Denver Post: Michael Bennet for U.S. Senate

Read it and weep, righties.…

Buck, who has served as Weld County district attorney for six years, ran as a far-right Tea Party conservative in his primary race against more moderate Jane Norton, and has now been tracking back to the center.

It hasn’t been an easy waltz. He’d trip over his feet more often in his march to the center if they weren’t in his mouth. Buck’s critics now call his tap dance “Buckpedaling.”

First, he said he supports Colorado’s “personhood” measure. Then he backed off. Now he says he isn’t sure.

During the primary, he told voters he’d support a Fair Tax. Then, when faced with a misleading Bennet attack ad, he backed off. He told one crowd he favored repealing the 17th Amendment, which allows for the direct election of senators, then later backpedaled…

A social conservative, Buck is further to the right than most Coloradans, opposing abortion in all cases except to save the life of the mother. He also opposes gay marriage, a repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” and the DREAM Act – all measures we support.

They actually used “Buckpedaling.” Who says the Denver Post doesn’t read Pols?

A very thoughtful endorsement with points for everybody. But this is “Bennet’s moment.”

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  1. JeffcoBlue says:

    I realize that this post cannot be promoted, but I thought a mention of Bennet’s endorsement was deserved. This is an insubstantial quote and justifiable under fair use.

  2. Voyageur says:

    and the link is legitimate.

    I’m promoting it.  If pols feels it causes any kind of legal difficulty, they can of course remove it.

  3. Aaron says:

    The Post editorial staff supports same-sex marriage?

    Color me surprised.

  4. bjwilson83 says:

    “endorsement” we could hope for from the Post.

    And I just have to note, despite all the hand wringing from Pols about the Post, they still apparently consider them hugely important.

  5. caroman says:

    But, did it have to come only 2 1/2 hours since I predicted they’d endorse Buck?


  6. RealJessJohnson says:

    Half of the endorsement was ripping apart Michael Bennet.  They barely had anything good to say about him.  All they said was that it his time to stand as a centrist and to stop being an automatic vote for Obama’s agenda.

    …Don’t get it.

    • Voyageur says:

      Just move on, jess, remember the law of holes.

    • Ralphie says:

      But he’s better than the other dumb sonofabitch.

      That’s one possibility, but it’s actually not the way I read it.

      Most businesspeople, at least the good ones (ruthless ones?), don’t vote simple ideology.  They want somebody they can do business with.

      Consistency is important. I got the impression that Buck’s Buckpedaling really has the Post worried.  I think they question whether he’s consistent enough do business with; they don’t like Bennet’s ideology but think they can do business with him.

      The Sentinel wrote a similar backhanded endorsement of Bernie Buescher in 2008.

      • BillM says:

        Imagined conversation during gathering at The Meadows, or somewhere:

        Dean: I’m going to endorse Buck, that SOB Bennet is a tool of labor, a bag man for the unions.

        Phil: Big mistake. EFCA is a non-issue that’s fading by the day, Mike knows how to do business and I trust him because I know him well. You just can’t trust this Buck guy to do what he says. Look at how often he’s changed his stripes in the past three months. You really want Marilyn Musgrave in pants representing us in the Senate?

        Dean: Phil, when you’re right, you’re right. I’ll even it out by endorsing Gardner and that other guy, what’s his name…Frazier.

    • GalapagoLarry says:

      To the Post it’s anybody to the left of Interior Secy. James Watt.

      It’s the union head-butting. That’s the only thing Bennet had going for him with Singleton. Funny, too: in Monday night’s debate Bennet rejected the Employee Free Choice Act only for it’s language, as written. He’ll back the final version.

    • dwyer says:

      Caldera is pissed…so it couldn’t be all bad.

  7. GalapagoLarry says:

    Talk about praise with faint damnation. At least this one they didn’t front-page (anyway, not on the web, I don’t ever see the tree fiber edition).

    One thing that struck me was the disjointed, nearly incoherent reasoning. Paragraph to paragraph, there was no overarching narrative, no connectivity of thought. There’s evidence of a whole lot of conflicting sentiments. Singleton himself must have written it. You don’t have to be literate to own a newspaper.

    And what’s with that elipse just past the middle? Seems like he just gave up there and turned it over to someone else for a summary; they slashed out some shit and finished for him as best they could. Should have left the whole thing up to one of the editors who can think.

    • Froward69 says:

      writhe in disappointment… It’s like they did not even read past the headline.

      then a quick look at the haters zip codes places them all in far flung wealthy regions and neighborhoods.  




      CO Springs?


      sure they are “average American working poor”.

    • Voyageur says:

      2000 the Post endorsed Gore over Bush.\

      2004 the Post endorsed Bush over Kerry.

  8. MADCO says:

    Endorsements are good. Fun even. But endorsements don’t vote.

    I am amused by the foolishly sensitive Buck supporting posters that whine about how weak an endorsement it is.  As a weak and critical endorsement it says “Yeah, we don’t like this guy much, he’s not that good, but given the alternative, we gotta go with him ’cause Buck is a loon

  9. Ray Springfield says:

    Friday night I happened to arrive fortuitously at a  Bennet/Sec.Salazar fundraiser right at the same time as both of them were entering the building.

    The post had just endorsed Michael.

    They let me tag along with the entourage. Everyone was very upbeat about  it.

  10. nancycronk says:

    The Post has some integrity after all. They’ve endorsed the more reasonable candidate, even if he may not be the choice of aging, more conservative newspaper readers.

    Kudos to the Post.

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