Brian Watson Won’t Quit His Job if Elected State Treasurer

Republican Brian Watson wants to be your State Treasurer…if he can find the time.

As Conrad Swanson reports for the publication formerly known as the Colorado Statesman, Republican State Treasurer candidate Brian Watson made an absolutely ridiculous promise: Watson says he WILL NOT quit his day job if elected to the Treasurer’s office:

The Republican candidate for Colorado state treasurer seat promises not to accept a paycheck from the state if he’s elected. Rather, Brian Watson’s paychecks would continue to roll in from the commercial real estate investment company he heads because he plans to continue working there. [Pols emphasis]

Watson acknowledged in June — during an interview with Jon Caldara, president of Denver’s right-leaning think tank, the Independence Institute — that his company manages $1 billion in assets, owns buildings in 16 states and employs around 50 people. He founded his real estate investment company, Northstar Commercial Partners, in 2000 and currently serves as the company’s chairman and chief executive officer.

If he’s elected, Watson told Caldara he’ll continue as chairman of the company, though he does want to be a “proactive” state treasurer.

When Caldara asked why Watson wouldn’t place his assets into a blind trust and let someone else run his business, the candidate replied: “Partly, just like I’m going to have a fiduciary responsibility to the people of Colorado with their money at the state treasurer’s office, so I am in a fiduciary responsibility with my current investors.”

What. The. F$%@?

Perhaps Watson has observed Walker Stapleton over the last eight years and noticed — along with the rest of us — that Stapleton doesn’t really bother showing up for work. That doesn’t mean, of course, that Watson should take that to mean that he won’t need to show up for work.

It should be completely disqualifying for a candidate to admit that they  have no intention of making a full commitment to an elected office. If you don’t want to be State Treasurer…then don’t run for State Treasurer!

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  1. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Dude: you just lost any chance of getting this Republican's vote.

  2. mamajama55 says:

    Brian Watson is a con man in the Trump mold. The difference is that Watson actually is rich – maybe, although he won't show his tax returns either.

    And he may or may not still owe money on $279,000 in liens imposed on his income over unpaid taxes and contractor bills.

    I wrote about this last month  – Watson shouldn't be Treasurer if he won't quit his corporate job.  Watson also disrespects government workers, even though his properties collect rents from charter schools and his "renovations" of distressed properties get subsidized by local governments.

    And he doesn't understand how PERA works, preferring instead to beat that tired old "Government workers just take paychecks" horse.

  3. RepealAndReplace says:

    Isn't this what Honey Badger wanted to do when he was elected Sec. of State?

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