MADCO as CoPols Editor


I can use spellcheck.

I respect the written word.

I am perfectly willing to acknowledge and promote well written or even not poorly written diaries that I do not agree with ideologically.

I am not triguardian.

I am not a paid politico.

I have no dog in the Denver mayoral election.

I have been continuously registered and attentive since I could be, though not always the same party.


I will not likely diary much in the next six months.

I have too many sock puppets.

I will likely continue to remind the world that H-Man and GOP warrior owe me $50.

My humor is not always funny. Or kind.

There’s that whole thing with Plutarch.

I don’t have enough sock puppets.

I am not a paid politico.

In CoPols-land I am neither a real D, a real Coloradan, nor a real person.

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  1. Car 31 says:


    You are well reasoned

    You post good comments


    You are well reasoned

    You post good comments

    You have my vote….

    And, don’t forget, we are all Triguardian.

  2. ardy39 says:


    Violates Rule 7 for FPE in diary by overtly endorsing himself.

    7. Do NOT overtly endorse a candidate or campaign for any reason.

    If you would have done this covertly you would have been within the rules. But overtly endorsing yourself?

    Yeah, you can argue that you subsequently overtly un-endorsed yourself. But to true Americans, the cover up is worse than the crime.

  3. jpsandscl says:

    who knew?

    I’d vote for you (but remember, I voted for Romanoff, so I am suspect. But I’m not Triguardian. Maybe the only one here who isn’t apparently!)

  4. ColoDem Di says:

    Are you buying votes?  I can be bought.

  5. droll says:

    Did you see someone called you reasonable in the official election thread?

    You don’t have to take that crap!

  6. nancycronk says:

    Damn. I need to stop having a life.

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