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October 29, 2010 06:02 PM UTC

Tom Tancredo Loses His Filter

  • by: Colorado Pols

You didn’t really think he could make it all the way to election day, did you? We hope this clears up why, while everybody else was joining the handwringing bandwagon as American Constitution Party gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo began his “surge,” and the absurd whitewash meme of the “new Tancredo” tried to get legs under it, our only question was how long he could keep this up.

As the Pueblo Chieftain’s Patrick Malone reports, not long enough.

During a campaign swing through Southern Colorado on Tuesday, Tancredo told supporters about his perception of the threat Obama poses.

“It’s to the Constitution, to the Bill of Rights,” the Canon City Daily Record quoted him as saying. “It’s not al-Qaida, it’s the guy sitting in the White House.” [Pols emphasis]

…At an Oct. 22 debate with his opponents, Democrat John Hickenlooper and Republican Dan Maes, Tancredo defended past inflammatory statements he has made.

The moderator pointed to past remarks by Tancredo that called for the bombing of Mecca, characterized Miami as a third-world country, whether he has the temperament to be governor, advocated literacy tests for Colorado voters and painted Obama as the greatest threat to the nation. He then asked whether Tancredo has the temperament to be governor.

“I absolutely do not regret (the statements),” Tancredo answered.

Our readers will recall that Tancredo said something very similar to this, at a rally for GOP Senate candidate Ken Buck just before the primary. After a couple of days of hemming and hawing, Buck agreed with Tancredo–and took hits in the press for days afterward. That was before Tancredo jumped into the gubernatorial race as a third-party candidate, of course, so Buck was the one who looked bad. Now, Tancredo’s self-inflicted wounds carry a price for himself; in addition to all the Republicans who have rallied to his standard out of desperation, amnesia, or whatever is going on.

And that isn’t the only jaw-dropping Tancredo gaffe in this final week of campaigning–The Denver newspaper reports today that Tancredo embellished President Barack Obama’s oft-misquoted remark about how some “bitter” people “cling to guns or religion.” The thing is, Obama never mentioned “white people.” That’s, rather unsurprisingly, just what Tancredo imagined hearing.

Or, as Tancredo said, “take the most inflammatory one I can think of and accept that it’s true.”

Now that, dear reader, is the Tancredo we know.

Bottom line: the gubernatorial race in Colorado has been over since several weeks before the Republican primary. All that has happened since then has been a sideshow with one possible outcome. Make that two outcomes: Governor John Hickenlooper, and a bunch of embarrassed Republicans who will spend the next few months wondering what the hell they were thinking — particularly if Dan Maes ends up with less than 10% of the vote.


17 thoughts on “Tom Tancredo Loses His Filter

  1. over at the pravda the debate Argument rages. (over 100 posts in 4 hours.)  who is the bigger Bigot? Klancredo misquoting and Insulting President Obama.

    Or president Obama telling Latino voters that voting republican goes against their best interests.

  2. will be based on.

    Lies and embellishments.

    Surprise! Surprise!

    Dan Maes should take lessons from this guy in how to make money by continuously running for government positions while being a chronic loser.  He had to ratchet up the rhetoric in a vain attempt to be noticed.  This chronic loser just gets more pathetic in his attempts to garner any kind of publicity.

    It would be poetic justice if this chronic loser stumbles to the finish with a few of his loser followers in CD 4 voting ACP instead of Republican.

    1. It’s still worth noting whether Maes gets the ten percent that staves off a total Republican disaster.  Otherwise, you’re right.  Hick had this election in a clock the very moment Tancredo announced and split the Republican base.

  3. I wonder what the game plan is here? He has something to lose now, which he didn’t the last time he said this stuff. He knows how close it is to Election Day. I’m sure there’s a strategy to the madness. I just don’t know what the intended outcome is. Lose it on purpose to slap Wadhams? Or trying to see if there’s enough far right in Colorado to win it with his most out-there views on full display?  

      1. But I have my doubts that’s what he’s after. Another shot at the Presidential nomination in 2012, maybe? Or he thinks Buck is going to lose and will make up with the Republicans in time to challenge Bennet next time?

        1. Aren’t the crazy right-wing conspiracy theory books selling well? I’m seeing Tanc’s upcoming best-seller now:

          America Is Lost:

          How Foreign Forces and Liberal Sympathizers Are Defeating the World’s Greatest Nation

          By Professor Thomas Tancredo

          Senior Faculty Member, Indepndence Institute, Department of Racist Conspiracy Studies

    1. He’s got his internal polls – they’re obviously closer to the ones here and elsewhere that show Hickenlooper with a 14-point or so lead. So Tancredo figures what the hell, I’ve got the stage for a few more days, might as well get as much air time as I can. Then I’ll start my speaking tour a la Sarah Palin.

      What Tancredo has going for him is that at least his voice is semi-OK to listen to, unlike that insufferable screech/whine that is Sarah Palin. Honestly, I don’t know how Todd can stand it.

      But unlike Sarah, Tom doesn’t clean up well.

  4. Here’s what Tancredo read out on KHNC Radio (the local voice of the the militia movement, back in those days) on December 19, 1994, halfway through the Bo Gritz show (incidentally, Bo was KKK-leader David Duke’s veep running mate in 1988):

    “This is Tom Tancredo with an independent thought from the Independence Institute. Immigration is the hot topic of the day; Proposition 187 passes in California and people in Denver start protesting. Now, it’s not immigrants, either legal or illegal, that I blame for “Balkanizing” large sections of the United States. Poor immigrants today are doing what poor immigrants have done; they are leaving home because a better life beckons. That life used to be attainable in America, but it came at a price of hard work and acculturation. The latter meant, among other things, learning English. Most felt it was a fair price. In the process, an American culture with certain characteristics flourished. People married, raised children, and for the most part prospered. It was the Great Society. But unfortunately for immigrants and native Americans, liberal politicians found a way of gaining and retaining power by infecting  the population with the virus of the welfare state. The America our grandparents entered is no more. Families are no longer just splitting up; they are not being formed. Statistics show an amazing and alarming increase in illegitimate births. Welfare plays a role in this phenomena in that it not only provides an alternative to gainful employment, but an alternative to traditional families and marriage. Cultures differ in many ways, but all societies that survive are built on marriage. Marriage is society’s cultural infrastructure. Without families, children are unconnected to the society. They are unacculturated. Children without families are children without a conscience. They roam in packs, they attack at will. If our institutions fail, then these barbarians inside our gates will be the ones who overwhelm us. That is just what is happening. We have neglected to socialize and acculturate these new arrivals, so they are socialized into a world of crime, despair, dependency, and self-abuse. Immigrants come here and are greeted with deceit, exploitation and welfare. It is the seedy, tawdry underside of freedom that engulfs them. It will sink us all. This is Tom Tancredo again with an independent thought from the Independence Institute.”

    Yeah, sure, that describes Hispanic immigrant kids alright:  …..”children without a conscience. They roam in packs, they attack at will …..  We have neglected to socialize and acculturate these new arrivals, so they are socialized into a world of crime, despair, dependency, and self-abuse.”

    Now explain to me again why Tom really isn’t a racist?

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