Lauren Boebert: Welfare Fed Me. Screw Welfare!

A Tweet this morning from Republican CD-3 nominee Lauren Boebert is freshly baking noodles:

CD-3 GOP nominee Lauren Boebert.

This is Boebert explaining to the world that she received some manner of public assistance when she was a child, “standing in line for government cheese” as she colloquially puts it, “to now running for Congress”–the “American dream!” And by voting for Boebert, you can help make sure nobody has to stand in line for “government cheese” like Lauren Boebert did.

There are…all kinds of problems with this, of course. If Lauren Boebert’s family needed “government cheese” when she was a child, and got it, that would seem to indicate something good happened involving the government–which if you haven’t heard is very much off Boebert’s message. And since “running for Congress” is competing for a taxpayer-funded job, couldn’t one argue that Boebert is still waiting in line for her “government cheese?”

This is why, before you begin to say a thing, you want to know what the point at the end is going to be.

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  1. NOV GOP meltdown says:

    Hey, at least that government cheese didn't give you the shits.

  2. RepealAndReplace says:

    Like Clarence Thomas on affirmative action, she was happy to use the ladder to get herself up but once she was up, she pulled the ladder up after her.

  3. Duke Cox says:

    The other line that troubles me is "lift themselves out of poverty, rather than wait on government".

    What is a six year old to do?

    This sounds like mom bashing to me. It is clear there is some sort of deep seated resentment playing out here. Perhaps what is really going on here is our new celeb is looking for a way to get back on the public cheese  (as it were) without feeling guilty about it.




    • kwtree says:

      Is there a database of businesses that took the Paycheck Protection Program rescue funds? Inquiring minds (OK, just me) want to know if either of the Boebert’s businesses received that “government cheese”.

      Update: There is a database of coronavirus small business loans, but I don’t see the Boebert businesses on it. (Shooters Grill and Smokehouse 776). However, didn’t the restaurant get bankruptcy relief?

        • kwtree says:

          Thanks, found it a different way. Also found this oppo research doc on Lauren Boebert.

          Most of it Pols readers already knew, but I didn’t know that Qbert wants to defund the Department of Education and petitioned against “forced vaccination “. 

          Yesterday, a man at the thrift store was screaming at the poor cashier that if they tried to force him to “Take a shot” (get vaccinated) he had a dozen AR 15 rifles and he would “shoot the people that want to shoot me.”

          • Conserv. Head Banger says:

            “Q-bert wants to defund the Department of Education.”

            Perhaps Gertie, or Duke, might ask her at a campaign rally why she opposes people with disabilities.

            The Rehabilitation Services Administration is part of the Department of Education. RSA provides the 80% federal match to each state’s vocational rehabilitation agency to provide training, additional education, and job placement for persons with medical disabilities.

            • gertie97 says:

              I've asked questions of lots of candidates over the years, CHB, and pissed off a number of them. Yet I never once feared that any of the candidate's followers might take a swing at me or worse. Now I do. I had retired from the news biz four years ago when Trump had a rally in GJ and my local media buddies were truly shaken by the hostility and threats coming from Trump believers — people these reporters actually knew.

              Sorry, but I won't go to a Boebert rally. What used to be possible entertainment on the political front has turned risky. Besides, lots of people know who I am and they'd throw me out.


              • Duke Cox says:

                I would be as welcome as a warm turd in the punchbowl at a Boebert rally. Kathy Hall, Diane Schwenke, Dave Cesark and that bunch are still around. Ray Scott… John Martin…any of that crew might sic their dawgs on me.

                Nah…I’ll pass. Besides…I’m a hermit now.

                • Conserv. Head Banger says:

                  Kathy Hall is still around? Last time I saw her, maybe 15 years ago, she didn't look too healthy.

                  Is that the off-road vehicle advocate, John Martin from Grand Junction, or the John Martin in Glenwood, who I think was a Garfield County Commissioner at one time?

                  Dave Cesark's name is familiar, but can't quickly place him. And, of course, Senator Scott. Don't know Schwenke.

      • RepealAndReplace says:

        She is following Dear Leader's initiative on accessing bankruptcy relief.

  4. Gilpin Guy says:

    Shorter msg:  I hate government but want a government job so I can destroy it.  Sounds like the mindless Mesothelioma cancer that destroyed my brother.

  5. Genghis says:

    She seems way too young for the "Welfare for me, but not for thee" shtick, but hey, demographics ain't what they used to be in the U.S.A. 2020 Shit-tacular.

    Someone needs to ask Q*Bert what she plans on doing with the $174,000 annual salary she'd get for being a member of the House. Surely a mighty Galtian anarchocapitalist god like her wouldn't even consider keeping it.

    • NOV GOP meltdown says:

      I'm sure she'll keep those pesky government hands off of her government money.

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      Are you kidding?  She'll probably sleep on her office couch and complaint about her inability to make ends meet like one of her predecessors in CD 3 (and who will remain nameless) famously did.

      • gertie97 says:

        Yes, R&R, the same guy who left Congress as a multi-millionaire.


        • RepealAndReplace says:

          Didn't he also put his wife on his campaign payroll? And paid some flunky to copy a law review article and then try to pass it off as his own work?

          Want to make sure we're talking about the same guy.

          • Duke Cox says:


            The one they named ” McPlagiarist Canyons” after. Amirite?

          • Voyageur says:

            The author of the articles, Rollie Fischer, was no flunky.  He was probably the leading expert on Colorado water and water law.  The problem was that McDoofus tried to pass off Rollie’s work as his own.

            • RepealAndReplace says:

              Wasn't the author of the article the Honorable Gregory Hobbs, former associate justice of the Colorado Supreme Court?

              • Genghis says:

                Hobbs, an actual expert on water law, authored the material McPlagiarist boosted. McPlagiarist tried to blame the thievery on Rollie Fischer, but the attempt failed rather spectacularly.

                • gertie97 says:

                  Rollie actually pulled the material together. He claimed McPlagerist removed references and footnotes in an attempt to pass it all off as his own.

                  Knowing both of these guys, I believe Rollie was short-changed by the notoriously cheap former congressman and thus blew the whistle.


                  • Genghis says:

                    Knowing both of these guys, I believe Rollie was short-changed by the notoriously cheap former congressman and thus blew the whistle.


                    For me, the biggest jaw-dropper about the story was McPlagiarist's apparently sincere belief and expectation that Fischer would joyfully dive on the grenade to save ol' Scott's gubernatorial campaign. Can't even imagine the lack of insight/general cluelessness needed to overestimate so massively the extent to which one inspires loyalty in others.

                    • RepealAndReplace says:

                      Did the Hassan family ever get back the money they paid McInnis for his scholarly work?

                      Inquiring minds want to know.

                    • Voyageur says:

                      If memory serves, mcdoofus got 10k for the job.  If the Hassans got it back, how would they know?  They have more than that in the cracks of their sofa!

      • Genghis says:

        She'll probably sleep on her office couch and complaint about her inability to make ends meet like one of her predecessors in CD 3 (and who will remain nameless) famously did.

        Well now, in that event we can chastise Q*Bert for taking a massive, noisy, steaming, extraordinarily malodorous dump on the Framers' vision. Minimum age requirements were elitist, based in part on the notion that one who had attained the age of 25 in 1787 would be sufficiently well off that he could afford to devote a couple of years to public service while receiving laughably little money. If you'd attained age 25 in 1787 and couldn't afford to essentially give away two years, then you were far too hoi polloi for the U.S. House of Representatives. Legislating while poor was unthinkable to the wealthy, landowning, elitist 18th Century American mind.

        As fun as it might be to tell Q*bert that Alexander Hamilton would slap her silly for complaining about Congressional salary, it would require that she get elected. That's no bueno for the folks of the 3rd District, Colorado, or the U.S. as a whole.

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