Gardner’s Totally Predictable Wall Waffle Underway

SATURDAY UPDATE: Mid-waffle update–KRDO 13 reports:

“I think the President is right to pursue additional border security dollars,” Gardner says, [Pols emphasis] “I think Congress ought to do their job and make this border security a reality.”

The declaration receiving a lot of criticism from Democrats and Republicans, including questions about its legality. The Republican Senator saying that before things move forward on the proposed wall, he wants to find out himself.”That’s what i’m looking at before anything further is just understanding the law, understanding the legal ramifications.”

He’ll be home in time for supper, folks.


Donald Trump, Cory Gardner.

In an interview yesterday with Colorado Public Radio, Sen. Cory Gardner sure sounded like he was certain about his opinion of President Donald Trump’s plan to declare a national emergency in order to build his wall fence barrier whatever you want to call it:

When asked whether Trump should declare an emergency or use other federal funds to pay for the wall, Gardner said he had personally told Trump he opposed both steps. [Pols emphasis]

“I think Congress needs to do its job,” Gardner said.

Was anything lost in translation from the live interview to the news story, you might reasonably ask?

Ryan Warner: How do you get the message to him that you don’t want him to perhaps declare a national emergency, as has been hinted? Or, raid other funds for this. How does —

Cory Gardner: Well, it’s pretty simple. I’d tell him that in person, that I think Congress needs to do its job.

Ryan Warner: Have you done, that? And do you —

Cory Gardner: I have.

Got that? Cory Gardner–not on board with the national emergency. As we pointed out. Yesterday.

Oh wait, you thought Sen. Gardner meant all that stuff, didn’t you? Sorry to disappoint you, but this is the same Cory Gardner less than 24 hours later! The only thing that’s changed is Trump has declared his emergency, and Gardner isn’t sitting next to Sen. Michael Bennet on Colorado Public Radio.

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated at how Cory Gardner shamelessly utilizes Bennet as a human shield, particularly in situations where the Republican position is going to look unsalvageably bad–a frequent profanity-laden topic among Democratic operatives–this could be the most maddening occurrence yet. Gardner is caught midway through a fully predictable 180-degree pivot back to supporting Trump, and he simply lied his way through what could have been a telling confrontation over the issue yesterday with his Democratic counterpart.

If you didn’t already know to never take anything Gardner says at face value, here is the lesson writ large.

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  1. unnamed says:

    Maybe he was afraid of Bennet after that speech calling the shut down a joke and delivering a "take that" to Ted Cruz.

  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    Ummmmm, OK . . . 

    If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated at how Cory Gardner shamelessly utilizes Bennet as a human shield, particularly in situations where the Republican position is going to look unsalvageably bad–

    . . . but, in this case at least, I don’t believe it could happen, at least not to the frequency it does, if the “victim” here did anything to combat it???

    Can’t I be a little “frustrated” at the too-easily-used-for-a-shield, as often as this has happened?

    Can it be possible, sometimes, that even a Zappatero is close to right a couple of times a day????  

  3. Diogenesdemar says:

    Oh, and before I let Senator Mendacious L. Weasel off the hook . . . 

    . . . it isn’t even a question of “authorities,” you dodging, obsequious, slathering cur.  

    The question is, whether this is a legitimate “national emergency” and an appropriate excercise of those executive powers? And, whether or not this “solution” will actually “solve” any of those puported problems?

    (Wanna’ hint?)


  4. JohnInDenver says:

    Gardner "reviewing the authorities" for declaring a national emergency.  Well, if that means calling the actual people in the Office of Legal Counsel and asking how they did their jobs and came to a conclusion (and if they said it really was a legitimate use of Executive power), I guess that is a good thing.  We should learn what the White House Counsel is doing to earn his salary.

    Lots of legal professors and former OLC inhabitants have said THEY wouldn't suggest the course of action.

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