The Get More Smarter Podcast: Congressman Jason Crow

This week on The Get More Smarter Podcast, Congressman Jason Crow sits down with hosts Jason Bane and Ian Silverii to talk about a recent trip to Afghanistan and Turkey, advancing impeachment proceedings, and the best place to find his roommate, Rep. Joe Neguse, on a weekday evening. Your hosts also discuss Sen. Cory Gardner’s career implosion and play another round of American’s favorite game, “Duke or Donald?” 

Click after the jump below for a brief transcript of a great story Crow tells about an unforgettable moment when he took the oath of office in January.

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Congressman Jason Crow tells the story of his swearing-in ceremony on January 3, 2019:


BANE: Was there a moment for you in Congress where…where you kind of thought, “wow.” Where you really felt the weight of everything [you had accomplished]?

CROW: Yeah, swearing-in day on January 3rd. You know, when you walk on to the House floor and you raise your right hand, and you take that oath? You know…this may sound weird, but I like my oaths. [laughter]

Yeah, I mean, they mean a lot…[more laughter]

BANE: I’m gonna put that down. That’s gotta go on a bulletin board. “Jason Crow: Likes his oaths.”

CROW: I mean, I’ve taken a number of them and they mean a lot to me. And I think about them, actually, a lot. You know, I took my first oath when I was a teenager to, you know, defend the country and uphold the Constitution. And I took many since then. And my most recent one, obviously, on January 3rd.

And to me, it’s a way of life. It’s this idea that you’re going to put your self-interest aside for the good of the country and community. It’s about sacrifice. And that if you do this job the way it’s supposed to be done, it’s not about you and that you’re sacrificing something for the common good.

And, you know, I took that oath again on January 3rd. And what was great about it is both my kids were there with me. So we stood up and my daughter was there—Josephine. She’s six now—she was five at the time—but she got up and stood on the chair right next to me and she saw me raise my right hand and she raised her right hand too…


CROW: So I’m sitting here. She’s next to me with her right hand…

BANE: I’d lose it. I don’t know how you didn’t. [laughter]

CROW: I have a picture of it. I’ll show you the picture, because someone took a picture from behind us, of us both sitting there with our hands raised. And she recited the oath along with me. And she turned around—or turned next to me—and said, “You know, Daddy, now that we’re in Congress, when do we start voting?”


So, that just made that moment so much more impactful, that I, like, I was able to share it with my kids. And, obviously, my kids are one of the big reasons why my wife and I decided to do this…to kind of be an example for her and for him and…that was powerful.


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