Um, It’s a Little Too Late for That Now

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes today pointed to a post on Facebook from a supporter named Joseph Harrington about apparent continued efforts by Republicans to get Maes to leave the race for Governor.

Talk about beating your heads against the wall. Republicans have been trying to get Maes out of the race since at least July, and he has yet to agree to any of their deals. So why would they keep trying, especially with the election just a few weeks away now? Do they really think Maes is suddenly going to decide to drop out now? Of course he isn’t, and the more that these stories continues to come out, the more that the Republicans involved risk getting exposed for obviously illegal activity (assuming this is true).

Anyway, the Facebook postings are after the jump:

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  1. Voyageur says:

    Tell that hypocritical, draft dodging, TARP voting, pot endorsing thug to get out of the race and let the people’s choice win this thing for real conservatives.

      In my view, legalizing pot should be the conservative position, since big brother and the nanny state are not supposed to be square off with the idea of limited government.  Otherwise, Tancredo’s mindless opportunism is in stark contrast to Maes’ principled, if underfunded and poorly expressed, campaign.

    • ProgressiveCowgirl says:

      The ONLY argument for keeping pot illegal that I can understand is that it’s tough to tell if someone is driving while intoxicated due to marijuana, because hair and urine tests will throw positives even for usage weeks to months in the past. If someone would just develop a decent test similar to BAC sensitive only to marijuana use in the past several hours, there would be absolutely no reason to continue the war on a harmless plant with numerous medical benefits that is less addictive and less hazardous than either tobacco and alcohol.

      I say this never having smoked in my life and as someone who is repulsed even by the faint odor of marijuana while walking past an apartment building.

      That said, aside from the jab at pot (I’m sure Dan Maes drinks from time to time!) that statement provoked a “hear, hear!” from me, and doubled my respect for Maes.

      Then again, twice zero is zero.

      • Leonard Smalls says:

        Go figure.

      • Voyageur says:

        Marijuana use can lead to bicycle sharing!

          It’s that gateway thing, you know.

          Pot, legalize it, regulate it, tax it at about $50 an ounce, and earmark the money for higher education.  


      • Early Worm says:

        legal and illegal, that are hard to detect with standard testing.  At least the smell of marijuana is a dead give away of recent use.  Personally, I am more worried about my kids getting run over by the teen drivers that are texting and driving than stoned drivers.  

        • ProgressiveCowgirl says:

          But texting and driving, at least, is easy to prove when investigating an accident. Did the driver’s phone send a text message just prior to the accident? If yes, the accident was probably caused by texting and driving.

          But really, as pungent as marijuana is, it shouldn’t be that hard to make a breathalyzer.

          • Ralphie says:

            “I smelled a strong odor of marijuana” as probable cause.

          • Froward69 says:

            whereas Alcohol is. so if a blood test is done on someone involved in an accident. If they had smoked Marijuana in the last 30 days they will test positive. regardless if the “User” was still under the influence (4 hours after ingestion the High wears off. –> as well as the cheetos are gone) 😉  

            Thus a breathalyzer works for Alcohol but not Marijuana. the smell can be duplicated with certain blends of potpourri. (I know this as I was detained in Utah for this very thing) A Blood test is more definitive as to how drunk the Alcohol user is but the MMJ smoker tests positive regardless of smoking last night, last week or flicking the J out the window just now.

            • While THC isn’t soluble, it may be that a test could be devised to detect other chemicals in MJ, or to detect THC that’s still in the mouth and/or on the breath (as opposed to in the blood).

              It could also be possible to make a blood test that, in addition to THC, also detects the relative levels of some chemicals that either appear after THC consumption or are breakdown byproducts of it.

              Sure, it’s not as simple as a BAC, but that’s why we pay scientists good money, isn’t it?

  2. Leonard Smalls says:

    Because making fun of Dan Maes is fun.

  3. bjwilson83 says:

    You have absolutely no way to corroborate the story. I suspect it is completely false.

  4. abraham says:

    Lundberg sent out a message today that he was endorsing Tancredo.  This was the guy who nominated Maes at the Assembly, wasn’t it?

  5. Half Glass Full says:

    OK, Dan Maes is going to lose this thing, but he wins for the best line of the entire campaign.

    It should be repeated loudly, often, and with the many corroborating facts that make every word of it 100% true.

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