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August 05, 2020 4:12 pm

Ken Buck Phones It In As Career Twilights

  • by: Colorado Pols
Sucks to be Ken Buck.

As the Denver Post’s Justin Wingerter reported last weekend and we wanted to be sure got a mention in this space, Rep. Ken Buck, who also serves as the chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, is having a sad:

In an upcoming HBO documentary, U.S. Rep. Ken Buck paints a bleak picture not only of Congress but also of his own political party and the conservative movement in this era of President Donald Trump, before suggesting he will retire soon…

The movie, which debuts 7 p.m. Tuesday, follows three Republican congressmen — Buck, Matt Gaetz of Florida and Thomas Massie of Kentucky — through 2019 as they reveal their frustrations with the influence of lobbyists, the power of congressional leadership and a lack of legislative progress. In the film, which The Denver Post screened, Buck often appears exasperated and cynical.

“As you see from our movie, Ken is sad,” said Morgan Pehme, one of the film’s directors, in an interview. “Ken is beaten down by the system. I feel sad for Ken sometimes because you go in there, you think you’re going to make a difference, you’re a member of Congress, you have the pin on, and then you realize you’re just another vote in the pocket of (congressional) leadership.”

It’s difficult to understand from this article what exactly it is that has left Rep. Buck sufficiently disenchanted as to publicly reopen speculation that his career in elected office is coming to an end. As readers know, this isn’t the first time that Buck’s impending exit has been a hot topic, though last time he in the end decided to suck it up and serve another safe-seat term in Congress. But at no point has Rep. Buck made any serious attempt to (we apologize) buck the Republican power structure he has faithfully served since succeeding Cory Gardner in Congress. If anything, Republican failure to accomplish controversial objectives like the dismantlement of the Affordable Care Act, which no doubt is vexing to Buck, is objectively speaking good news for Buck’s constituents. Perhaps it’s the coronavirus economic relief bills that Buck steadfastly voted against? His position hasn’t aged well there, either.

And we have to think that this message yesterday from the Colorado GOP didn’t improve Buck’s mood:

Senator Cory Gardner has once again delivered results for the people of Colorado. This morning, President Trump signed the Great American Outdoors Act into law, legislation written and introduced by Sen. Gardner.

This critical piece of legislation is the single largest investment in our national parks and public lands in history, and will ensure that Colorado’s public lands, parks, and monuments are available for future generations of Coloradans.

It seems pretty innocuous until you realize that this is Ken Buck praising Cory Gardner for legislation that Buck voted against. If a glowing sycophantic message of support for a bill Buck opposed on conservative ideological grounds doesn’t twist the knife morale-wise, it’s tough to know what would.

It’s a “bleak picture” indeed–but it does appear that Buck has found a use for his “side hustle” as chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, which for most people is a full time job all by itself. The Colorado Republican Party is now pushing Ken Buck’s new just-in-time-for-the-HBO-special book, $100 for a signed copy!

Colorado Republicans-

I wanted to let you know about a limited-time exclusive offer to order a signed copy of Chairman Ken Buck’s new book Capitol of Freedom: Restoring American Greatness. The book highlights how progressives continue to reject our Constitution in order to implement their socialist agenda, Chairman Buck writes that all of us must continue fighting to protect our liberty.

There is a limited quantity available and all funds will go to the Colorado GOP to support our candidates this November. Those who contribute $100 or more now will receive a signed copy. Please be aware that it is first come, first serve and that there is a limited supply available.

Ken Buck may be tired of Congress, in charge of a state party headed with seemingly no plan for another disaster at the polls in November, with a term in party leadership sullied by embarrassing failures like 2019’s failed recalls and allegations of illegal manipulation of the 2020 GOP primary ballot…but by God, he’s on HBO and selling books.

For beleaguered Colorado Republicans, this may be all the “winning” you get in 2020. Enjoy it vicariously.


3 thoughts on “Ken Buck Phones It In As Career Twilights

  1. Did Ken Buck pay for the books? Are they promo copies? Does Buck make money on the party buying the books? Buck is cashing in while he phones it in, I'll bet you money.

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