube (until she deleted that to cover her tracks).

    She believes every bit of it, her campaign is just desperately trying to shut her up about it.

  2. itlduso says:

    "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel."  attributed to Samuel Johnson


  3. JRRWIRED says:

    People need to point back to the fact *FACT* that QAnon believers think these elite secret society actively hunts orphans to drink their blood.  

    QAnon is as crazy as crazy gets.

  4. Genghis says:

    A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

    Livin' on reds, vitamin C and cocaine …

  5. davebarnes says:

    Freedom as the Muzzle of a Glock

    In western Colorado, the election is about “not having the government think for us, the right to protect ourselves.”

  6. CDW says:

    Speaking of which, I've frequently wondered what trump did with all the immigrant children he orphaned. I never imagined pediophilia, but thought maybe they were being trained for jobs at mar a lago.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      Trump doesn't do long range planning.

      The policy — probably the dream-made-real of Stephen Miller — was created to inflict pain on families and discourage others from trying to come to the US. 

      As in so many things, the Trump Sad!-ministration proved to be corrupt (with private companies getting contracts to hold members of the family), poorly planned (no system set up to securely track members of a family), and unresponsive to judicial orders.

    • MADCO says:

      Depends on who you choose to believe.


      Department of Health and Human Services, the federal agency responsible for providing care to the migrant children, said, "All of the 545 minors referenced were appropriately discharged from [the Office of Refugee Resettlement's] unaccompanied alien children program prior to June 23, 2018. [HHS] has already provided relevant information requested by the court."

      Via Twitter, a DHS spokesperson said, “This narrative has been dispelled. In the current litigation, for example, out of the parents of 485 children whom Plaintiffs’ counsel has been able to contact, they've yet to identify a single family that wants their child reunited with them in their country of origin.”

      Asked about the report, White House spokesperson Brian Morgenstern said, that many of the parents “have declined to accept their children back…It's not for lack of effort on the administration’s part."

      Responding to the administration’s statements, the ACLU’s Gelernt said, “First, we have not even found these 545 parents so neither we nor certainly the administration can know whether they want to be reunited.”

      “Second, in the past there have certainly have been parents who have made the agonizing decision to leave the child in the U.S. because of the danger the child would face upon return. The humane and simple solution is for the Trump administration to allow the parents to return to the U.S. to reunite with their children but the administration is not allowing that"


      The status of the children is unclear.
      What is clear is Trump could fix this if he cared.

  7. gertie97 says:

    Boebert is an embarrassment for the ages but she could easily win. If she does, it'll be due to political malpractice by DMB's campaign.


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