King Soopers Workers Vote To Stee-rike

Denver7’s Robert Garrison reports:

Members of the union representing Kroger-owned King Soopers/City Market employees voted Friday night overwhelmingly to authorize a strike.

More than 92 percent voted in favor of walking off the job, according to the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 union…

A strike date has not been set, but a strike authorization allows union leadership to call for a strike at any moment going forward, according to a release from the union.

UFCW Local 7’s contract with Safeway stores, the other major neighborhood grocer in Colorado, is not affected by this impasse between the union and The Kroger Company. That and the proliferation of grocery options since the last time UFCW workers went on strike in 1996 in theory puts Kroger in a much more difficult position–it’s going to be a very easy logistical decision for consumers who don’t want to cross a picket line to get their groceries somewhere else.

It’s possible that the leverage union negotiators now possess with the authorization to strike in hand will bear fruit in last-minute negotiations that Kroger agreed to following the vote. We’ll update with news on that front–or when it’s time to look at your grocery alternatives–as it becomes available.

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  1. Pseudonymous says:

    Solidarity, sisters and brothers.  Makes a quick list of things to pick up on the way home today

  2. I need bigger Safeway stores along my normal routes. The ones I normally pass are too small to stock certain items.

  3. DENependent says:

    Fortunately I have a backlog of stuff to eat from my freezer and pantry that I really need to use up anyway. The best form of thrift is using up stuff you already own.

  4. davebarnes says:

    I hope there is plenty in the strike fund. After all, Local 7 has had 20+ years to build it up.

  5. deathpigeon | they/them says:

    "Seeking temporary workers"

    Scabs. Seeking scabs.

    Solidarity with the striking workers. I'll make sure not to shop at King Soopers once the strike begins and for the duration of the strike.

    • Voyageur says:


      I am Voyageur 's artist daughter and he told me how you appreciated my strange creations. I am touched and would like to send you one. Do you have a color you would like me to use as a focal color in the piece?

      Misty Morehead



  6. Voyageur says:

    Go to Costco, not virulently anti-union Wal-Fart.  C ostco is union.



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