Denver Archdiocese Hosts Conference Featuring A Notorious Proponent of “Healing” LGBTQ People

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Activists Denounce The Archdiocese’s Alignment with Anti-LGBTQ Extremist; Giant Banner in Front of Conference Quotes Kenote Speaker, “There is no such thing as a gay person… Satan delights in homosexual perversion”

Event Comes As Colorado Is Poised to Pass Legislation Banning So-Called “Conversion Therapy”

DENVER: The Denver Archdiocese is hosting a conference Saturday led by Andrew Comiskey, one of the country’s leading anti-LGBTQ bigots, who’s stated, among other things, that “there is no such thing as a ‘gay’ person,” and that “Satan delights in homosexual perversion, because it not only exists outside of marriage, but it also defiles God’s very image as reflected in male and female.”

The event, titled “Gender Matters: Fighting for a New Generation,” is run by Desert Stream/Living Waters Ministries, founded and directed by Comiskey, which works with churches on “healing” the “sexually and relationally broken.” It will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at St. John Paul II Center for the New Evangelization, 1305 S, Monroe Street in Denver.

Desert Stream is listed as a resource on the website of Restored Hope Network, which promotes the “transformation” of “broken sexual sinners,” including LGBTQ people. Desert Stream’s online shop offers conversion therapy books and audio in English and Spanish.

“We do face a moral crisis,” said Rev. Amanda Henderson, Executive Director of the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado. “We face a moral crisis when people cause harm to others in God’s name. We are in crisis when we forget the opening chapters of our holy text, which name that all people were created in God’s image; good and worthy of love. Rather than preaching hate and bigotry, we should be speaking and acting with love and inclusion. We must honor the basic dignity and humanity of every person and assure that God’s unconditional love is experienced through our words and actions.”

“As the Executive Director of One Colorado, the state’s leading advocacy organization for LGBTQ Coloradans and their families, I know firsthand that LGBTQ Coloradans are living in every county of our great state” said Daniel Ramos, Executive Director of One Colorado & One Colorado Education Fund. “I hear stories from Coloradans all across our state about why gender matters – so every LGBTQ Coloradan can live their lives as their full, authentic selves. Which is why we added a third gender option for Coloradans on their drivers licenses. Which is why we will make is easier for transgender Coloradans to update their birth certificates. And which is why 2019 will be the year that we ban conversion therapy for minors in Colorado.”

The event comes as Colorado Democrats, who took control of state government in November, are poised to pass legislation banning the practice on minors of called “conversion therapy,” a science-free and abusive practice that aims to force LGBTQ people to become heterosexual.

Last year, such a bill passed the Colorado state house, mostly along partisan lines, but was killed by Republican leaders in the state senate.

The Archdiocese’s online announcement of Saturday’s conference did not mention “conversion therapy” specifically, but the public invitation to the event stated, “Desert Stream Ministries and the Archdiocese of Denver invite you to join Andrew Comiskey and friends as we discover together the compassion and clarity of Jesus towards persons facing gender and sexual identity issues.”

“We as Christians face an unprecedented moral crisis,” states the Desert Stream ministries website. “Sexual abuse (including clerical), and soft approaches to hard stuff like porn addiction, marital infidelity, ‘LGBT’-identification, and undisciplined Christian leaders have weakened our voice and allowed a generation to wander in an immoral wilderness.”


* Andrew Comiskey (1989). “Pursuing Sexual Wholeness: How Jesus Heals the Homosexual”, p.101, Charisma Media

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  1. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Wonder if the Archdiocese commissioned Jack Phillips to bake a cake for Mr. Comiskey?

  2. RepealAndReplace says:

    The Living Waters Minstry? Isn’t that what Ted Haggard was affiliated with before his …. um,  fall from grace?

    Maybe we can get the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to perform an exorcism of this organization.

  3. Diogenesdemar says:

    Maybe someone oughta’ drag Mr. Comiskey’s head outta’ his 1950s newspapers,  . . . 

    . . . the Supreme Court fixed that “outside marriage” problem.

  4. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Maybe the author will go back and correct their mis-spelling of "keynote."

  5. MADCO says:

    "Neither the State of Colorado, through any of its branches or departments, nor any of its agencies, political subdivisions, municipalities or school districts, shall enact, adopt or enforce any statute, regulation, ordinance or policy whereby homosexual, lesbian or bisexual orientation, conduct, practices or relationships shall constitute or otherwise be the basis of or entitle any person or class of persons to have or claim any minority status, quota preferences, protected status or claim of discrimination. This Section of the Constitution shall be in all respects self-executing"


    In 1992 53% of Colorado voters thought this was a good idea.
    Jack Phillips still thinks so.

    I understand the desire of the low information demographic to codify and legislate their religion as law.
    What I don't understand is how the supposedly higher information can't see that publicly funding religious schools leads directly to madrasas and snake worship.

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    • Genghis says:

      Back in 2002, Clarence Thomas first announced his view that the Establishment Clause ("Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion") doesn't apply to state and local governments. So far ol' Clarence has been a minority of one in that regard. It'll be interesting – in the "may you live in interesting times" sense – to see if that viewpoint gets any additional traction with Gorsuch and the rapey alcoholic manbaby on the Supreme Court.

  6. JohnInDenver says:

    Nationally, the "March for Life" display showing disrespect to a Native American Vietnam Vet goes viral.  Teens from a Kentucky Catholic High School wearing MAGA hats demonstrate just how much "respect" they have for life when it doesn't look like them. In addition to the video showing a confrontation with Nathan Phillips, Phillips said "these students, who had attended the anti-abortion March for Life that same day, became upset while watching the Black Hebrew Israelites make speeches. More and more Covington students arrived and were then “in the process of attacking these four black individuals.”

    A couple of days ago, AP had a story describing

    At least 14 attorneys general around the country have confirmed investigations or reviews of clergy abuse in the wake of a shocking Pennsylvania grand jury report in August detailing seven decades of child sexual abuse by more than 300 predator priests….  Almost 3,000 calls, emails and online reports of clergy abuse have been made in the last five months.

    Earlier in the week, Religious News Service had an article reporting

    The Northeast province of the Society of Jesus has released the names of 50 men it says have been credibly accused of child sex abuse since 1950.

    With the report’s release Tuesday (Jan. 15), following others from the Catholic order’s U.S. provinces in recent months, all Jesuit provinces in the United States have now unveiled lists of priests accused of abuse,

    Add in the local diocese hosting an anti-LGBTQ activist, and I think Catholics will have a full range of embarrassing stories.

  7. gertie97 says:

    The old men in skirts wring their hands and wonder why the faithful are fleeing the church.

    Like Jerry Falwell, the commandments are for others, not for themselves.

  8. davebarnes says:

    More anecdotal evidence that religion is evil.

    All religions are evil

  9. Gray in Mountains says:

    This summer and continuing to present I've identified as year of trans in my small hometown of Leadville. Right now at our coffee shop I'm sitting 10' from a guy wearing a skirt over his jeans and carrying a 'bag'. I've carried a bag before, for at least a year, until I found it inconvenient.

    In my employment I am the supervisor. A transgender works for me. I knew when I hired "her". She was/is very qualified. I am learning a lot without being very direct. Her role is not to teach me, but she does. Folks my age (68) should not assume that their previous experience with language is controlling. Folk are going to decide what they are called

    • notaskinnycook says:

      Gray, I've always considered you a pretty cool person, but one thing I'd like to teach you is to drop the quotes around her. And, she is a transgender woman. Otherwise, you might as well have written, She is a Martian".


      • Gray in Mountains says:

        You reference exactly the problem I'm addressing. I wish to be wise and understanding as well as accepting. So, I have learned, as others ought, that I need to listen more and I need to know that all the former rules of vocabulary and grammar are not very useful

        • MADCO says:

          It's easy. 
          Address and refer to people however they choose. All the time.

          A coworker pronounces his name far differently from how it is spelled.

          It's like his name is spelled Kristina, and he pronounces it Roger.
          I addressed him as Kristina when we first me because I had seen his name in print.  He corrected me "It's pronounced Roger '  Ever since I have addressed him as Roger.  

          I admire him as a person. He's not the most effective or productive coworker and I wish he would transfer to another department or company.  But I admire him.

  10. deathpigeon | they/them says:

    What? Anti-queerness in my Catholic Church??? It's more likely than you'd think!!!

  11. Genghis says:

    So then, the "What's the big deal about endemic child rape and institutional cover-up thereof?" crowd aligns itself with a complete moral bankrupt. Imagine that.

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