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September 14, 2010 6:04 pm MST

Hick 46, Tanc 25, Maes 21 in Latest Poll

  • by: Arvadonian

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Tancredo has not only out performed Maes in fundraising, he is outperforming him in the most recent poll.

Looks like the real battle in the Colorado governor’s race is still for silver medal between Tancredo and Maes.  Rasmussen is out with their latest poll and it shows Tancredo pulling ahead of Maes for bragging rights and little more, while Hickenlooper is comfortably ahead in the race for the Governors Mansion.…


16 thoughts on “Hick 46, Tanc 25, Maes 21 in Latest Poll

          1. It’s the law, and there’s a kind of perverse pleasure in watching the train wreck that is this state’s version of “tea party” extremist success.  You brought this on yourselves, and you’ve been at least half (probably more considering past control of the state legislature) of the reason why minor parties are “minor” parties in this state.

          2. The rules about major/minor parties are enshrined in statute.  The law is the law, whether we like it or not (and I don’t like it all that much).  We are, however, a nation of laws.

            If you don’t like the law, try to get it changed.

            Let’s see, there’s like one CO legislator who does not belong to a major party and she might not be around next year.

            Good luck tilting at that windmill, but it would be a much better use of your time than blogging in your big boy undies in mom’s basement.

  1. Is that Rasmussen is still trying to drive the narrative for the narrative for the Republican Party.  Three weeks ago, Republican leaders were trying to rally round Maes and get Tanc out.  Now, they’ve changed course and are starting to rally round Tanc (see Rosen’s switch).  So, as predictable as pie, Rasmussen’s poll changes in huge unexplainable swings and follows the Republican talking points.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, Rasmussen, Magellan and other GOP leaning polls have been doing this for about a year now.  Go to TPM Polltracker and look at the individual races.  When you take the prolific GOP pollsters out of their averages (it’s a neat little computer gadget) you will see that Rasmussen alone is giving the races a three to five point Republican advantage in every race.  You can see it happen by just clicking on the “filter” button at the bottom and taking out Rasmussen’s numbers.  This is just a scam by Republicans to try to make momentum out of thin air.  I believe polls can show what’s happening in races.  I just believe that Rasmussen Magellan and other GOP polls this year have intentionally been done to show huge GOP leads in these races to “game” the system.  Don’t let them.  Look at TPM Poll Tracker.  Take out just Rasmussen.  See what happens.  You’ll be surprised.  I can hear the Republicans right now the day after the election saying that the election was stolen, just because they have believed in the Rasmussen scam for the last year.

    1. is that the more Maes campaigns and voters get to know him, the less they like him.  If he had a real media budget he could maybe drive his numbers within MOE of zero.

  2. Anyone think that it’s an issue that Hick sits even  (46%/46%) against a couple of nut jobs?  Obviously he’ll do just fine but it doesn’t bode well down ticket if there are that many folks unhappy enough to seriously consider Maes or Tancredo.  

  3. It’s Rasmussen, after all.

    Still, the narrative here is that the three-way race is killing both Maes and Tancredo, and Tancredo is ahead.  Given the inevitable Rasmussen bias, I’d put Hick somewhere VERY close to the 50% threshold.

  4. Tom Tancredo will keep giving speeches and rousing rabble.

    Dan Maes will be forgotten in fact he is forgotten now

    Michael Bennet will run for Mayor

    Ed Perlmutter will be rewarded for his early support of endorsement of Obama and good relations with the GOP and get a very high level job.

    John Salazar will get no help from his brother who will be scrambling to keep his job.  John’s best hope will be a job with Governor Hickenlooper.

    Betsey Markey will get a job in the administration but not as good as the one Permlmutter would have gotten.  

    Stan Garnett will serve another year as Boulder DA and step down to go back into private law practice after hand picking his successor.

    Cary Kennedy will get a top level appointment from Governor Hickenlooper as will Bernie Buescher.

    Of the names on the list the only one I think will win is Perlmutter.  

    1. Scott Tipton will refuse to get the message and will run again.

      Ken Buck will keep on coordinating with Americans for Prosperity.

      Cory Gardner will go back to the legislature and continue offering pointless third-reading amendments.

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