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November 18, 2010 11:05 AM MST

"Tea Party" Fav Leonard Concedes Defeat in SD-16

  • by: Colorado Pols

The final undecided Colorado Senate race is now over, with American Constitution Party co-founder and “Tea Party” darling Tim Leonard having conceded last night to Democrat Jeanne Nicholson in SD-16. Leonard posted to his website last night:

“Today, we received the unofficial final ballot count in five of our six counties,” said Tim Leonard, “and Mrs. Nicholson is ahead by more votes than are remaining to count.”

The six counties that make up SD16 are Grand, Summit, Clear Creek, Gilpin, and portions of Jefferson and Boulder. Jefferson County will not release their final count for their remaining 406 provisional and mail-in ballots until Fri 19 Nov, but Tim Leonard is down by 740 votes out of 60,862 counted.

“Mrs. Nicholson and I had a wide variety of ideas on the role of government in our individual lives and businesses. We gave the voters a good choice and I am confident that she will be cognizant of the fact that she will be representing all the people in SD16, including the 49.5% of the folks that did not cast their vote for her,” Leonard said…

“I have called and spoken with Mrs. Nicholson only have the best wishes for her as she begins the work of representing us, and I look forward to working with her as a constituent in matters that are important to me like pine beetle kill and reducing the size of our state budget,” stated Leonard.


25 thoughts on ““Tea Party” Fav Leonard Concedes Defeat in SD-16

    1. He would have been an entirely predictable senator who would have voted the crazy line every time.  So much for his continuing to spread lies just last weekend that he was still in this.  Please, let him run again.  I’ll just have to do another robo-call trashing him to Republicans.  This time as a one-time loser too.

    2. Leonard might have been a better candidate than I give him credit for, but the State of Colorado won with Commissioner Nicholson taking this seat.  Her experience in running a lean government, challenging broken governmental systems, and taking the initiative – e.g. on our (profitable) green energy biomass unit – will be valuable tools for a State Senate that will face considerable challenges in the coming years.

  1. typical.

    Leonard has the gall to remind the victor that she represents the whole district including those who didn’t vote for her.  And if the ref hadn’t blown a call he would have won the game.  So what does Leonard propose for reducing the size of the state budget?  And what if 50.1% of voters don’t agree with him?  What then?  

    From experience, we can suppose that if the shoe was on the other foot, Leonard would operate for the people who voted him in and ignore the suggestions or concerns of the rest.

          1. But much, if not most, of the land that the dead trees are on are approaching vertical. Not safe, easy, or cheap to log.

            My guess is that even if the gummint said, “Y’all come, heah? Bring your chain saws,” that after the flatter areas are logged, that would be the end of it.  

            1. I think the easy areas would be logged, with new roads cut in, then the hard to reach areas would still be logged and winched out.  If we really want to go back to the good old days of less regulation:  Clear Cuts!

              1. I didn’t mean it can’t be done.

                I heard on the radio the other day that the lumber mills in Vermont, of all places, are being closed down.  Seems that the Chinese can do the work cheaper, even with shipping.

                1. The housing market isn’t going to need new 2×4’s or plywood in anywhere near the quantities that would be needed to help with vegtation fuel reduction.  Those spindly lodge pole pines aren’t worthy of being building materials anyway.

                  What all the excessive fuel build up in the forest represents is renewable fuel potential.  Exxon or Conoco ought to be investing in bio-fuels that come from woody pulp or wood pellets for heating.  The prices aren’t there yet but it is a huge opportunity to convert to sustainable fuel sources for at least heating.

                  What we need are tax credits to get people to convert from propane to pellets so we can build up demand to match our supplies.  If you don’t have a market then your resources will go to waste.

                  1. that’s an idea.  The issue for me is how do the fuels get removed without destroying the forest.  I think the economics don’t work.  Instead of giving them tax credits, I’d prefer to see a revenue neutral plan, where propane has no subsidy.  We need to gradually clear the decks of all of the subsidies.  That’s not to be against subsidies, I think we have so many that we can’t even tell what they do anymore.

  2. So typical.  And they wonder why women hate the Republican Party.  First he calls her Mrs., not Ms.  But even that would have been a galling oversight.  Women are not important to Republicans you see.  Only chattel.  She’s not important enough to be called what she is and given the benefit of her title.  That’s Senator-Elect Nicholson to you Timmy.  Your own actions belie your beliefs about women.  Stick with that man.  

      1. They’ve been doing this for years.  Remember, it was never Senator Clinton, it was always Mrs. Clinton.  Even the press did this one.  It is intentional by Republicans and intended to belittle women serving in office.  Republicans today believe that women should be barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen, not in the House or the Senate or anywhere else in public life.  Sorry you don’t believe that, but it is true.

  3. There were only 406 Jeffco ballots for his race which covers about the area of one state house district in Jeffco.  Yet, there are over 600 in the House district still in question.  We will see how that one turns out.

  4. He’s an extremist who apparently covered that up fairly well.  He didn’t seem to show up much in Summit County.  Did things like notify a candidate forum sponsor at 7pm that he wasn’t going to show up for the 7pm event – even though he was already in the county.  I’d love to know why people voted for him.

    1. They were mad and didn’t like Democrats.  There was plenty of mail calling him an extremist most with the picture of him with springs coming out of his head, which I thought was quite appropriate.  This is an even district.  Jeanne won four of the six counties.  He won Jeffco big (a big Republican area with lots of Obama Republicans who are  now furious about Obama) and he won Grand which is also Republican terridory and I’m guessing he stayed out of also.  Jeanne won Summit pretty good, won Clear Creek and Gilpin for several hundred votes and kicked ass in Boulder County.  That’s the way this district has worked for the last 30 years since it was first created in 1980.  It’s a swing district.  When Republicans run moderates like Tony Grampsas and Sally Hopper they win.  When they don’t, they lose.  This one was close because this was a Republican year.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been.

  5. …that’s an awful choice of words, for someone who just LOST

    There are MANY politicians who have LOST, that go on to win…. that list includes Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, George W Bush (Congress), George Bush Senior, Abraham Lincoln, etc etc etc

    Honestly, I’m hard-pressed to think of many major politicians that didn’t lose a race, sometime in their career

    That said – voters JUDGE your character VERY CLOSELY when you lose, because ultimately, every American wants their Representative to be a person of class, and nothing exposes one’s soul more than losing – I would know – I have lost twice


    Tim Leonard – you just hurt your future chances, with that sentence alone

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