Maes Demolishes McInnis: “No Positions, No Integrity, No Character”

An audio clip of GOP gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes, on the Mike Rosen radio show today opposite plagiarism-tainted opponent Scott McInnis. It would seem that Maes has found his inner bulldog at long last, after polling this weekend showing he leads the race for the first time:

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Transcript after the jump: we’re amazed that McInnis got through this merciless beating without his trademark popping of blood vessels, although we’re not sure how he could have made it any worse even if he had. This kind of pummeling, especially from an opponent who only a few weeks ago was choking on your dust, is about as bad as it gets in this business.

Scott McInnis: The reality of it is when you look at what we’ve said you’ve taken our platform of prosperity and you’ve copied what you’re saying–

Dan Maes: Your platform for prosperity was no better than a roll of toilet paper, Scott, and that’s what I said when it first came out–

McInnis:  And then you began to adopt our positions and so–

Maes: Here we go. I haven’t adopted any of your positions. You don’t have positions. You don’t stand for anything. You have no integrity, you have no character. [Pols emphasis] And the three hundred million dollars–the three hundred thousand dollars, did you make the phone call to–

McInnis: Dan let’s go ahead–

Maes: –the Hasans and say you would pay it?

McInnis: Actually yes–

Maes: Did you make the phone call to the Hasans and say you would pay them?

McInnis: Dan, let’s let’s–

Maes: Did you make the phone call to the Hasans personally and say you would reimburse their money, Scott?

McInnis: Dan, let’s talk–

Maes: No, you haven’t.  You lied about that on the, on the, debate the other day to immigration.  Because I want to talk about integrity.  I want to talk about honesty, I want to talk about character, I want to talk about transparency.

McInnis: Tell me when you’re going to let me have my turn.  Let’s talk about transparency–

Maes: Well see, that’s why you see me getting a little bit upset is because you dominate the microphone and I’m not going to let you do it anymore.  Have you made the phone call–

McInnis: Go ahead and spend the next three minutes on the microphone.

Maes: –to the Hassans and said that you’ll pay them back?  Yes or no? Have you personally made the call?

McInnis: Then answer to that, Dan, is yes.  The answer here that is more important is that you denied a path to citizenship…


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  1. dmindgo says:

    This shows how John McCain has always been right and things are going his way….

    Bless my soul, but I do think our candidates sound like me when I get started.  And I can’t get elected dog catcher.

    This clip shows how the Republicans have fire-in-the-belly and will tear apart Hickenlooper in the fall.

    Take your pick…

  2. dwyer says:

    It is just Andrew and David on little ole 760…..but the repubs are just going crazy on 500 thousand watts…all over the state…all over the nation at night….

    I heard the rosen show and could not believe how Maes went after McInnis…..who tried to argue with him the way some very misquided men try to “reason” with their wives….”you are angry, now.”  “take a deep breathe”….McInnis may be wearing that microphone….

  3. Automaticftp says:

    and was not impressed with either candidate.  Maes doesn’t sound like he has a clue, and McInnis–well, really, what’s there to say?  

    Credit to Maes for going after McInnis so strongly–hopefully McInnis will get the message, because he did not appear to have any remorse or to even be aware he did anything wrong re the Hasan Foundation and plagiarizing what he turned in.  

    Is that really what the Republican Party has sunk to in search of a gubernatorial candidate?  

  4. TCU2011 says:

    I listened to the entire debate and in this clip yes Maes does go after Scott but if you were to have listened to it in its entirety you would see that McInnis was actually better and more eloquent at stating the positions and answering the questions.

    It was interesting to see some fight from Maes though.  He might have gotten himself into some hot water though when he went after and attacked some very prominent Hispanic people in the state during the question on immigration.  But I guess he’s not really targeting the Latino vote so that won’t be a big deal anyway.

    Overall McInnis did “win” this debate but Maes did show a lot of fight for the first time in a while.  He sounded like even he thought he belonged.  But I doubt that this will change anything and I still expect to see Scott McInnis win the primary next week.  Experience and knowledge on the issues will still trump Maes’ new-found fire.

  5. bjwilson83 says:

    That tongue-lashing was awesome, and McInnis fully deserved it. I’m glad Maes is stepping it up.  

  6. raymond1 says:

    Maes: –to the Hassans and said that you’ll pay them back?  Yes or no? Have you personally made the call?

    McInnis: Then answer to that, Dan, is yes.

    Last I heard, that wasn’t true.

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