Jane Norton in best position to take out Bennet, who has 2:1 very unfavorable rating

A new poll released today shows Jane Norton with a comfortable lead over appointed Senator Michael Bennet.

Norton leads Bennet 48% to 39%, with a 4% margin of error.  Norton also leads Romanoff 44%-40%.

Ken Buck also leads either democrat 48%-42%

Bennet continues to suffer from extremely high very unfavorable ratings, higher than any other candidate in the race and over twice his very favorable:

Overall, Buck is viewed Very favorably by 14% of Colorado voters and Very Unfavorably by 19%.

For Norton, Very Favorables are 15% and Very Unfavorables 22%.

Fifteen percent (15%) have a Very Favorable opinion of Bennet, the Denver school superintendent who was named to the Senate last year when Ken Salazar became secretary of the Interior. But 35% view him Very Unfavorably.

Romanoff earns Very Favorables of 20% and Very Unfavorables of 21%.

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  1. RedGreen says:

    You do sort of gloss over the source of the poll. For good reason.

    • Fountainhead says:

      Rasmussen probably has their problems like any major polling company, but all of them do.

      I know the argument that they have a Republican bias, but even if you subscribe to that belief and kick Bennet a few points, he is losing to Jane.

      The very unfavorables are the most telling to me though.  Bennet’s are significantly higher than any other candidate.  

  2. Colorado Pols says:

    These polls are so pointless because they are purely hypothetical. Wouldn’t it make more sense to poll on races that are actually happening right now?

  3. Ray Springfield says:

    It is no surprise  Romanoff is gambling with the Colorado Democtatic party.

    No one from the Democratic delegation has shown corruption except the campaign that says everyone else is corrupt.

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