How Today’s Nazis Beat The High Cost of Living

James Mason, the Nazi “welfare queen” of Denver.

We wrote earlier in the holiday weekend about the story of an “Antifa brawl” in Pueblo, an incident comically failed to withstand the scrutiny it never got in the retelling by conservative media. But on the other hand, if you’re looking for real-life According to Hoyle Nazis, right here in Denver and without any embellishment necessary, NBC News via 9NEWS’ Jeremy Jojola has got you covered:

A fan of Charles Manson and follower of Hitler, James Mason published essays in the 1980s that now act as the inspiration for a militant neo-Nazi group linked to multiple murders in the U.S.

“Revolutionary discipline must mean that WE will be the single survivor in a war against the System,” Mason wrote in 1985. “A TOTAL WAR against the System.”

But nowadays, Mason isn’t waging war with the system. He is, in fact, dependent on it.

The 67-year-old white supremacist lives in a government subsidized apartment in Denver and eats at soup kitchens. [Pols emphasis]

Through Jojola’s local report a week ago on neo-Nazi “thought leader” James Mason, we learned for the first time about a new-ish Nazi group known as the Atomwaffen, which the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) tells us are most definitely what President Donald Trump would call “very fine people.”

AWD is organized as a series of terror cells that work toward civilizational collapse. Members, who can be fairly described as accelerationists, believe that violence, depravity and degeneracy are the only sure way to establish order in their dystopian and apocalyptic vision of the world. AWD’s chief influences are James Mason, Charles Manson, Joseph Tommasi and William Pierce. Their strategy for promoting and establishing national socialism can be traced back to The Order, the violent and capable white supremacist terror cell founded by Robert Jay Mathews in the 1980s.

You might be asking yourself, “why would a Nazi accept public assistance?” That seems a bit off message for one of America’s leading Nazis.  The answer is, we strongly expect, that being one of America’s leading Nazis has a profoundly negative effect on one’s employability. The public benefits available to qualifying needy Americans do not make ideological exceptions, and as distasteful as it may be for taxpayers to know they are paying a leading Nazi’s room and board, that’s probably not a policy anyone should want changed. With that said, in Mason’s individual case, suggesting that if his fellow neo-Nazis are going to kill people they should “do it right” might be enough to warrant a second look at his taxpayer-funded living on public safety grounds.

It is telling, one way or another, that while conservative media outlets like The Blaze ran hard with an as-it-turns-out fictional story about an “Antifa brawl” in Pueblo, there’s not a peep that we’ve found in any conservative media about Denver’s very real “Nazi welfare queen.” In fact, since these two stories aired on local and then national NBC News, Jojola has been bombarded on social media from the right–not with congrats for exposing a Nazi on the dole, but demanding to know why Antifa doesn’t get “the same” coverage.

For those of us following the local news headlines, this “whataboutism” is even more laughable.

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  1. 2Jung2Die says:

    Of course this is not meant to be science, but I just Googled "antifa news coverage" and got like 360,000 entries (of course the relevance goes down in the later parts of most search engine searches). It seems pretty common that when someone cries "the media isn't covering X" in attempts to fan the flames of whataboutism, you can just go to the Google and find lots of coverage.

  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    Well, that’s not the only way . . . 

    . . . you can also fly for free on Air Force One, live in a taxpayer funded mansion, and spend your time at one of your golf resorts and have the government pay for your entourage’s food, drinks, and accommodations . . . and, oh yeah, “incidentals.”

    There’s definitely much more glamorous and lucrative ways to get your Sieg Heil on these days, and yugely grift the government at the same time — seems like Mason ain’t even tryin’?

    Himmler would probably be very disappointed at this kind of weak sister, inferior, trash bag trying to pass himself off as a real master-race brownshirt . . .

    • Duke Cox says:

      My knowledge of fascism, and the Nazis specifically, has been derived from countless sources over many decades, but one in particular was brought back to mind by the photo at the top of this story.

      I wonder how many were comic book readers and remember the Sgt. Fury series, set during WWII in Europe. As time went by, Stan Lee developed a character called the Red Skull., who became the arch-nemesis of our hero. The writers of the comic used the Red Skull character as a mouthpiece to spout the fascist message as he directed various, nefarious, military operations.

      Listening to the rhetoric coming from the Whitest House, I think he has an office just outside the Oval Office.




  3. davebarnes says:

    Why are you upset?

    Nazis are Socialists. They believe in The State.

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