Beauprez Fuels “Both Ways Bob” Himself

We’ll be catching up on a few stories that happened over the weekend (hey, Colorado Pols takes weekends off, too), so for those of you who’ve already discussed this…sorry.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez continues to add fuel to his own fire surrounding his “Both Ways Bob” nickname. Former gubernatorial candidate Marc Holtzman helped give the nickname its legs, but Beauprez seems to be doing everything he can to make sure it sticks. As the Rocky Mountain News reports:

Congressman Bob Beauprez withdrew his support Friday for a controversial ballot measure that is opposed by much of the business community, prompting a leading supporter to accuse him of betrayal. Beauprez, the presumed Republican candidate for governor, announced Friday that he will not support Amendment 38, a so-called “petition rights” constitutional amendment that would make it easier for citizens to challenge local government decisions through initiative campaigns. Beauprez endorsed Amendment 38 in April.

His change of heart outraged Douglas Bruce, the anti-tax crusader who endorsed Beauprez earlier this year. Bruce said Beauprez was earning the “Both Ways Bob” label given him by former primary opponent Marc Holtzman. “He certainly is living up to his reputation,” said Bruce, a prominent backer of Amendment 38. “I’m shocked somebody with that reputation put on his shoulders would casually throw away a written promise.”

Bruce said he agreed to endorse Beauprez only after the congressman publicly signed a statement of support for the ballot measure. In a letter to Bruce released Friday, Beauprez said he had changed his mind after studying the amendment closely. “I would not be supportive of any measure that doesn’t protect private property rights,” Beauprez wrote.

In the letter, Beauprez says he has been approached by many people concerned about Amendment 38’s potential impact on business. Many business organizations have said they fear the proposal could shut down development by making it easy to challenge local zoning decisions, and Beauprez wrote that he feared the measure could encourage actions that might harm property rights.

“It’s never fun to admit when you’re wrong,” said John Marshall, a spokesman for Beauprez. “He’s not trying to have it both ways; he changed his mind.”

You almost have to feel sorry for Marshall – it’s no fun trying to be the spokesperson for a guy who keeps falling into the same trap over and over again.

“Without question, Congressman Beauprez earned his ‘Both Ways Bob’ nickname today,” said Greg Kolomitz, campaign manager for Bill Ritter, the Democratic candidate for governor. “It was politically expedient for him to support Amendment 38 when he faced a Republican primary. Now, he doesn’t have a primary fight, so he’s changing his position based on the political tide.”

Both Ritter and Beauprez have sought the support of the business community, which tends to favor Republicans. Ritter has criticized Beauprez constantly before business audiences for his support of Amendment 38, and there are signs that criticism was having an impact.

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  1. T-Rexed says:

    I wonder how many bills in Congress, or even in the Colorado State House, that BothWaysBob signed onto without reading for himself, but rather succumbed to the push of the lobbyist?  He’s already viewed as the puppet of the Republican elites (he can thank Trailhead for that), but now his incompitence to even understand an intiative being pushed by Doug “TABOR” Bruce, makes his lack of leadership blatant.

    What does this tell the voters of Colorado of the type of Governor he would make? A man without an opinion of his own except for what his lobbying friends and consultants tell him.  What a joke his candidacy has become.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “He’s not trying to have it both ways; he changed his mind.”

    Team Beauprez ’06 is now echoing Team Kerry ’04.

    Republicans need to learn the hard lesson that flip-flopping is not a partisan quality no matter how much they would like to kid themselves. Guess what folks? You don’t have to a Democrat to be a flip-flopping, draft-dodging, Russian mob bribe-taking, embezzeling piece of crap.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The challenge for Democrats will be to not get overconfident as the Bob  brigade continues to shoot itself in the foot.  Even the worst teams end up scoring runs and winning games when the better teams let their guard down.  It’s early and even the chuckleheads who run the Beauprez campaign can’t keep up this bad a streak much longer.

  4. Scott says:

    Talking about Lieutenant Governor, why doesn’t Beauprez pick Sean Duffy?  He was just cited by 5280 as “Top Politician” along with Ted Trimpa. The guy can get things done, can work with both parties and is known for being very conservative on economics, etc.

  5. T-Rexed says:

    Isn’t Sean Duffy working the Fairness & Equality campaign?
    I just wonder how well that would go down with “Ozzie & Harriet?”

  6. Linda C. in CoS says:

    I have said this before and will say it yet again: the Both Ways Bob thing stuck because its true.

  7. Rebel Rep now Unaffiliated says:

    I heard from a close source that he’s also considering revisiting the HEAT initiative.  Best to get these course corrections done early, I suppose.

  8. T-Rexed says:

    How many “course corrections” are going to take place?  Should we revist his entire carreer of endorsement and votes?

  9. Memory check says:

    if john marhsall didn’t choose to lie and manage liars, people might feel sorry for him and all his losses. someone should tell him that when he works for “farmers,” he’s bound to get plowed.

  10. brio says:

    I suspect this is the first sign of BB “moving to the middle” now that Holtzy is out of the way.  Which (1) proves some of his positions have been driven by political expedience [hard to believe of a politician] and (2) he may get away with, unless Ritter a/o 527s are willing and able to hit hard and often to keep the BWB moniker front and center.

  11. Keith says:

    “moving to the middle”?

    brio- Ritter is already to his right. I don’t know how much more middle BWB has.

  12. One Queer Dude says:

    Why doesn’t Both Ways just keep Calamity Jane on as Lt. Guv.  She’s got experience w/ the position, she brings gender and geographical balance to the ticket, and her hubbie now is rubbing salt into Holtzman’s wounds by demanding that the Little Fella be responsible for Norton’s clients’ litigation costs.  They’d make a dream ticket.

  13. Keith says:

    Did Both Ways (and no means) Bob file his report today?

  14. Keith says:

    Please tell me they filed today. Not many will read the paper tomorrow, but everybody will be reading thursday.

  15. So… he didn’t read the legislation carefully before PROMISING to support it in order to win Douglas Bruce’s endorsement.

    Not good. Not good at all.

  16. Aristotle says:

    The Amendment 38 flip-flop also makes you wonder about his business acumen. After all it’s businesses who are up in arms over it. No, he must not have read it at al.

  17. witzelsucht says:

    This kind of thing just makes me appreciate Ritter even more.  Ritter took a huge risk saying up front that he was opposed to abortion right from the start and came very close to having a contentious primary with Hickenlooper, Alice Madden and probably others.  But he is a man of principles and convictions who sticks by what he believes.  Even though I personally would prefer a candidate who is more pro choice, I have to respect him for his position and sticking with it.  Consequently, I sincerely believe he will stick with his campaign promises and support alternative energy, education, health care etc.  Certainly can’t make that claim for BWB.

    For once I will be voting FOR a candidate and not just against his opponent.  Bill Ritter will make an awesome governor for Colorado.  And no, I am not affiliated with his compaign.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Just the mention of Beasley as a running mate for BB makes me ill.  If anyone connects the dots with these folks, it’s enough to make one ill.

  19. Anonymous says:

    You know what makes me ill? All of the people on here libelling Congressman Beauprez and Mr. Beasley.

  20. Becky says:

    “Ritter took a huge risk saying up front that he was opposed to abortion right from the start…”

    I agree.  To take on the Dem establishment with this sacred cow shows principle. Whether you support choice or not, you have to admire anyone who will stick with their beliefs, especially in politics.

  21. These folks are nuts says:

    So what if Bob Beauprez changes his mind? He’s not breaking any laws. It’s not a crime to have a different perspective as the situation changes and different priorities arise. Times change. Some will call his charting new directions as flip-flopping. I call it leadership.

  22. Aristotle says:

    @ Leader … hee hee, that’s cute. As noted in a Denver Post editorial, “Beauprez had worked himself into a corner, and his move Friday still may not be enough for some since he’s opposing [Amendment 38] on a technicality of sorts.”

    So, are you in the Beauprez campaign?

  23. FarmBoy says:

    @Leader — it’s one thing to change your perspective as events out of your control change that perspective; if that was the case I might give BB a pass on his “enlightenment”.  In this situation, you have a written document that spells out exactly what the the drafters intend to achieve.  Bob is a banker and a businessman; in his day job he would never sign a “contract” without having the full review of a team of consultants and attorneys telling him the pluses and minuses of his execution of the “agreement”. I trust his “consultants” (Trailhead, perhaps?) told him it was OK to endorse 38. I don’t think there has been any “change” in the business community over their view of this amendment — the only change has been a reality check for BB that he is out of step, once again, with the majority of the business community.  As hard a pill as it might be for Trailhead & Co. to understand this — the majority of the people in this state voted for C, and have thought, from the beginning, that 38 was bad.  THEY need the reality check — while Republicans like me will be voting for a Dem for governor for the first time.

  24. MrHandy2001 says:

    Good one Aristotle.  If Bb will “change his mind” so easily this early on, my guess is that he will do so further down the road.  Bb make phony pledges and promises to get support over Holtzman, now he is recanting his stand on the issues.  Next he will come out as being pro-choice, for further gun registration, and the like.

    All to show his true colors and to slam the conservatives who supported him at the State Assembly.  This stuff isn’t called “changing one’s mind”, its call lying to one in order to garner their support.  BB may not have a primary, but the results will tell the tale.  Bb will find out on August 8th just how much conservatives will become “over and unders” in the governors race. 

    Obviously, BB and the Republican elites didn’t learn from Coors.  Maybe they will this time around.  Maybe not.  So at what point does Beauprez knife Tancredo over the illegal immigration issue?

    I can’t decide whether Tancredo or Chuck Gosnell and the Christian Coalition will be next in line for the “changing of the mind” treatment.

  25. T-Rexed says:

    Flip-Flop or Leadership?  Hmmm,,,, I’m going with political pandering.  BothWaysBob is being led by the Republican Elites and is pandering to them.

  26. witzelsucht says:

    “So what if Bob Beauprez changes his mind? … Some will call his charting new directions as flip-flopping. I call it leadership. “

    I see two possibilities here.  Either he is pandering to his donors as T-Rexed feels – which I would hardly call leadership or he signed a statement wholeheartedly supporting a measure without seriously considering its implications – which I don’t call leadership either.  Bill Ritter recognized immediately that Ammendment 38 was bad for Colorado business.

    I’d like to give Beauprez the benefit of the doubt and think that he recognised his support for 38 was a bad decision.  I’ll give him credit for realizing that he was wrong and Bill Ritter was right.  Admitting mistakes is a good quality (which our president lacks). Either way though, I think Bill Ritter comes out looking like the superior candidate here.

  27. T-Rexed says:

    Admitting mistakes and burning bridges are too separate things. 

    BothWaysBob wanted the support of the base, so he leaned as far to the right as he could to keep with Marc, and now that he’s running at the sole Republican, he’s playing politics and trying to gain the support of the business community, which is apparently supporting Ritter.  Hence the name: BothWays. Unfortunately, this is not going to play out well for Bob.

    He burnt down the bridge with all those in the Doug Bruce, John Andrews, and Jon Caldara camp.

  28. Zenophon says:

    I’m not sure at this point that being at odds with the Bruce/Andrews/Caldera camp is a bad thing if you look on a statewide basis.  These guys ain’t been winning much lately.  Though I don’t care for the man or his regime, I think Bill Owens is probably reading the policical tea leaves better than any of those three.  He’s trying to slowly and carefully move to the GOP middle, because the hard right is about to experience a trainwreck.  Someone is going to get blamed for November.  B/A/C aren’t very bright, let’s stick it on them.

  29. Bruce Doug says:

    Too bad Doug Bruce endorsed BB. He lost most of his supporters and now gets kicked in the face.

    Druce is the most ineffective County Commisioner I’ve ever seen and some thaught Betty B. was. He actually did better before he was an elected official.

    His rudeness has gotten him in a position where no one wants to agree with him. And this is a guy that wants to run for the senate when Ron May is term limited. Give me a break!!! I will see that he has a primary.

  30. Linda C. in CoS says:

    Yep. Couldn’t agree with bystander more.

  31. T-Rexed says:

    While Owens may want to move the Colorado GOP to the middle, can he actually do it.  They have disenfranchised the base, and the House and Senate were lost in ’04 under his watch when the middle voted to the left.

    This go around,  Republican supported Dems while in the majority with passing Ref C, and now in a political furry they credit Democrats with all the problems?  Trailhead is targetting U’s, with robo-calls, they seem to be doing more damage than good.

    I dont know how the GOP can move into a populist party, if that is what Owens is intending to do, with the track record over the past decade of being so far right.

  32. One Queer Dude says:

    Why DID Doug Bruce endorse Beauprez?  Would he naturally gravitate to Holtzman’s approach to tax policy in general, and C & D in particular?

  33. Keith says:

    F&@#ed up aint it?

  34. Linda C. in CoS says:

    Bruce was supporting Holtzman, but Beauprez cut a deal to help fundraise and mobilize for 38.  Obviously, Beaurez didn’t keep his word for more than a few reasons.

  35. One Queer Dude says:

    OMG……….Bruce stabbed Holtzman in the back and then was recipient of a blade in the back from BB when he reneged on 38?  What goes around, comes around……

  36. Beauprez Source says:

    Now that the primary is over we can get on to winning the Governor’s mansion without any interference or distractions. Without having to deal with attacks on his record, Beauprez has a clear path to victory.

  37. Rebel Rep now Unaffiliated says:

    Queer Guy: Beauprez made a lot of deals, you know.

  38. Anonymous says:

    […] The Rocky Mountain News editorial board takes Bob Beauprez to task today for his flip-flop on support forВ Amendment 38. As the News points out, why would Beauprez have ever though backing 38 would be a good idea?  Republican Bob Beauprez’s three-page explanation for why he yanked his support last week from Amendment 38 is almost as dense and detailed as the amendment itself. So permit us to offer a loose translation that involves some reading between the lines: […]

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