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“If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”

–Orson Welles

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  1. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    As Yogi Berra once said: “it ain’t over until it’s over.” The Trafalgar polling group; that predicted Trump’s win in 2016; now says Trump is slightly ahead in Michigan & Pennsylvania. Michael Moore claims that Trump voters are undercounted, now as well as in 2016. We’ll just have to see.

    Meantime, my e-mail inbox is being clogged with last minute appeals for money from multiple campaigns, especially Senate campaigns. They are sort of funny; one will say HELP, somebody is behind in whatever state. Hour later, I get an appeal that we’re ahead in the same state and help us pour it on. 

    I made my final cash contributions at end of September to Hick and to Mark Kelly. Since then, my delete finger has been busy.

    • harrydoby says:

      I've been getting about a dozen pleadings a day for the past few weeks.  But strangely, they are all addressed to "Constance".  I suspect their database might be slightly out of alignment.

      • Genghis says:


        I've been getting Trump fundraising emails addressed to "Janet" for months and months. My name ain't Genghis, but it ain't Janet either. I wanted to unsubscribe, but I wanted more to see what the campaign was saying to fire up the foaming-at-the-mouth racist hordes. 

        I'm getting 15-20 emails a day from the Trump campaign alone, and that's on top of the many emails from Dems whose campaigns know my actual name.

        • harrydoby says:

          I got two or three physical mails from the Trump campaign when they were sending out the super-duper, ultra-impressive "We got more money than God" packages when they blew through their first $600 million.

          I put a handful of pennies into their postage-paid return envelope.  Funny, they didn't send me any further correspondence!

          • MichaelBowman says:

            My elderly aunt in California is getting between 7-10 robo calls a day from Donald Trump himself!! The last time I was there I blocked the number for her but they’ve found a go-around. She’s 87, a life-long registered Republican who hasn’t voted Republican in the last three cycles. 

            For $35 you can get a MAGA sticker; for $3,000 she can get an autographed picture.  I’m guessing they’ll go for much less next week in the ‘going out of business’ sale. 

            Again, in C.A.L.I.F.O.R.N.I.A. 

          • The realist says:

            I was getting regular mailings from the Trump campaign (I'm an active Dem) but my husband was getting nothin' (he's a lifelong Republican). I'm pretty sure I stopped the Trump letters by sending back the reply envelope with some cat litter in it (clean, not used!).

    • kwtree says:

      I’m getting a half dozen Hick mail pieces every day, although my ballot was received weeks ago. Some are addressed to previous residents of my apartment. No Trumpie stuff, but plenty from the Kochs warning me of dire consequences should any taxes be raised by ballot initiatives. To the recycle bin with all of them!

      • harrydoby says:

        Yes, same here.  I really thought they could quickly check our ballot status and save the money.

        • JohnInDenver says:

          As I understand it, if someone wants to pay for multiple lists, they can get the updates and adjust their mailings.  State parties or people doing canvassing do so, as it saves time overall, and time is money.

          If, on the other hand, those who are grifting want to keep the mailing numbers up, as there is a cost that includes a price per item sent incentive. 


          • kwtree says:

            The Democratic GOTV and voter ap, NGPVAN, aka Votebuilder, updates directly from Secretary of State voter records, as well as DMV, vital records, etc. We have one of the best, if not the best voter system in the country, and the VAN database updates with “ballot received” in about 36 hours. 

            So if Hick’s campaign is still sending me expensive mailers and crap, I gotta go with the campaign consultant grift as the cause.

  2. davebarnes says:

    Today is National Doorbell Day 

  3. Duke Cox says:

    James Bond has left the building. …for the last time. RIP Sean Connery.

  4. Voyageur says:

    I know the feeling, Duke.  At my age, 75, practically all my mentors and previous generation family are dead.  And so many of my beloved cats and dogs.  I miss them all.

  5. Duke Cox says:

    Thanks for the kind words, ya'll. 

    One of the downsides to being a quarantined news junkie is, lately, the news is particularly distressing. I am ordinarily able to compartmentalize the bullshit and set it aside fairly easily.

    But, sometimes, …you know. Some of them hurt just a litttle more than others.


  6. kwtree says:

    Randy Rainbow: How will you choose your POTUS?


  7. kwtree says:

    It’s getting ugly out there. Trumpers try to intimidate Biden caravan, hit a supporter’s car, succeed in getting an event canceled.

    Dr. Cervini’s thread: https://twitter.com/ericcervini/status/1322336712899649537

    Daily Beast, same page: Cops pepper spray voters peacefully marching to a polling site. 

    Trump tweets, “I love Texas!”

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      It's a sign of desperation that the racists have to try to stop buses.  It's one of those bad ideas that keeps getting circulated by people too dumb to see how defeating the imagery is.  Biden campaign was right to cancel events that could have resulted in violence by one side.  We shall overcome is as relevant as ever.

  8. kwtree says:

    Didn’t we have a Karen contest the other day? RWNJ women?

    I submit this entry- Renea Turner, who placed her hand on a Bible and declared herself to be the Governor of Ohio. She also had plans to kidnap Governor Mike Dewine and put him on trial. Sheesh.

  9. kwtree says:

    Sorry, cook and Karen. Have to come up with another acronym for wacky women Trumpkins.  Any ideas?

  10. kwtree says:

    A crazy Trumper threatened our Lakewood silent protest today. As usual, we were standing at Wadsworth and Alameda, this time holding Biden/ Harris signs, American flags, and pleas to vote.

    He was yelling about Trump, waving his flag, and spouting off Q nonsense as though he was in church and speaking in tongues.

    He also made veiled threats: “Biden supporters are afraid of self defense”, and told me when I took video of him that I should be careful or I “might slip.” Lakewood police were called, were very professional, tried to get him to move to another corner- but he refused. Anyone know this guy? 

    Most of the passing drivers supported us. But the Trumper reacted as though people screaming “Fuck Trump!” were messages of support. 

  11. MichaelBowman says:

    I was driving East today from Limon to Burlington.  Driving by the Genoa exit there were a dozen vehicles on the westbound on-ramp ablaze with Trump flags and signs. About five minutes east we met a westbound caravan of cars, pickup trucks and semi-trucks with lights flashing and flags a-flying’ that was probably two miles long. Every overpass from Genoa to Siebert had people waving Trump flags to both directions. Lincoln County – hard to miss the irony. 

    • harrydoby says:

      There was a new Camaro with California plates along with a Chevy pickup yesterday in the Best Buy parking lot at Colorado Blvd and I-25 in full Trumpanzee regalia. 

      • Conserv. Head Banger says:

        Most recent poll I saw this morning shows Biden winning Colorado by 13 pts.

        There is a guy who stands on some of the bridges here on the west side waving an American flag. I was walking across the pedestrian bridge over C-470; between Alameda and I-70; some months ago and he was there. He told me I should be waving the flag too, to be a real patriot. I said that “real patriots” are those who work in homeless shelters and tutor under-privileged kids. He muttered something like fuck off. I laughed and walked on. He was gone when I returned from my walk.

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