Elizabeth Warren Strikes Back

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D).

Politico reports, take that haters!

Sen. Elizabeth Warren released the results of a DNA test on Monday that “strongly support” her claims of Native American ancestry, hitting back at President Donald Trump for mocking her and showing her seriousness about a 2020 presidential run.

The DNA test, conducted by Stanford University professor Carlos Bustamante, showed Warren’s likely Native American ancestry dates back six to 10 generations.

The release of the results were part of a rollout from Warren’s campaign showcasing her heritage while offering evidence that she did not benefit professionally from it. She was hired as an educator, Warren argued, because “she was an award-winning legal scholar and professor.”

The attacks on Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage from Donald Trump and her Republican opponents were always distasteful, but with DNA evidence in hand backing up her family’s oral history we can definitively put this “birther”-like question to rest. It’s another example of Republicans trying to play the “identity politics” game, and failing miserably.

We won’t miss the days when it was cool to slur Warren as “Pocahontas.” Because it never really was.


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  1. bullshit!bullshit! says:

    Won't stop them. None of them believe DNA tests anymore since theirs all came back proving they're not purebred Nordic Aryans like they thought they were.

  2. JohnInDenverJohnInDenver says:

    The attacks were opportunistic buffonery before. They will continue, since the DNA tests don't "prove" anything conclusively — just ask any MAGA hat wearing person for an opinion.

    I can't keep up with the various "standards of proof" expected by backers of Trump or other Republicans. Denials are sufficient (Kavanaugh, Moore) unless they aren't (Ellison). Scientific studies aren't clear (climate change) or they are (clean coal).  it's enough to make me, a former debate coach, doubt their sincerity.

  3. OrangeFreeOrangeFree says:

    All Sen. Warren achieved was ensuring that Trump's face and voice are plastered all over the news cycle for the whole day … again …

    Way to give him exactly what he wants, Senator. 

  4. Mike W. says:

    I suppose its best she gets this out of the way now, and not two years from now when she's staring down the great orange monstrosity. Still though, what purpose does this serve other than to fire up the already-fired-up retired Cherry Creek Denverites? We don't need the Clinton-wins-Colorado-by-5 strategy, we need the Obama-wins-Michigan-by-10.

    This is an open fucking invitation for trolling. If this is her grand strategy, then I'll be looking at other candidates. No room in that race for this kind of weak sauce and just sets the tone for the entire Presidential election if Warren ends up on the ballot. 

    • The DNA test, or her candidacy? The backgrounder article that she prepared with the DNA test as a backdrop is solid; the test itself is only to get "Pocohontas" out of the way – or turn it in to a positive talking point.

      • Mike W. says:

        I don't think it will get the issue out of the way, it'll just bring the trolls out. They don't see this as defeat, they see it as a four-course dinner. And the people who just don't pay attention will see the trolling a lot more than the context. That's how this country lost in 2016. We shouldn't repeat that. 

        • RepealAndReplace says:


          Remember when Obama released the birth certificate. Someone said it was a fake, and wanted the long form. Then he said that his investigators had been in Hawaii and add, "You wouldn't believe the things they've seen!"


  5. DavieDavie says:

    When confronted with this information:

    And in a carefully-choreographed video that featured interviews with her conservative relatives, her former law school colleagues and Dr. Bustamante — as well as clips of the president mocking her — Ms. Warren fires what amounts to a warning shot against Mr. Trump.

    It features footage from a rally Mr. Trump held earlier this year in which he vowed to contribute $1 million to Ms. Warren’s favorite charity if she took a DNA test and it showed she had Native American roots.

    Even though his promise, made at one of his rallies is on video, our Lying-sack-of-shit-in-chief, as you would expect, denied ever saying that:

    Speaking to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House Monday morning, Mr. Trump denied his earlier pledge to make the charitable contribution if Ms. Warren proved her heritage.

    “Who cares, who cares?” he said, “I didn’t say that. You better read it again.”


  6. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Warren's amount of Native American DNA is pretty low, but who really cares? I don't. I'd prefer to discuss her agenda and policy positions if and when she becomes a presidential candidate.

    We can also refer to the reality that everyone has traces of African DNA. It's that "Olduvai Gorge" thing. Do a You Tube query for "Scatterlings of Africa" by Johnny Clegg. Several versions, so pick one.

  7. Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

    Most of my ancestry is European, but my fathers' mother was the child of a half -breed Cherokee and a Choctaw (maybe, Shawnee) woman. That connection was explained and reinforced by stories and habits from my grandmother and that side of our family.

    Those stories led me to discover and embrace a point of view that differed from most of my friends and schoolmates as I grew up. That different point of view has guided my life. I suspect Sen. Warren might explain her situation in a similar manner.

    T***p is an embarrassment. If you voted for him, so are you. T***p and his tribe are not worthy of respect nor mercy… they have shown none. They do not exhibit moral decency nor any sense of love for their mother Earth nor their fellow humans. They are the tribe that turns away the weak and helpless. The tribe that hurts…not heals.

    Vote them out!

    • Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

      I need to add something here, and chose to not edit.

      If you voted for T***p, you may have genuinely been duped..or bedazzled…or incapable of believing, at the time, what all those liberals were trying to tell you about the lying, untrustworthy, megalomaniac you installed as your leader.

      It can no longer be disputed that T***p is intent upon installing an oligarchy of Russian design with himself as the American Putin. 

      This is probably your last chance to prevent a de-evolution of American society. If you continue to support the Trumplican party, you are pushing this nation into conflict. One, from which, we will not likely recover to be a world leader.

      Think hard before you vote this election. If the GOP is not restrained, this nation is in trouble.

  8. MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

    Where's our voice of reason in this partisan hell-hole today? 

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