House GOP Leadership Welcomes Fringe, Fascists To Capitol

Yesterday’s Opening Day rally at the Colorado legislature featured a motley crew of color-coded far-right activists (we are not making up the color-coded thing), sounding off on a range of issues from opposition to childhood vaccination to the state’s new “red flag” law to protect the public from preventable gun violence–and a range of more bizarre issues in between like conspiracy theories about 5G cell phone service. Also in attendance were members of the Proud Boys, a neo-fascist “pro-Western civilization” group regularly involved in political street violence.

Here’s how 9NEWS’ Kyle Clark summarized the contrast between “the Republicans inside the building” and “the Republicans outside.”

We got a glimpse today of the difficult position that the minority Republicans are in when you compare their stated legislative priorities to what their supporters rally for on the capitol steps.

Republicans inside called for transportation funding.
Republicans outside carried anti-vaxxer signs.
Republican inside linked teacher performance with bonuses.
Republicans outside linked former President Obama and Hitler.
Republicans inside included a call for bipartisanship.
Republicans outside included the Proud Boys, recently featured in a 9 Wants To Know investigation on hate in our state.

So that is the trouble that looms ahead for the Republicans inside the state capitol. They have to answer to the Republicans outside.

The only thing we’re obliged to add is the photo collage at the top, courtesy the Colorado Times Recorder, which closes the loop in this discussion of the Republicans “inside the capitol” versus the right-wing protesters who turned out in force outside to vent their particular flavor of misguided rage. The protesters outside the capitol yesterday were eventually joined by a large contingent of elected Republican lawmakers–including House Minority Leader Patrick Neville, Rep. Dave Williams, Rep. Lori Saine “In The Membrane,” Rep. Susan Beckman, and a number of others.

That’s critical to understand. The Republicans inside the capitol went outside.

Once that happened, it was no longer possible–or necessary–to tell the “inside” and “outside” Republicans apart.

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  1. RepealAndReplace says:

    I see Patrick finally shaved. Is that his daddy I see on the far right (no pun intended) sporting the American flag tie? I also see the bat shit crazy Lori Saine and Vicky Marbles in the photo.

    I encourage these screwballs to double down and continue their outreach to the most loony people in their base. Twelve years ago, they had Bill Owens, Wayne Allard and Nighthorse Campbell who were conservative but not crazy conservative. What did that get them? Well, they held four (soon to be five) U.S. House seats, two U.S. Senate seats, one legislative chamber, the governorship, and nearly all of the other constitutional offices.

    Because of what they are peddling now, they have a rump caucus in the state House, a somewhat stronger minority in the state Senate (briefly enhanced by Lois Court's illness/retirement and Brittany Petersen's approaching delivery date), three U.S. House seats (one of which is in jeopardy), and Cory Gardner (until January, that is).

    Yeah, CO GOP, stay the course and voters will reward you.

    And BTW, this is a warning to the Dems. If you want to end up like the GOP, just go off, pander to the fringe left and see where that gets you.

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