Rahm Emanuel is Leaving the WH to run for Mayor

Emanuel will leave his White House job Friday, and aides say he plans a “listening tour” in Chicago while he considers a run for mayor. Sources say he has already decided he’ll be a candidate to succeed the city’s mayor for the past 21 years, Richard Daley.


The Tribune makes mistakes once in awhile, notably they got that front page about President Dewey put to press a little early.  But they usually get it right about the Mayor.

So who cares?

Well, I’ve more complaining and spinning about POTUS Chief of Staff and his “Chicago style” in the past 21 months than I heard the previous….. well ever.

First, no one from Chicago would call anything we’ve seen “Chicago style.” I wish.  Not once did I hear about Senator McConnell’s car being frozen into a block of ice.  Never did I hear about the Park Police towing anyone. Nor did I hear about any DC office buildings going without garbage pick up.  

There is a Chicago way for politics- the Obama admiistration hasn’t been doing it.

I wish Mayor Emanuel well.  He should be getting to town just in time to really start campaigning, the early evenings and chilly winds off the Lake, and the Blackhawks to attempt the impossible.  Do I think he’ll be a good mayor?  Sure, the city that could hire a college kid to guard Park District garbage trucks over night from rats (issued a .38) needs a tough guy mayor with big brass ones.  The outgoing guy had them – I think the new guy will too.

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  1. ColoDem Di says:

    In Rahm’s case, since he’s a north shore guy, he’ll have to learn how to say DaBearse, or maybe more in character, DaFuckinBearse.    

  2. Middle of the Road says:

    in the NY Times about his run for Mayor…Why He Will Win/Why He Will Lose

  3. bjwilson83 says:

    I love the irony that Club for Growth is advertising Ken Buck on this site in Pols’s new ad window. Kind of undercuts their message don’t you think? I guess capitalism is alive and well on Pols; profits come before ideology.

  4. MADCO says:

    Rahm leased his house when he moved to DC… and the tenants are refusing to vacate early.  This will not look good if the Mayoral candidate can’t even arrange to have his own tenants killed.

    They had a going away party at the White House and everyone was reminiscing about working with Rahm – I remember a day where I saw Rahm coming down the hall the other way, and I ducked into a bathroom to hide until he passed – that was a good day


    I remember a day when Rahm didn’t hit me at all and only yelled a little bit – that was a good day

    Rahm is going to have a tough time campaigning in Chicago… he’s a young guy and not very many of his friends are dead and the dead are an important demographic in some precincts.

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