Ivanka Trump: Pass Colorado’s Red Flag Law

UPDATE: The President joins the First Daughter’s call for red flag laws:

Dudley Brown, call your office.


Ivanka Trump.

In response to the weekend’s pair of tragic mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, Ivanka Trump sent out the Tweet you can see above calling for the passage of Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) laws in every state–laws that would create a process to temporarily remove firearms from persons in a mental health crisis who pose a significant risk to themselves or the public.

As readers know, Colorado passed a law in 2019 establishing an ERPO procedure. The law was supported by Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock, who testified that it could have saved the lives of one of his deputies who was shot and killed by a mentally ill man on New Year’s Eve 2017. Passage of that law provoked an angry backlash from Colorado Republican Party leadership and Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, the state’s most strident gun-rights group–who employed wholesale misinformation to build support for recalls against legislators who supported ERPO. The first target of that campaign was Rep. Tom Sullivan, whose son was killed in the Aurora shooting, but that campaign failed after being rejected by voters in the district and massive public condemnation.

How will RMGO and local Republicans keep the outrage going after President Donald Trump’s daughter said what Colorado did in 2019 was the right thing to do across the nation? We have no doubt they’ll find a way–but it’s going to be this much harder now with all but the most factually impervious.

And for the first time ever, we’re thankful to Ivanka Trump.

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  1. Diogenesdemar says:

    “How will RMGO and local Republicans keep the outrage going . . .” ???


  2. Genghis says:

    What Vanky wants, Vanky gets.

  3. gertie97 says:

    Never mind. Trump will backtrack after the gun nuts work him over.

  4. MichaelBowman says:

    It’s been almost three hours and this headline hasn’t smoked our little fella wearing a stained blue dress out of his hole yet?  

  5. Meiner49er says:

    Judging by the "warm" reception of the 826 people talking about that tweet, I expect 45 to back-pedal on this by end of the day. The trial balloon is going over like, well, hot lead.

  6. Gilpin Guy says:

    Man is this going to come across wrong to the recall committees seeing as the Red Flag bill is one of the primary reasons these nefarious Dems should be recalled.  Who knew those Dastardly Dems were at the forefront of social change for a safer planet?

  7. MADCO says:

    Doesn't pass things state by state. It's federal.

    USA could start with do not fly = do not buy
    Can't vote – can't buy weapons
    Close the gun show loop holes
    Follow the Masachussets lead – strict liability for owners who do not securely store

    • JohnInDenver says:

      Ivanka's civics class was long ago, if ever. 

      Or perhaps she is just creating a bank shot, similar to former Federal efforts to set up rules.  Congress passed a law requiring every state to allow 18 year old voters, to have speed limits at 55, to set DUI standards at .08%,

      • RepealAndReplace says:

        Actually, the 18-year old voting rights took a constitutional amendment, but the speed limit, drinking age at 21 and DUI standards were the result of funding cuts by Congress for non-compliance.

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