What is the DSCC thinking?

Worst Ad Ever

The DSCC is on the air with another new ad targeting Ken Buck that is so lame it doesn’t pass my smell test, even though I know the ad is factually true.

Scary Narrator Voice: Listen to Buck on whether he’d rewrite the Constitution and our right to vote for our own Senators.

Ken Buck: “The short answer is yes.”

The short answer is yes??? Really? That’s what I’m supposed to “listen” to?

Suppose the narrator had said, “Listen to Ken Buck on whether he’d eat his own baby for a mid-morning snack,” followed by Buck saying, “the short answer is yes.” What gives that statement any more or less credibility than the one in the ad with the context given?

When spending that kind of money, can we at least make it look like we’re trying?

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  1. droll says:

    They are really clinging to that “right to vote” thing.  Pretty dramatic for something I hear proposed quite a bit.  It might work better if they had a gentle transition between elected officials appointing an office and a categorical loss of voting privileges.  Whatever anyone thinks of it, I haven’t heard a Dem attack ad without it.  This is Buck and that’s all they’re complaining about?  Has the DSCC never heard of him or what?

    • ThillyWabbit says:

      That’s who we have to get out in a midterm election. I get that, and I’m fine with that hit. We like our 17th Amendment. But the Dem base is not going to believe a commercial just because it says DSCC on it. We are not Yellow Dog Democrats in this state. Either the messenger has to have at least some credibility or the message has to be backed up with actual context.

  2. catpuzzle says:

    I mean, ignoring production quality, Buck took both of these extreme positions…

    He said yes, he would get rid of the 17th amendment.

    And he said that quote in reference to social security.

    Personally, I wish it looked like it was produced in this decade, but so it goes…

  3. bjwilson83 says:

    “Holy crap, we’re screwed! Better make something up or not even Dems will vote for our candidates.”

  4. marilou says:

    desperate, in agony.

  5. MADCO says:

    Did he say he supports repeal of the 17th Amendment?

    Did he say he would support a Constitutional amendment to outlaw abortion?

  6. oldbenkenobi says:

    Not too bright to keep bringing up the 17th Amendment considering nobody has violated the spirit of the 17th Amendment more than Obama, Ritter and Bennet.  The people elect their Senators — except in Colorado, where the President chooses our Senator.

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