We Told You So (Apparently)

dealinwalkerfinA Colorado Pols reader reminded us over the weekend that we had long ago predicted that Republican Walker Stapleton would not be the next Governor of Colorado.

We had honestly forgotten about this, but everything that we wrote in this May 2015 post — “Walker Stapleton Shows (Again) Why He’ll Never Make it to Higher Office” — held up pretty well in 2018. For example:

Walker Stapleton [is] Colorado’s “gold standard” when it comes to the stereotypical, fast-talking, bullshitting politician. Stapleton has made such a caricature of himself over the last couple of years that it he hardly seems real. Surely, you think, nobody can truly be this transparently smarmy and exist as an actual human politician…or can he?

The State Treasurer doesn’t traditionally generally get a lot of press in Colorado, and Stapleton has been no exception to the norm. But when Stapleton’s name does end up in the news, the odds are pretty good that it’s because he did something stupid. Stapleton is good at stupid.

When we wrote about Stapleton in May 2015, it was in relation to his bizarre attempt to claim that he had opposed a controversial PERA-related bill — nevermind that he wrote a letter in support of the legislation and even testified in favor of HB-1388. We marveled at the fact that Republicans were looking at Stapleton as a contender for higher office in the future despite his obvious shortcomings:

Stapleton is pretty good at fundraising, largely because of his family connections (he’s directly related to the Bush family), but he’s otherwise a complete political dunce who frequently stumbles into obvious potholes. Stapleton was re-elected as State Treasurer in 2014, but it was an unexpectedly close race due entirely to his own idiocy; when an open records request revealed that Stapleton rarely bothered to show up at his office, he made ridiculous excuses and then wouldn’t stop talking about it.

We wrote after the November election that Stapleton’s panicky errors and laughable TV ads should remove his name from future discussion about higher office; since then, Stapleton has done nothing to prove us wrong. Democrats can only hope that Stapleton is someday the Republican nominee for Governor or Senate. [Pols emphasis]

Walker Stapleton was always the candidate that Democrats hoped they would face in November 2018. As the Republican candidate for Governor, Stapleton was exactly who we thought he would be.

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  1. Voyageur says:

    Staplegun's five-point loss was still less than the pols predicted for the big doofus.  R&R and moi both feared the polls might hide a hidden anti-gay vote and I think the results showed they did, 2 to  4 pct.

    Let's hope we now have that particular toxin out of our system and  can go back to hating the Oakland Raiders.

  2. Meiner49er says:

    OK, so if we're so good at predicting let's dust off those crystal balls and update the Big Line. First up: Con-man Cory?

    • OpenSpace says:


      No time to waste in getting rid of Trump's favorite Coloradan.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      Whatever the Big Line percentage, it should be trending downward for the con man.  If the guy is so delusional that he doesn't think Colorado voters were expressing their discontent with the Republican Party then he won't let go of his infatuation with Trump which will be a big burden in 2020.

  3. Lucy Montrose says:

    Walker Stapleton [is] Colorado's "gold standard" when it comes to the stereotypical fast-talking, bullshitting politician. … It hardly seems real. Surely, you think, nobody can be this transparently smarmy and exist as an actual human politician… or can he?


    *coughcough* Cory Gardner *coughcough*

    • JohnInDenver says:

      Cory doesn't talk fast.

      When I've seen him live (rarely) and when I've seen videotape, he seems to talk at a moderate pace — plus throw in pauses just a couple beats short of awkward and squirm worthy.

  4. RepealAndReplace says:

    The GOP would have been better off giving Bob Beauprez another shot at the governorship. Perhaps in 2022?

  5. itlduso says:

    No, Itlduso!😛

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