Colorado’s Red Flag Bill

The red flag bill has nothing to do with grabbing guns. It has to do with trying to reduce suicides and protecting people from domestic violence. I am quite familiar with both. My brother died by suicide. It upset my father so much that he absentmindedly poured acid in his shoe, while wearing it, and drove into a rock. As for domestic abuse: My sister phoned me late one night and said,”Help me, Jr is going to kill me.” I woke my sleeping husband, and told him to wake up because we were going to go get my sister. As we walked in the door, my brother-in-law punched him in the face. I yelled, “You, go sit outside. (pointing to my husband) and “You, go sit on the sofa. (pointing to my sister’s husband.) Then I grabbed my sister, and walked her out of the house. Previously, she had been hit in the face, requiring stitches in her lip. She had very bad taste in men, and kept marrying men that beat her. Two of them threatened to kill her, one with an automatic weapon, the other with a pistol. You explain to me why it wouldn’t have been better to be able to petition the court to take away the guns from any of those three men.

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  1. mamajama55 says:

    Thanks, Ckonola. We share these experiences not to get sympathy , nor to take on "victim" status, but because we stand proud as survivors and don't want others to have to go through what we did. Or worse, to have a fatal ending to the story.

    I've told my story here before.  Suffice it to say that without family and friends intervening to take guns away from the man who abused me, I might not be here today. Or he might not be. But they had no legal basis to take and keep his guns.

    There needs to be a solid grounding in law – threat(s), accusation of threats, investigation, evidence, court appearance, decision, confiscation if warranted, and opportunity to reclaim by proving to no longer be a threat. That is what the red flag bill provides.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      If someone is willing to take time and effort to report someone into the process (knowing there will be blowback) and has a coherent and credible explanation to sway a judge, there probably is reason to remove firearms. 

      Yes, there are other ways to abuse victims or commit suicide — but those other methods often take more effort and are less lethal (especially for domestic abuse).

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