Last Ballot Return Numbers Before Voting Ends

We thought we’d again start a new thread with this information (click for the earlier post), now that we’ve got the latest (and last) update from the Secretary of State’s office on ballot returns. Here are the ballot return numbers as of 3:00 p.m. today:

*Party/ Ballots Returned Thus Far/ Total Active Voters/ Percent Returned

Democrats: 310,671/ 817,458/ 38%

Republicans: 358,953/ 855,667/ 42%

As we wrote earlier, these numbers have already smashed previous turnout figures for a Primary Election in Colorado, and they don’t include turnout for El Paso and Weld Counties (which were not all-mail ballot counties). This could very well mean that Michael Bennet and Jane Norton will be the winners of their respective primaries because of their name ID advantage. We’d say the same thing for Scott McInnis in the Governor’s race, but we have a feeling the undervote in that one will be huge.  

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  1. State Line says:

    not votes cast today at polling places, looks as though we’re headed to  mid-to upper 40% (Rep) and low to mid-40% (Dem) turnout rates.

    Those are amazing primary participation rates! Congratulations to Colorado.

    • Libertad says:

      Dems want the change they were promised and members of both Parties have been activated by the long running, tired and sad results of Democrat control.

      In general, members of both groups are worse off then they were a year ago. When you are not happy you go to the poll.

      This PPP poll showing Bennet comfortable in the lead and my inside contacts still claim Bennet’s the guy. I still don’t believe it in my heart. Romanoff’s people have been pounding the house with calls every night. It sure will be interesting to see tonights results and the analysis.

      • Half Glass Full says:

        “Tired and sad”? Not compared to the Lost Bush Decade.

      • Fidel's dirt nap says:

        always trust those inside contacts of yours. Are those the same ones that told you global warming could be measured in nomian time ?

      • Gilpin Guy says:

        They kept calling Republicans but that’s to be expected.  They ran a Republican campaign and got confused about who they were trying to appeal to.

      • Gilpin Guy says:

        both groups are worse off because Republicans chose to sit on their hands and not help lift our country up.  Their obstruction was a contributing factor to the unemployed being hurt and losses in almost every sector.

        Fortunately our president stayed the course and helped get financial reform passed and is in the process of reforming the MMS.  The country didn’t go bankrupt overnight and it won’t recover overnight.

        Anyone who thinks the president can wave a magic wand and undo the damage from a decade of Republican misrule is probably an unrepentant Republican.

        The critical thing is that the president is steady and day by day is working to end the occupation of Iraq and help those in need.  Compare that to the “I got mine screw the rest” mentality of the opposition and you know that the president is one who is really working for the average citizen.  Nothing says Republican greed like trying to extend the tax cuts for the rich.

        The president is doing a superb job given the mess he inherited.  Day by day dude things are getting better.

  2. MADCO says:

    In mail only counties, do these numbers reflect  voters who showed up at a service center and voted?

  3. RedGreen says:

    The numbers do include requested mail ballots and early voting in those counties, and the turnout is already high there before polls opened today. As of the 3 pm report:


    Democrats – 8,065

    Republicans – 15,317

    El Paso

    Democrats – 15,941

    Republicans – 41,012

  4. Automaticftp says:

    and all said the same thing–they have been receiving LOTS of ballots.  One had already gone through four ballot boxes–and that was at noon.  

    So I think the turnout will indeed be sky high for a primary.

  5. Libertad says:

    Hell its easier to vote then activate a credit card and that just seems to be an invitation.

  6. silverandblue says:

    Best link for tonight’s results?

  7. DavidThi808 says:

    My blog gets a lot of traffic when ballots are out. It spiked when the ballots first landed, dropped back a bit over the last 3 weeks, spiked again yesterday, and then doubled again today. So my guess is votes today will be roughly twice what they were yesterday. That makes today the biggest day, but a small part of the total.

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