“We’re Not Going To Control The Pandemic”

MONDAY UPDATE: The Washington Post gives it to you straight:

Via The Washington Post (10/25/20)


UPDATE: Remember this joke?

“My 8-year-old son came to me and said, ‘Dad, I know when the pandemic ends.’ And I said, ‘You do?’ He says, ‘Yes, the day after the election.’ Now, he picked that up somewhere or heard that somewhere, or maybe mom and dad were talking too much around him,” [Sen. Cory] Gardner told a laughing crowd.

It’s less funny today.


If you watched CNN’s State of the Union this morning, you’re still picking your jaw up off the floor:


It might be time to consult this book.

This is White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, yelling at telling America this morning that the Trump administration is giving up on containing the COVID-19 pandemic that has killed over 220,000 Americans, more than any other nation, consumed the year 2020 economically and socially, and forever changed the lives of everyone living through it (that’s you, and us, everybody on the planet).

MEADOWS: Your website is talking about, well now we think the spread is coming from small social groups and family groups. First it was large groups. Now it’s small groups…

TAPPER: It’s coming from all sorts of places, it’s coming from all sorts of places because the pandemic’s out of control.

MEADOWS: Now, well, that’s exactly, that’s exactly the point. So, here’s what we have to do. We’re not going to control the pandemic, [Pols emphasis] we are gonna control the fact that we uh, get vaccines, therapeutics, and other mitigations…

TAPPER: Why aren’t we going to get control of the pandemic?

MEADOWS: Because it is a contagious virus just like the flu…

It is a legitimate struggle to find the appropriate words to encapsulate what this means. You can anticipate an admission of defeat like this, you can understand how we got to such an unthinkable moment in history through hopelessly incompetent and even willfully counterproductive management of the global emergency by America’s Republican elected leaders–creating a partisan divide over public health that has directly resulted in the deaths of untold thousands of Americans. But when it hits you that the President of the United States has now publicly conceded after all the sacrifices Americans have made this year that the virus will win, that thousands more Americans will die who would have been saved had they lived in so many other nations that took this threat seriously…

Nine days from the election, a more painful lesson on the importance of making the right choice seems impossible.

It’s truly a life or death election now.


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  1. 2Jung2Die says:

    Well, Mike Coffman's got it now, along with a chunk of Pence's inner circle. Makes me sad to see a statement like Meadows' on pandemic control, because there might actually be glimmers of hope for vaccines and treatments in the not-too-distant future. Taking the "control" aspect more seriously right now might help more folks reach the time of medical solutions without serious health damage or death, plus reduce the impact on medical professionals and hospitals, some of which are experiencing real tests of their capacity.

  2. spaceman65 says:

    Can't control the pandemic or provide pandemic relief, or reunite children we kidnapped at the border, but we have plenty of time for superspreader rallies, ramming a religious nutjob through to the supreme court, and conducting unconscionable federal executions en masse.  Welcome to the fascist GOP.  Wait, that's redundant now


  3. Golden Girl says:

    The history books will repeat the sad commentary – it didn't have to happen.  Hopefully, they will tell how the American people went out and turned the tide by voting en masse.

    • Genghis says:

      Here's hoping literacy, a sine qua non for history books, still exists in the future U.S. of A.

      • kickshot says:

        There is a future for recorded history but it has to be rewritten first:

        1776 Commission

      • kwtree says:

        That’s my job, and that of all the other teachers in the world. I’m retired and substituting / tutoring now, so I get to see the spectrum of public education under COVID conditions.

        What I see is a widening divide between the literate and the non-literate students, exacerbated by hybrid classes of in-person and “remote” learners.

        Students who were literate, motivated and high-achieving before the pandemic love the new normal. Half their week they can sleep in, go to “school” in their jammies, do homework when and where they like. If parents are supportive and able to be at home, parents are pushing these kids o learn and achieve. Half their week they’re in tiny classes. All the distracting kids are at home or somewhere, so school is a much more pleasant experience for those who want to learn.

        But what about those kids who don’t show up online or in person, who are failing in droves?  ( most regular teachers admit to a 30-60% failure rate for online classes held to pre-pandemic standards). 

        They will be a lost generation, I’m afraid, half-literate, pressed into service as emergency babysitters for younger siblings, lacking technology and internet access. This seems to be 20-30% of the entire public school population, especially in poor and working class areas. They were already behind, lacking quality preschool experiences or English fluency. Now,in spite of home visits and social services and the best heroic, dedicated educators can do, they’re falling even further behind. 

        Not everyone agrees- some take a more optimistic view.  But what I see is a growing chasm between educated and uneducated students. 

  4. kickshot says:

    Late March Sunday services at The Called Church in Chesapeake, Virginia:

    “Lord, I don’t believe it’s luck or happenstance that even though both he and the vice president have been exposed to the virus, neither of them has it,” Jackson continued. “Lord, we know that is not mere luck. That’s your protection on the leaders of this nation so they can guide us through this difficult time without being hampered by this disease on a personal level.”

    So much for dump's being the 'chosen one'.

    pence needs to reveal to the nation how he avoids infection. If he's using antibodies as a preventative that noone outside the administration has access to that needs to be revealed.

  5. JohnInDenver says:

    Mike Pence has a COVID spread inside his team:   Chief of Staff, outside political advisor, body man, and at least two others.  Yet he will continue campaigning, claiming the White House Medical Unit was consulted and okayed the activity since he was an "essential worker."

    I've read the document from Trump's own Department of Homeland Security, outlining conditions to determine who is essential and a LONG list of example jobs considered critical.  Vice President going campaigning doesn't seem to be there.

    Those exposed to COVID on the Joint Chiefs of Staff isolated themselves.  Why Pence is more essential than the Generals and Admirals who are Chiefs of Staff, I don't know.

    No wonder the Sad!-ministration cannot control the pandemic — they are acting on their own sense of need and not recognizing public health guidance.

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