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November 10, 2018 1:20 pm MST

The 2018 Election Ain't Over Yet

  • by: Colorado Pols

SATURDAY UPDATE: Democrat George Stern has defeated Republican job-hopper Faye Griffin in the race for Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder.


Jefferson County Democrat George Stern has moved ahead of Faye Griffin in the race for Jeffco Clerk and Recorder.

The 2018 Election was very good for Democrats, and it may yet get gooder.

In Arizona, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema has moved ahead of Republican Martha McSally in a nail-biter of a U.S. Senate race. In Florida, we could be looking at a recount in the state’s top two races, for U.S. Senate and Governor, while there may be some legal battles over an oddly-designed ballot in one Florida county. And in Georgia, the outcome of the race for Governor is still uncertain (though Republican Brian Kemp has declared victory over Democrat Stacey Abrams).

Here in Colorado there are a number of races that appear to be trending blue but are still uncertain. We wrote Thursday about three Democrats who moved ahead of their Republican opponents as late ballots were counted (HD-27, HD-47, and HD-50). As the Greeley Tribune reports, Democrat Rochelle Galindo now looks to be the winner in HD-50.


♦ In HD-47, Democrat Bri Buentello appears to have defeated “Deadbeat” Don Bendell, though a recount seems likely.

♦ In Arvada’s HD-27, Democrat Brianna Titone is closer to being the state’s first transgender lawmaker. The race between Titone and Republican Vicki Pyne may be headed to a recount.

♦ Arapahoe County is still working on a couple of important totals. In House District 38, Democrat Chris Kolker and Republican Susan Beckman are only separated by about 500 votes.

♦ In the race for Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder, Democrat Joan Lopez has moved ahead of Republican incumbent Matt Crane and is the likely winner.

♦ In the Clerk and Recorder race in Jefferson County, Democrat George Stern has taken the lead over serial job-hopper Faye Griffin. Several thousand ballots still need to be counted, though most of them look to be from last-minute voters; as we’ve seen in other races this cycle, these late voters tend to favor Democrats.


December 4 is the deadline for candidates to request recounts in qualifying races.


25 thoughts on “The 2018 Election Ain’t Over Yet

  1. I notice there is a Green Party candidate in the AZ senate race with almost 44,000 votes. The Greenies really should re-think their lack of relevance and their continuing attempts at a spoiler role. Jill Stein anyone? Ralph Nader's ego anyone?

    1. Actually, the Green Senate candidate, the aptly named Angela Green, withdrew and threw her support to the Democrat.  But she remained on the ballot.  The Jilliot high command issued a bitter statement about how she was no damn good and neither were the democrats, so there!

      Jilliots stink.  But, then, you knew that.

    2. In a race this close, this widely covered, with a Green candidate who officially withdrew and endorsed the Democrat, do you really think that those Green votes would all change over to being Democratic ones if there had been no Green candidate on the ballot?

      I suspect that a lot of those votes were protests against both candidates that would have ended up as undervotes had she not been there.

      I do agree that the Greens would be better served to campaign for electoral reform and to target races strategically. Better to try to get a state legislative seat than the big one that is almost a sure loss. I would also say the same thing to the Libertarians, the Unity Party (Units? Unis? Yous?), and Constitutioners.

      On the other hand the third parties are playing by the rules that the major parties have written in most cases. If the major parties want minor party voters to stop "wasting" their votes maybe they should institute rules that call for a run off or single transferable votes.

      1. I suspect that a lot of those votes were protests against both candidates that would have ended up as undervotes had she not been there.

        If they are serious about their agenda (protect the environment, clean government), do they really think that casting a protest vote and letting the worse of two evil win is smart strategy.

        I imagine many of the Jiliots who voted for Stein in 2016 are unhappy with Citizens United. (I am not a Jiliot and I am unhappy with that decision.) But now with Kavanaugh and Gorsuch seated, Citizens United will remain good law at least until Clarence Thomas (the oldest of the right wingers) vacates his seat. And, of course, if Trump selects his successor and goes with another 50-ish year old, Citizens United will remain good law for another 25 or 30 years.

        I can't imagine that makes many Greenies happy.

        1. Citizen United would have remained the law no matter who was elected. The Republicans announced that if Clinton won they would just leave the seat open. They would have done the same and been rewarded by their voters when Anthony retired.

          They have an advantage in these fights because their goal is to break government not to run it. They would have just worked to run out the clock on Clinton for however long it took and then pack the court later.

          1. You have brought up a very interesting point. So many people still believe the Republican leadership has the best interests of the nation at heart, but just have a different approach.

            No. That is not what is happening. They have a different goal. They are and have been determined for generations to dismantle the programs that were put in place in the early 20th century to protect the elderly, the sick, and the disadvantaged.

            The Republican Party has always worked to achieve a government that caters to the wealthy and the corporations they own. My late mother, who was born in 1932, told me this when I was a child and I have never seen any evidence that she was wrong. Citizens United and the elevation of a bellicose bully from the corporate world to the presidency seem to prove the point.

            The goal of T***ps' administration is to dismantle or subvert every part of the government that protects us humans from the profit hungry Wall Street industrialists to whom we are not really people…just "consumers". It was a sad transition when the Personnel Department became " Human Resources".

            People just don’t matter anymore.

            Republicans don't play by rules..they don't care about this country…and they sure as fuck don't care about you…

    3. I keep thinking there will be a sensible effort for the Green Party and Libertarian Party to show capability at winning a state legislature seat, or a city or county office BEFORE trying to run a full blown campaign for US House, Senate, Governor or President. 

      1. You mean like Arn Menconi serving 2 terms on Eagle County BOCC as a Dem? Or like Bernie serving 4 terms as a socialist mayor of Burlington Vt.? Or like Winona La Duke, who founded several effective environmental and indigenous groups and projects? 

        That’s not even counting all the libertarian and other moderate, right or Other 3rd party candidate s. 

        We live in a democracy in which anyone has the right to run for office if they meet the criteria. It’s up to the candidate to overcome barriers and to market their ideas as best they can. 

        It’s  also up to the majority parties to run exciting candidates and to communicate compelling messages. If they can’t manage to do that, continuing to slam people who aren’t won over by their candidates and message is of minimal political utility. However, circular firing squads are much less risky and “punch the hippie” is so much fun. It’s a free shot of self righteous fury without any of the hard work involved in actual voter outreach to actual complicated ambivalent skeptical voters. 

        You all can keep on ranting about greens, unaffiliated s, etc til November 2020 and it won’t do a darn thing except give you a righteous thrill. So keep it up: you might even succeed in your desire to keep anyone not a pure Dem from voting or even venturing into your “big tent”. You don’t have to listen to or even acknowledge new ideas. The tried and true policies are good enough. Change is scary, after all. Your party will get older and grayer while complaining about the need for “fresh blood.” 


        1. What do you mean "your party," white man?

          Yes, jilliots have the right to do their jilliot thing.   And real Americans have the right to sneer at them.

          They are Donald Trump's lawful prey.

            1. No one is claiming that Stein and her moronic followers – I keep seeing her sitting at that table with Michael Flynn and Putin – do not have the right to run or waste their vote on some quixotic mission.

              They may be "real Americans" but they are just as stupid and myopic as the Deplorables and Irredeemables who live in trailer parks, have inferior schools and no health care but vote for Trump and his ilk because they promise on the God, guns and gays issues.

              I will say it again: Republicans think strategically and fall in line, Democrats wait to be inspired.

            2. Tee hee.  I knew "real Americans" would get mj swinging from the chandelier again!  Cue "Ride of the Valkryies" !

              Actually, I know jilliots are real amuricans.




              And, yes, they are Donald Trump’s lawful prey.

              After all, they  elected him.

        2. No, I mean a member of the party, running on that party's ticket, getting elected.

          Menconi ran and served as a Democrat.

          Sanders ran for Mayor, won and served as an Independent (to the best of my recollection).

          I don't think LaDuke has ever won a political election.

          In 26 years of its organizational existence, Green Party members running only that ticket have won no US Senate or House races — last time I looked, they hadn't cracked 2% in any election. And again, to the best of my recollection, they've not won any state-wide races.

          Libertarians have gotten more votes — but they've won no US Senate or House races, no state-wide races, and have something like 20 state legislative wins (in 30+ years). I think their largest "delegation" strength was 4.


          1. Libertarians did briefly have a majority of the leadville city council about 2004, IIRC.  Couple were elected, couple others switched parties in office.  Most municipal offices in colorado are nominally nonpartisan anyway.  I did a column for the Post about Leadville at the time.

          2. Green Party members running only that ticket have won no US Senate or House races

            But for some, hope springs eternal. One solution to the mindless squandering their votes on fringe parties is the instant runoff process. Folks could vote for their dream candidate as choice # 1 and the serious candidate as choice # 2.



          3. You said

            I keep thinking there will be a sensible effort for the Green Party and Libertarian Party to show capability at winning a state legislature seat, or a city or county office BEFORE trying to run a full blown campaign for US House, Senate, Governor or President.

            . Some are.

            About half of the Greens running for anything are running for state and city or local offices.  To your point, it is perhaps excessively ambitious to run for Federal or statewide offices right out of the gate.

            Without a parliamentary system such as Britain has, or a run-off, ranked choice system such as R&R and others have suggested, we will be trapped in our bipolar nightmare, swinging back and forth every election cycle between the two parties. I happen to think that Democratic policies embody most of my own values – so I work for and vote for Democrats.

            One of my students asked, "What do Democrats stand for?"

            Drastically oversimplifying, I told her, "Democrats are more for the poor people, and Republicans are more for the rich people."

            She thought about it, and said, "I think I must be a Democrat." She'll get to vote in about 3 years.


  2. Not living in Florida is always a source of joy for me, but that feeling is amplified after hearing Rick Scott's whiny-ass crybaby butthurt. The toilet bug considers a U.S. Senate seat his birthright every bit as much as shrieking cockmite Brett Kavanaugh considered that SCOTUS seat his birthright.

  3. Delurking to observe that the way things are going in Jeffco, I really wish the Dems had run a candidate for sheriff. That's the only county govt race the R's are winning.

    1. A good sign that Sheriff Shrader in Jeffco has probably done a good job is the lack of scandals during his service. Contrast that with the Denver Co. sheriff's department.

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