Primary Election Open Thread

UPDATE #3: Joe Biden takes Arizona, clean-sweeping “Super Tuesday III.”


UPDATE #2: Biden adds Illinois.


UPDATE: CNN calls Florida — the biggest delegate prize of the night — for Joe Biden.


Oh, right, they’re still voting today…in Florida, Illinois, and Arizona.


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  1. MADCO says:

    Can anyone explain Ohio with a straight face?

    Redwine is trying to drag out the D primary to cause more uncertainty and chaos in the D party.


    Redwine closed all the schools and restaurants and wants to have a primary when there is a better chance to go out for pizzand beer after.

    • Genghis says:

      Can anyone explain Ohio with a straight face?

      I lived in Ohio the first 45 years of my life, and much of my family is still there. Thus, I can say from experience that (from the late 1950s forward, at least) there has never been a time when that question could be answered in the affirmative.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Some kind of conspiracy among the corporatist cabal to protect Biden and keep Sanders from winning in a landslide there today???

      (Hey, who made it a rule that only righties can enjoy a good fringe conspiracy theory?!?)

      Oh, you said “with a straight face” . . . well, crap!  Trick question.

      “No” then.

    • itlduso says:

      Really?  You're interested in Ohio?  If you turn off Fox News, you'll learn that Biden has destroyed Sanders in FL and IL.  Probably also AZ.  So, Sanders has lost the nomination and needs to concede so we can focus on attacking Trump for the Depression he is in the process of delivering to all of America.  And, yes, take all the money that Mike Bloomberg wants to spend in that effort.  Purity Democrats make me sick.

      • notaskinnycook says:

        Sanders got his ass handed to him in all three primaries today. Time to go home, Bernie. Purity Democrats bore me, too. And you're right about what we need to focus on. Reuters actually used the "D" word in a story that was linked on another thread on Tuesday. 

        • MADCO says:

          So what?
          So did Tulsi. 

          What about Bullock (MT)? or Kelly (AZ)


          Bernie bashing is so 2016.

          • notaskinnycook says:

            Sorry Madco, but Bernie's the only one hanging on with bulldog tenacity when it's perfectly clear he's not gonna be the guy. Gabbard and Bullock may still have their names on ballots that were certified weeks ago, but they aren't still trying to win. Sanders is.

            • MADCO says:

              Forget the presidential primary – it’s all the convention now – if it even happens
              Bashing on any of the losing presidential runners is pointless


              Bullock is running for the Senate, more important now that the presidential primary is over


          • Duke Cox says:


            But that doesn't keep corporate lackeys from doing so does it?

            It is the same with Hickenlooper. You got nothing when it comes to praising your favored candidate. What you got left?

            Bash the other guy.

            "Bidenlooper" might as well be one person. They WILL NOT challenge the corporate institutions that run this country and maintain the income disparity that is crippling this nation.

            Biden will make sure insurance companies make our health care decisions. Hickenlooper will do everything in his power to prop up the oil and gas industries.

            …and neither of them will hold accountable the financial institutions who routinely rape this country.

            Purity Democrats? You're damned right. Better than being a sold out DINO.

            Biden…I can hold my nose. Frackenlooper( if he is the candidate)…I may just skip that one.

            • Gilpin Guy says:

              Wow.  Just wow.  So bitter.  So negative.  I agree with you that Bernie bashing isn't warranted at this time.  That 40% shellacking in Florida should have given him pause regarding his viability to secure the nomination of the Democratic Party which he has been at war with his entire career.  Will he continue with his negative attacks on Biden and re-litigating the Iraq War?  Probably but it won't matter.  At this point, his solutions aren't any more viable than his candidacy and the longer he stays in the weaker his movement becomes.  His 15 minutes of fame expired a long time ago.

              • Duke Cox says:

                Right. It's all about politics…nothing else matters. Principles? Right and wrong? Compassion? Fairness? Honesty?

                Nope. Who has the money? Who has the connections? Who is a "competent politician"? Who wants to defend the status quo?

                Spare me the admonishions about bitterness. The people of the United States need leaders who will defend them against the Big Money interests that keep stealing from them and ignoring their well-being.

                Bidenlooper gonna do that?

                Sure…when pigs fly.

    • itlduso says:

      Paraphrasing Rachel Maddow: Does Sanders want to continue holding primaries that place voters at risk by gong out to vote and standing in lines when we're supposed to practice social distancing?  Is he and his supporters that blind and narcissistic that they would risk the health of Democratic voters?  Thinking about Sanders and some of the posters on this site, the answer is probably yes.

      • Primaries are still needed for downballot races. Maybe not so soon, though.

      • kwtree says:

        Never one to pass up a chance to demonize Bernie Sanders, itlduso conveniently forgets that it isn’t up to any one candidate when or if primaries happen. In fact, five more states have postponed theirs, as long as all delegates are allocated by the end of June. 

        It’s pretty clear that Sanders won’t be the nominee, barring something extraordinary in this extraordinary year; however, I support him doing what he has always done: proposing big solutions to big problems that hurt millions of Americans.

        Since optimistic scenarios say that the CV19 pandemic will have peaked in the US by the end of May, this will give states breathing room to work out all-mail ballots, which lead to more free and fair elections, anyway. 

        So, itlduso, hows that laissez faire approach to health care ( the most profitable companies win, sick people lose) working out for the country these days? What’s Uncle Joe’s plan? He won’t say. ( see the “unclear” parts of Biden’s plan referenced here).

        Challenge: Try to answer the question based on facts and reason, not sneer at the person or candidate you disagree with. 

    • JohnInDenver says:

      DeWine may well be trying to do the right thing — I have no idea how serious the estimate of 100,000 infected people in Ohio actually is, but if there are that many a few days ago when the idea surfaced, the number probably doubled since then. 

      Getting a court opinion and then doing the opposite to cancel the primary is an awful precedent.  Putting the value of "avoiding risk" over "citizen expression by voting" is governmental imposition of the worst kind.

  2. Downballot, 8-term incumbent conserva-Dem Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL-03) lost to Marie Newman in what is likely to be a significant upgrade for Democrats. The district is pretty reliably blue, but Republicans are putting up a credible challenger this year because their alternative was neo-Nazi Art Jones, who embarassed the party in 2018 by running unchallenged on the ticket.

    • MADCO says:

      Nice catch and a great job by team Newman.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      Did you also catch in Florida that four times as many people voted for Bloomberg than Warren (145k vs 32k).  For all the punditry claims that Warren had just dominated him in the debates, he was four times more popular in the voting booth.

      • Diogenesdemar says:

        So Bloomberg totally owned the I-don’t-care-just-close-your-eyes-and-pick-one demographic in Florida?  

        . . . Or, was it mostly the he’s-outta’-pocket-$288,000-for-each-vote-so-I-kinda’-felt-like-I-owed-him voters?

        . . . Hey, isn’t that the guy on the Super Bowl commercials? I really love that groundhog! . . .!

      • Duke Cox says:

        Florida is full of OLD, frightened, misinformed voters. No one is surprised when they vote for good ol’ comfortable Joe.

        The DNC and its corporate cabal have demonized Bernie at every opportunity. It has paid off.

        I wonder what it would be like if the Democrats actually supported a populist platform. Though, I know they won’t. It looks like a return to Obama Capitalism is inevitable. Jamie Dimon is happy.

        Corporate America can relax. The senate may go to the Democrats, but Big Money won’t lose control of it. K St. is happy.

        Either way now…Wall St. wins.

  3. Diogenesdemar says:

    Talk about a rigged system:  When was the last time anyone saw a ballot with “None of the Above” listed, as it should be?

    How about we get a a complete do-over, now?  If we can send everyone money, we can sure shootin’ send ‘em all some new ballots

    Who really should be running things in this new AC* world?  

    Maybe we don’t even have a half-ass decent idea yet of what the questions will be, let alone any clue who might have the answers? How are we gonna’ pick the one with all the right answers, when nobody’s even been told what the questions will be?

    Is anyone in the media listening to those keystone voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada today?

    Where’s the testing?

    The future will be here sooner-or-later than you think . . .

    *After Covid

    PS — I think we should strongly consider postponing or canceling the elections — the 2016 elections — given this unprecedented time of crisis!!!?

    • MADCO says:

      ..idea yet of what the questions will be, … answers

      Sure we do.

      Why should the shareholders pay any tax at all?
      Why should their bailout be limited or so unpredictable ?
      Can't we just guarantee they all get made whole? I mean – they're the ones paying the working taxpayers anyway, right?

      Profit is holy.
      If you ain't rich, it's your fault for not choosing better parents or grandparents.

      Big pharma runs the world and for profit healthcare has produced the greatest healthcare system in the world.
      There is no racism in America. Stop complaining and get back to work.

      We have always been at war with Eastasia working class poor and usta-b-middle class.



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