ATTN GOP: You Are Not Running Against Bernie & Romanoff

The NRSC wanted Andrew Romanoff, but they did not get him.

During the Democratic presidential primary, Republicans from President Donald Trump on down made no effort to conceal their desire to run against Sen. Bernie Sanders in the 2020 general elections–the theory, possibly with merit as Democrats will debate among themselves for evermore, being that Sanders’ hard-left platform would frighten American voters who were disgusted by Trump but not interested in radical change.

In the Democratic primary in Colorado, a similar dynamic played out–Republicans single-mindedly worked to boost underdog Andrew Romanoff in his race against moderate John Hickenlooper, even complaining bitterly about Romanoff’s inability to compete as it became clear the primary would not result in an upset. Key to that strategy was the effort to demoralize base Democrats by highlighting Romanoff’s support for progressive policy goals like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal–both of which Hickenlooper vociferously opposed in his abortive presidential campaign.

How have Republicans adjusted their strategy now that Joe Biden has reeled Democrats back to the Great American Center and John Hickenlooper walloped Green New Dealin’ Andrew Romanoff in the Senate primary?

Apparently they’re just pretending the primary didn’t happen:

GARDNER: People are learning more about what Joe Biden wants to do. He wants to destroy 250,000 oil and gas jobs in Colorado, just like John Hickenlooper. He wants to increase taxes on all Coloradans just like John Hickenlooper. He wants massive regulations and Green New Deals, just like John Hickenlooper, so… [Pols emphasis]

That’s Sen. Cory Gardner on KHOW AM radio a few weeks ago, flat-out fictionalizing Hickenlooper’s position on the Green New Deal–in effect substituting Hickenlooper’s name in the script written for Romanoff. Hickenlooper’s conspicuous lack of support for this litmus test issue for Democratic presidential candidates was a major point of contention in the Senate primary. But it’s more than that: Hickenlooper’s moderation on energy development is such a major part of his brand that Gardner’s contention damages Gardner’s own credibility on a very basic level.

Hickenlooper, as everyone who knows even a little about the man can tell you, does not support the Green New Deal. Plenty of our readers wish Hickenlooper did, but he doesn’t. That’s not Hickenlooper’s position today, and it wasn’t Hick’s position ten years ago. Hickenlooper is also not the climate denier he was painted to be by the left during the primary, and Colorado Democrats who handed Hickenlooper the nomination by a wide margin know that too. But it’s Republicans who seem unable to accept that Bernie Sanders and Andrew Romanoff are not going to be on the ballot in November, and Cory Gardner in particular doesn’t know what to say now that his desired opponent lost the primary.

It’s not Cory Gardner’s only bad sign, but it’s a bad sign.


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  1. MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

    Remember those times that Gardner railed against our renewable mandates and New Energy Economy legislation – only to stand in front of a wind turbine in his inaugural ad for the 2014 Senate race? 


  2. Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

    Gardner is a mendacious opportunist. Was there a question about that?

    Our bloglords, Hickenlovers and BidenBoyz that they are, should be tickled at this approach. It means the DSCC got what they wanted…a candidate so much like Cory, the Pubs can’t figure out how to oppose him. 

    The Republicans, sans platform and issues, other than the ODs’ impulses and their own general larceny, can only attack the far left because theirs is such a personal and emotion driven campaign they must draw a clear line between them and their opponents.

    That is tough to do when your opponent is Gov. Frackenlooper…the ” I am not a socialist” candidate.

    Green New Deal? What kind of drugs are you taking, Cory? John will never abandon his OilyBoyz. I don’t believe Joe will, either.

    Old timey Pubs are rejoicing…with Hickenlooper, they get a very Republican looking Democrat…with none of the T***pstink.

  3. RepealAndReplace says:

    Are many people confusing Hick for a Socialist? 

    Maybe Cory didn't see all the good lefties at the presidential debates booing and hissing at Hick when he proclaimed he wasn't a socialist.

    Besides, what kind of self-respecting socialist would take all that money that the RNSC ads say that Hick took from all the polluters poisoning our environment.

    They really need to coordinate their lies.


  4. Blackie says:

    May be wrong spot to place this note:  Micheal Cohen, Trump's former lawyer said on  TRMS that Trump has a plan to get out of all his legal problems: Resign and then have Pence give him a pardon. 

    I believe that would only take care of the Federal charges. But I think he would be fair game for the New York prosecutors. It just sounds like another Trump dream to me. 

  5. Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

    I think you are correct. 

    Whatever T***p can conceive, he will do. There is no moral or ethical floor beneath his feet. How he will avoid the SDNY, I don’t know. I think he will simply refuse to leave and will need to be forcibly removed.

    The Capitol Police will likely get involved because the OD will call for his militias to defend him.. It will be ugly.

  6. notaskinnycooknotaskinnycook says:

    Wow, what a day! I miss all the fun. I didn't start catching up until after 8 pm since I was tied up with my brother's funeral and the reception afterward. I couldn't help wondering what he, the Republican black sheep of the family, would have thought about all the bombs falling around the Whitest House today.

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