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We feel you, Chuck Schumer

Paul Wadman of the Washington Post sums up the Trump administration in one paragraph:

When the new year begins next week, President Trump will have an acting chief of staff, an acting secretary of defense, an acting attorney general, an acting EPA administrator, no interior secretary, and no ambassador to the United Nations. The officials originally in all those positions have either been fired or have quit in various measures of disgust or scandal. His former campaign chairman, deputy campaign chairman, national security adviser and personal lawyer have all pleaded guilty to crimes. His campaign, his transition, his foundation and his business are all under investigation. The United States’ allies are horrified at the chaos Trump has brought to our foreign policy. The stock market is experiencing wild swings as investors are gripped with fear over what might be coming and what Trump might do to make it worse — a situation alarming enough that the treasury secretary felt the need to call up the CEOs of major banks to assure them that everything is under control.

Wadman doesn’t even mention the current government shutdown until paragraph #2.

May Santa Claus deliver sanity.

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  1. The realist says:

    Waldman . . .

  2. Pseudonymous says:

  3. MADCO says:

    Well, it sounds bad when you say it like that.

    I wish the Trumps a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    I'm not so sure I would let my children talk to him on the phone.

  4. DaftPunk says:

    The only critique I have of this critique is that "wild swings" in the stock market would imply that sometimes it goes up. 

    • Duke Cox says:

      Those who control and exploit the stock exchanges are no doubt profiting mightily from the billions of dollars being lost by the millions of people who are marginally or institutionally invested.

      Money does not disappear. It moves.

      Let's see…if I take my billions of dollars in Trump tax cuts and buy my companies' stock with it, the stock price goes up, my own holdings would then be worth much more, as would the shell company I used to purchase the overpriced stock.

      Once the whole damned thing overheats, I could sell my holdings at the top of the market, put the cash in the bank, and wait until we hit bottom.

      • Davie says:

        Paul Krugman from the New York Times offers this

        Two years ago, after the shock of Donald Trump’s election, financial markets briefly freaked out, then quickly recovered. In effect, they decided that while Trump was manifestly unqualified for the job, temperamentally and intellectually, it wouldn’t matter. He might talk the populist talk, but he’d walk the plutocratic walk. He might be erratic and uninformed, but wiser heads would keep him from doing anything too stupid.

        In other words, investors convinced themselves that they had a deal: Trump might sound off, but he wouldn’t really get to make policy. And, hey, taxes on corporations and the wealthy would go down.

        But now, just in time for Christmas, people are realizing that there was no such deal — or at any rate, that there wasn’t a sanity clause. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.) Put an unstable, ignorant, belligerent man in the Oval Office, and he will eventually do crazy things.

        To be clear, voters have been aware for some time that government by a bad man is bad government. That’s why Democrats won a historically spectacular majority of the popular vote in the midterms. Even the wealthy, who have been the prime beneficiaries of Trump policies, are unhappy: A CNBC survey finds that millionaires, even Republican millionaires, have turned sharply against the tweeter in chief.

  5. Davie says:

    Thomas L Friedman of the New York Times has a suggestion

    Time for G.O.P. to Threaten to Fire Trump

    Republican leaders need to mount an intervention.


  6. davebarnes says:

    It is about to get worse.
    The Dumpster® is going to "fire" Munchkin.
    Trump, asked if he has confidence in Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, said, “Yes I do, very talented guy, very smart person.”

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