Maes responds to Tancredo’s “High Noon” ultimatum

(How do you know when your political clout has completely expired? When some guy named Dan Maes publicly tells you to go jump in a lake. – promoted by Colorado Pols)

GOP frontrunner gubernatorial candidate (did I really say that ?) Dan Maes issued a press release this morning responding to Tom Tancredo’s callout by noon this coming Monday.

Press Release

Republican Designee Dan Maes Responds to Tancredo

Evergreen, CO, July 23, 2010 – This morning Republican Designee for Governor, Dan Maes, responded to the July 22 ultimatum by ex-congressman Tom Tancredo which stated that Maes or his republican opponent, Scott McInnis, should step down from the race for Governor if they win the primary and are losing in the polls to John Hickenlooper.  “This is an arrogant and absurd position for Tom to take but it is certainly his right to do so.  I will not step down from this race at anytime, period.” Maes declared.  “Tom thinks I am unelectable because of some bad press.  If he actually has the courage enough to step into the arena I suspect he to will get some bad press.”  Maes claimed. “I am proud to continue our campaign with the state assembly victory, and polls showing us competing head to head with Mayor Hickenlooper at our back.” Maes concluded.

Looks like the showdowns a comin’ folks. Clear the streets, lock up the women and children, hitch up the horses real good, and be afraid…..very afraid.

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  1. Barron X says:


    OTOH, ACP will get loads of mileage out of this.


  2. BlueCat says:

    popcorn bits get stuck in my molars.  Pass the raisinets!

  3. Arvadonian says:

    One of my pet peeves.  “To” being used for “too”.  Who is his press person?  

  4. Diogenesdemar says:

    Apparently Maes knows better than to get sucked into a showdown with a crazy man?


  5. DavidThi808 says:

    He comes across as principled on this. And you know he’s been offered some sweet deals if he would drop out. I also think the way he worded this was good, not polished but it comes across as authentic.

    I think Hick will cream him in the general. But I think this may give Maes the primary. And at that point Hick should get serious because Maes keeps going from not a chance to winning.

  6. bjwilson83 says:

    My respect for Megyn Kelly keeps increasing. Drop dead gorgeous and she has a razor sharp mind. Question: do you libs think she is being fair to Obama, despite being on fox news?

    • Steve Harvey says:

      an amoeba has a razor sharp mind.

      • bjwilson83 says:

        you don’t answer the question but resort to personal attacks. Typical. Also, doesn’t Tancredo look a bit like Yoda in that shot?

        • dukeco1 says:

          I think he looks more like Winnie the Pooh. With a belly full of hunny. To be sure, he IS being interviewed by a dazzlingly (izzat a wurd?) beautiful woman. To an egoist like the Tank…just like hunny.

          I seldom watch Faux news anymore, though, so I don’t think I’ve ever heard her speak.

          And I don’t think I need to.  

        • Steve Harvey says:

          Because the vast majority of criticism I’ve received from others has been for being foolish enough to treat you as in any way relevant or rational, as I did most recently when I tried repeatedly to explain to you why neither a particular, unique group of Republican Hispanics, nor all Coloradans of all ethnicities, is  representative of all Hispanics, concepts you never could quite grasp.

          • bjwilson83 says:

            that you were one perpetuating the lie that what Democrat Lations think represents what all Latinos think.

            • Steve Harvey says:

              You made a claim that 60% of Latinos favored the AZ law. When called on it, first you linked to an article about the only group of Latinos in the nation, one isolated Republican group, that has supported the law. When your error was pointed out, after repeatedly denying that it failed to say what you claimed, you then linked to a poll (under the subject heading “I was right after all”) that said that 61% of Coloradans favored the AZ law. When your new error was pointed out to you, after repeatedly denying that it failed to say what you claimed, you accused everyone who had pointed out your errors of being racists for not accepting that one group of Republican Latinos does not speak for all Latinos, and that all Coloradans do not speak for all Latinos. Now you claim that all of this adds up to me “perpetuating the lie that what Democrat (sic) Lations (sic) think represents what all Latinos think”? Sure, Beej. Whatever you say.

    • DavidThi808 says:

      And unlike Gretchen Carlson isn’t afraid to appear smart. As to fair, I only see her in clips on The Daily Show and I’m guessing those are not fully representative of her reporting.

    • Aristotle says:

      Judging her on her looks.

      • EmeraldKnight76 says:

        She is very smart. And very good at what she does. If by taking facts our of context is your thing she’s your kind of anchor. If you like someone who cherry picks some facts and not others and stitches them together into a narrative, she’s your kind of anchor. She’s a fair representation of Fox “News” in general. What is so frustrating about her is that she is extremely intelligent! What is most worrisome is not being able to tell whether she actually believes half of the shit that comes out of her mouth. I’m all for giving credit where credit is due, she is just as effective as your O’Reillys or Glenn Becks with half the insanities and all the conspiracy theories.

        Whether she’s good looking or not I’ll leave to others to decide. She’s not really my type. I’m more into David Shuster or Thomas Roberts.

  7. bjwilson83 says:

    Ultimatum countdown ticker:

    Unfortunately ColoradoPols doesn’t allow scripts (understandably, I suppose), or I’d post the widget here.

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