BREAKING: Stapleton Slammed With New Hit-and-Run Disclosures

UPDATE: Treasurer Cary Kennedy’s campaign jumps on the story in a release this afternoon (follows). Says spokesperson Serena Woods, “Coloradans need to know the facts, especially if Stapleton expects voters to trust him with 6 billion dollars of their money.”

Bad news for GOP Treasurer candidate Walker Stapleton today–in a press release from the liberal coalition Campaign for a Strong Colorado, the court records from Stapleton’s DUI arrest in San Francisco ten years ago. The details of this arrest, which was briefly mentioned in a debate between Stapleton and Treasurer Cary Kennedy, appear to be considerably worse than what has been disclosed so far, including injured pedestrians. From Strong Colorado’s release:

Court records surrounding GOP Treasurer candidate Walker Stapleton’s DUI hit and run are in conflict with the candidate’s explanation of the accident. Stapleton in September admitted that he had a DUI in San Francisco in 1999.

Stapleton downplayed the incident during the September debate. He told the Denver Post that a cab ran a traffic light and hit him.

If that’s the case, there are several questions that remain unanswered:

·      Why did the SFPD charge Stapleton with DUI, hit and run and hitting pedestrians?

·      Why were the charges amended a month afterward to include leaving the scene of an accident without giving aid to the injured women?

·      Why did he not mention that two people were injured as a result of the accident?

·      Is he blaming the victims when they don’t have any ability to tell their side of the story?

San Francisco Superior Court records indicate that Stapleton was charged with DUI, and hit and run. A third charge of failure to stop and give aid to the injured women was added a month later. Stapleton pleaded guilty to DUI and served community service.

Here are the court records of the case as forwarded by Strong Colorado. There does appear to be a major gap between what Stapleton disclosed about this incident and the facts. In our experience, that tends to create a problem for aspiring candidates much worse than the bare facts themselves.

Which is not to understate those worsening bare facts. Pretty much any way you look at this, it’s really bad for Stapleton–the words “race-ending” seem perfectly appropriate.

Kennedy Campaign Calls on Stapleton to Verify Facts of Hit-and-Run Incident

Denver, CO – Over the past several weeks, two different blogs have reported two very different accounts of a DUI traffic incident involving GOP candidate for State Treasurer, Walker Stapleton.

“The court documentation posted on does not match up with the statement Walker Stapleton gave to The Denver Post in their blog ‘The Spot’,” said campaign manager Serena Woods. “There are serious charges in these court documents that Walker Stapleton left the scene of an accident. He has an obligation to prove what really happened that night. Colorado voters deserve to hear from a third party who can verify the story.”

Walker Stapleton has already made false statements in other circumstances during this campaign. Just last week, The Denver Post and 9News each determined that a statement he made in his campaign ad is “false.”

“Coloradans need to know the facts,” said Woods. “Especially if Stapleton expects voters to trust him with 6 billion dollars of their money.”


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  1. WitnessProtectionForGeeks says:

    Running a couple of people down like dogs and then leaving them bleeding by the side of the road as you make you escape points to far greater personal flaws.

    The flaws are feelings of superiority and entitlement and a complete lack of human empathy.  Much like his cousin George W Bush, he shares a sense of entitlement and lacks even a modicum of empathy.

  2. Half Glass Full says:

    Otherwise it’s just inside baseball.

  3. reubenesp says:

    Cary Kennedy’s speech at Bill Clinton’s GOTV rally in GVR was smashing and filled with starpower. If she gets re-elected, she could be “movin’ on up.”

  4. Irish Patti says:

    the former President, have a problem with alcohol.

    Laura Bush ran somebody over too, so I’m sure Stapleton just expected it to go away.  

    • COGOPer says:

      You guys just cant help yourselves.  Is everyone who was so quick to write pithy comments talking about Stapleton hitting pedestrians going to be just as quick to admit they were wrong.

      Hoover from the Denver Post reports Stapleton DID NOT hit a pedestrian-confirmed this with the SFPD-Stapleton was telling the truth.  

      Maybe CoPols can update their BS Story and say they were a little quick to simply reprint some liberal group’s propaganda.  Let’s see if this site is biased or not.  

      • Aristotle says:

        can square one current officer’s assertion that no pedestrians were involved with the report from that time that he “did fail to yield the right of way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway in a marked crosswalk… causing bodily injury” to two persons.

        While there are definitely political motivations behind Keep Colorado Strong’s release of these records, calling it “propaganda” doesn’t make it so. A biased wingnut like you has no place calling anyone else “biased.”

      • JeffcoBlue says:

        GOPweenie’s new sockpuppet, do you see the screenshot of the court report up there?

        I know of ONE person who can “verify” that the printed record is not correct. Bring on George Walker Bush Stapleton, and let’s have him explain why this court document is wrong.

  5. Ray Springfield says:

    This race should be over.

    In any other year Ken Buck wouldn’t be credible either. Ethically challenged attornies are a dime a dozen. One that gets ordered into classes is rare.

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