New TV Spot Hits “Dr. Evil” Initiatives

Here’s the new spot from Coloradans for Responsible Reform, the campaign against Amendments 60, 61 and Proposition 101, known by many names–the “Bad 3,” the “Dr. Evil Initiatives,” or as in this spot, the “Ugly 3.” Whatever you call them, the message is consistent:


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  1. davebarnes says:

    If 101 passes, how quickly can the Legislature nullify it?

    • To replace it would be a tax measure, which would require a ballot.

      • Libertad says:

        The CSC tax hike fiat has enabled a clear path to hike and or create new taxes.

        The sad thing here are that Democrats created this problem; after 4 years of tax hikes, expansive regulatory controls and public-private partnership schemes run amok some fiscal conservatives were driven to despair.

        So now the business community is forced to spend $6-10 million dollars to defeat these proposals. That’s the outcome of Democrat control

        Sure there are some great things in these measures, but in total they are not good for Colorado at this time. So thanks Democrats for forcing the business community to defend your tax hikes and government run amok. Instead of spending $6 million on job creation, they’re paying off Democrat’s debt.

        What’s $6 million in payroll or capital investment anyway ….


        • dmindgo says:

          Where do you put your head the rest of the time?  That makes no sense.

          • Libertad says:

            Instead of hiring your neighbor, Colorado businesses are busy covering your tax hike tracks.

            Its quite sad really … hiking taxes in a recession … what we’re you thinking?

            • ardy39 says:

              why this isn’t a perfect time to raise the rates of personal income taxes.

              If you don’t have any income, it doesn’t affect you.

              If you’ve got a shit job with low income, it doesn’t affect you.

              If you’ve got a reasonable job that pays your bills, it will barely affect you.

              If you’ve got a high paying job with benefits and all that, you can afford to pay for the services that you benefit from.

        • The changes this past year were due to changes in the interpretation of the law (approved, I might add, through legal review), or via already recognized methods for charging fees.  Without them, the state would be in much deeper trouble than it’s already in.

          The language in Prop. 101 makes its intent clear; to repeal it would require another fiscal ballot measure.  Same with increasing actual taxes (as opposed to fees, and you’ve already proven yourself too dense to distinguish between the two).

          Business isn’t behind these propositions; like with Ref. C, business realizes that this state has to have certain basic government services, and it cannot perform those services on the good looks of the capital building alone.  

  2. Really?

    Looks like they borrowed a page from Right-Wing fear-mongering book – I was waiting for the slide that said, “If the Big Bad 3 pass, then Al-Quaida wins!!!” (yes, I’m joking, of course)

    Well… they should try again… as an award winning Film Director, I suggest they do a commercial in which –

    1. Mayor Hickenlooper puts on a nice suit, hops on a Vespa and drives to Centennial Airport, where he takes off in an airplane!

    2. Mayor Hick jumps out of the plane, sans parachute, and just naturally glides into a 24 Fitness, where he hovers into the shower room

    3. Mayor Hick proceeds to shower, washing his face off with his own tie (!!!) and then suddenly, quickly turns to the camera (very macho like – in the shower again – lots of steam) and says, “Don’t vote for the Big Bad 3!”

    Top it off with a Godzilla ROAR from one of the old TOHO movies, and bam!

    You got yourself a killer commercial to defeat the Big Bad 3

    ….hey… the above is definitely better than the current fear-mongering one


  3. Froward69 says:

    gets his deposition delayed yet again…

    this after MONTHS of ducking and hiding making a mockery of the Judicial system. ALL to hid his involvement in gaming the system in the first place.

    I ask, why did he leave California and how can we get him to leave Colorado?

    TABOR and now these three. Just to Undermine and eliminate State Government.

    Bruce and TABOR have got to go.

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