Radio Host Misrepresents Holbert’s Stance on Recall Campaigns

There are some people out there saying recalls are a waste of time,” Republican State House Leader Patrick Neville told KNUS 710-AM host Chuck Bonniwell yesterday.

To which Bonniwell asked, “Who are the people who say you are wasting your time?”

Bonniwell then alleged that Colorado Politics reporter Marianne Goodland said that State Senate Republican Minority Leader Chris Holbert is against recall campaigns.

Bonniwell asked Neville yesterday if this was true.

“I don’t know if he’s against recalls or not,” replied Neville, who’s set up a website to support efforts to recall Democrats from office in Colorado.

It turns out, Goodland actually told Bonniwell on air that Holbert and Neville “differ a great deal on the issue of recalls,” not that Holbert opposed them per se.

For the record, Holbert told the Colorado Times Recorder that he is “neither for nor against” recalls.

“That’s up to people in local districts,” he said. “And I’m not for them or against them. I don’t have a position for or against.”


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  1. kwtreemamajama55 says:

    Holbert neither for nor against recalls?  Yes, both. It's all about the power and who's getting recalled. Here's Holbert in 2013, about the Douglas County school board recall: 

    Chris Holbert

    September 10, 2013 · Meridian, CO · 

    Twelve hours remain in the historic Colorado Recall effort. Get ready, Douglas County. As soon as the unions are done in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, they'll turn their sights on regaining control of our school board. They're mad as hell that we had the audacity to elect a school board that is accountable to the majority of voting taxpayers rather than the union. The union demands control of our kids, money, both sides of the negotiating table, everything. They are a powerful and ruthless political force that demonizes the political views of the majority of voters in Douglas County, but we don't have to take their abuse. All we have to do is vote. We are the majority in Douglas County. As Mitt Romney rightly reminded us last year, we have paid for government, we own it, including our schools. By the way, Romney crushed Obama here in Douglas County.

    Get ready.

    And here's Mr. Holbert on the recall of Senators Morse and Giron:

    Chris Holbert

    July 18, 2013 · 

    Senators Morse and Giron will NOT appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court in hopes of stopping the recall elections being brought against them.

    With a Tuesday, September 10 "Election Day," ballots should hit mailboxes on or about Tuesday, August 20.

    Can you hear us NOW?



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