With Ballot Calculus Favoring Dems, Trump Is Needed ASAP In Colo To Boost Republican Turnout, Says GOP Pollster

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President Donald Trump.

Unaffiliated voters are casting ballots “at a level never seen before in a midterm election in Colorado,” says Republican Pollster Ryan Winger at Magellan Strategies in a blog post today.

At the same time, about 43,000 fewer Republicans have voted this year, and over 70,000 more Democrats have voted, compared to the last midterm election in 2014.

With polls showing that most Colorado unaffiliated voters don’t like Trump are expected to vote for Democrats, it’s time for Republicans to bring in the President to rev up the GOP here, said Magellan Strategies Pollster David Flaherty on KNUS radio Friday.

KNUS 710-AM host Julie Hayden, a former local TV reporter, asked Flaherty if a Trump rally help drive Colorado Republicans to the Polls.

“It would absolutely help, Julie,” Flaherty said on air.

“He could not be more popular or more beloved by Republicans. He has higher approval rating numbers than George W. Bush did practically right after 9-11, to give you an idea [of how high]. However, his approval rating among unaffiliated voters in in the low 30s, and that sort of a double-edged sword.”

“But I think without question it would be a good idea for him to swing through for us to pull even and get that final umph,” said Flaherty on KNUS. “I mean, despite his unpopularity among unaffiliated voters. It’s a tough call, no doubt about it, but if Republicans are going to continue lagging in their ballots turned in, I’d call in the big man.”

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  1. mamajama55 says:

    It's a darn good thing most Coloradans have already cast their ballots. Otherwise, the traffic foulups inherent in sealing off roadways  to protect his Yamptiness would seriously impede voting and ballot drop-off.

    Trumpty Dumpty's  handlers would probably much rather that he appear in a state with a guaranteed crowd of friendlies to cheer his asinine rabble-rousing.

  2. MichaelBowman says:

    Is that where Nutter has been all day?  At Buckley hoping and praying for AF1 to parachute in? 

  3. davebarnes says:

    I was going to comment, but you mofos logged me out again.

    stop it.

  4. Gilpin Guy says:

    This Flaherty has been sniffing glue again to think that Trump would come to Colorado with polls closing tomorrow.  Who's he going to help?  Coffman?  Dead man Walkering?

    What a pipsqueak?  "Only Trump can save us from the angry rabble who are exercising the White mans right to vote..  How dare they!"

  5. Trump's been too busy trying to save the Senate; with no advance notice he wouldn't be much help. Colorado Republicans are on their own – which is probably for the best.

  6. JeffcoDemo says:

    I can already hear the yam yammering tomorrow night about how everyone that got his support won.  If only those Colorado republicans (and every other state smart enough to keep him at a distance) had just invited him it would have been a different result.  And he and his zombie followers will believe every word.

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      Did you see the triumvirate of RWNJs on display last night in Cape Girardeau, MO? Rush, Shawn and Judge Jeanine. (The last of the three may have been auditioning for the job of AG after Beauregard gets the boot tonight.) 

  7. JohnInDenver says:

    I understand RWNJ radio needs to fill their time somehow.  I can see someone running a Republican polling/strategy firm positing a Trump visit would stir up enthusiasm among Republicans helps set the table for opining in the days to come.

    Somehow, the Colorado Republicans managed to have a slate of candidates who may be competent at carrying out a Republican agenda of some sort, but are sorely missing any candidate with enthusiasm to spare.

    Stapleton. Brauchler. Williams. Watson. Tipton, Lamborn. Buck. Coffman.  I have a hard time imagining any of them in front of a crowd, finding a way to stir them up.


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