Republicans Call for Special Session to De-Fund Schools

Colorado Republicans try not to let too much time go by each week without offering up some sort of cockamamie idea on one policy or another. Today the state GOP Senate caucus managed to combine the coronavirus and vouchers — coronavouchers! — into the same ridiculous demand. Senate President Leroy Garcia was having none of it:

This is a rather silly thing to request in general, let alone via social media exclusively, so what’s the point? In a word: Vouchers.

Senate Republicans are making a half-assed attempt to get media coverage for requesting a special legislative session so that they can introduce a bunch of school voucher proposals. The GOP wants to argue that vouchers — or “school choice” as Republicans like to call it — would make sense during a pandemic because then parents could redirect the tax money they pay for public schools into some sort of imaginary home schooling or private school “solution.”

The coronavirus pandemic didn’t make school vouchers (sorry, “school choice”) into a better idea any more than a hurricane should encourage you to reinvest all of your money into plywood manufacturers. The GOP says it wants a special session “to provide clarity to Colorado parents regarding the future of their children’s education during #COVID19,” but unless Republicans figured out a way to kill the coronavirus by re-writing the tax code, there’s really nothing to discuss here.

The coronavirus will sicken private and home-school teachers just as well as it will infect public school teachers. What “clarity” can Senate Republicans possibly provide to change this basic fact? We could take the money generated for all public education needs and light it on fire for all that would do to fix our pandemic problem.

As Sen. Garcia noted, this is nothing but a ridiculous political stunt from Colorado Republicans — and not a particularly clever one, either.

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  1. RepealAndReplace says:

    Here's a the Grand Compromise:  de-fund the police and de-fund the schools. The only government spending will be for paving new highways.

    Getting that Big Gummint small enough to drown in the bathtub.

  2. NOV GOP meltdown says:

    Because the party who wants to send all of your kids back into school buildings just to satisfy a half-baked political agenda are suddenly concerned about the future of their education. Yeah.

  3. JohnInDenver says:

    provide clarity to Colorado parents regarding the future of their children's education during #COVID19.

    "Clarity" emerging from creating even more options to consider?  And doing it 3 weeks before the start of many terms?  In an environment when there is no ADDITIONAL money, so all that could happen is parents yanking money out of already hard-pressed schools? 

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