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September 22, 2020 8:14 am MST

Let Boebert Grow Up, Say Her Defenders. But Read the Report of Arresting Officer and See What You Think

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Colorado congressional candidate Lauren Boebert continues to downplay the seriousness of her history of arrests, saying they resulted in minor fines and charges.

That’s true, but it’s the circumstances around her arrests that continue to cause Boebert trouble in her campaign. See billboard below.

For example, there’s the fact that she could have avoided two of her arrests if she’d just shown up in court, or possibly even sent a letter to the courthouse.

But she just ignored the requests of the justice system until it was forced to take mug shots of her that never needed to be taken.

Then there’s her behavior that got her one court date that she later ignored. At the Country Jam music festival in 2015, as first reported by Colorado Newsline, she yelled at police, claimed arresting officers would be hearing from her “friends” and Fox News, and tried to encourage juveniles to flee police custody at the scene, causing them to become “unruly,” and more, according to the police report.

Boebert says it’s a lot of hubbub over nothing.

And Boebert’s defenders add that she should be allowed to grow up and change.

“People are allowed to change and to grow up — whatever,” Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario, who’s endorsed Boebert, told the Colorado Sun about the arrests.

You want to let people grow up and change. But at the time of her music festival arrest, Boebert was 28 years old. Why didn’t she know better? What happened to her five years ago?

But I’ll leave it to you to decide if Boebert’s behavior, as described by police below in 2015, should be dismissed as youthful exuberance for a 28-year-old woman–or as irrelevant because charges were dismissed.

Or does Boebert owe the public more of an explanation than she’s given?

MESA COUNTY POLICE REPORT: On 06-29-2015, at approximately 2105 hours, I, Deputy J. Stratton was working in full uniform at 1065 HWY 6&50, Mesa County, Colorado at the Country Jam festival. While patrolling near the under age drinking command post, I observed an adult female later identified as Lauren Boebert (DOB 12-15-1986) yelling at subjects that were under arrest at the command post. I observed Lauren yell something to the effect of ‘they didn’t read you your Miranda Rights so that is an illegal detention .’ Lauren was standing with three other people that were unidentified. Sgt. Montez advised that prior to my arrival, Lauren had run into the command post area in such a manner that Sgt. Montez had to physically push her backwards. Deputy Stuckenschneider advised Lauren to stop yelling and the underage drinkers would be released from custody after the process was completed. Lauren said she did not have to stop yelling and continued saying that we violated the subjects rights by arresting them and not reading them their Miranda Rights. The underage drinkers were not being questioned while in custody. Lauren was advised if her behavior continues her bands would be removed and she would be escorted off the premises. Lauren continued yelling and causing the underage drinkers to become unruly. Lauren’s behavior was becoming likely to cause a disorderly response from those in the area attending the concert. Deputy Stuckenschneider advised Lauren two additional times that she needed to leave the area and stop causing a problem. Lauren continued her behavior and was advised she was being escorted off the property. Lauren said, ‘No I’m not’ and attempted to run away from our presence. Myself and Deputy Stuckenschneider took physical control of Lauren and advised her she was under arrest for disorderly conduct. Lauren was placed in handcuffs and escorted into the command post. Lauren began yelling that we did not read her Miranda Rights and the arrest was illegal. Lauren was not asked any questions with the exception of identifying information. Lauren continued being uncooperative and refused to supply information such as her Social Security Number. Lauren said multiple times that she had friends at Fox News and that the illegal arrest would be national news. Lauren retrieved her phone while under arrest and attempted to record the contact. As Lauren was under arrest her phone was taken and was given to her mother per her request. Lauren was released with a summons. Lauren again told deputies she would see us in court and that Fox News would be contacting us.


13 thoughts on “Let Boebert Grow Up, Say Her Defenders. But Read the Report of Arresting Officer and See What You Think

    1. When you look at the Dump's behavior that's been excused, dismissed and embraced QBert looks like a newborn. She has a long ways to go to catch up to her hero and he wants to nurse her along as 'the future' in his image.

    2. I remember back in 1998-99 during the height of the Clinton blow job impeachment trial that when he was outed as an adulterer who had an affair when he was in his early 40's, Henry Hyde claimed it was a "youthful indiscretion."

      Age is relative.

  1. Just what we need – another out-of-control Member of Congress, with poor judgment, immature behavior, ranting and raving when they should keep their mouths shut.

  2. over the years, I've been represented by people of apparent sterling character and some who probably were continuing felonious behavior; some who reflected my policy preferences on most issues and some I disagreed with on most issues.

    The ones I got angry with were ones who didn't listen to the constituents, didn't respond to constituents, and who seemed to be voting on partisan autopilot.

    So does anyone have any indication of Boebert being willing to be anything but a cipher who regularly votes with the Freedom Caucus?

    1. I would check with her to see if she even knows who/what the Freedom Caucus is.

      Ask her if she thinks that Dump should have 'just settled out of court' w/Mueller to shut down the Russia probe.

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